Spark Amp Amp List – All The Amps & What They’re Based On

Spark Amp Amp List
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Positive Grid’s Spark Amp comes with a huge range of simulated amp tones, as well as effects. Here’s a full breakdown of ALL the amps you get access to inside the Spark Amp

The Spark Amp is perhaps one of the most divisive products to ever hit the market. I cannot remember anything ever dividing opinion quite as much as this smart amp has done since its launch at NAMM back in 2018.

I actually own one too, and for the record, I’m a big fan. I preordered mine after seeing it demoed at NAMM and while there were some “issues” with it at first, these have now all been ironed out after a few firmware updates.

As practice amps go, I think the Spark Amp – in my own personal opinion, of course – is one of the best options on the market. It gives you access to a wealth of different amps and effects, almost too many, in fact, and this is great for beginners that cannot or do not want to buy loads of pedals and amps and cabinets.

Spark Amp Amp List
With the Spark Amp, You Get Access To ALL The Greatest Amps and Pedals Ever Created – And It Only Costs $255!

The USP of the Spark Amp is that it ships with loads of simulated amp tones. It has everything from Fender Deluxe simulations to Marshall and Orange simulated amps. You have plenty of high-gain stuff for metal and rock but also loads of great clean tones too with simulations of popular amps like the Roland JC120, the Fender Twin Reverb, and Dumble ODS 50 HRM.

Basically, whatever tone or sound you’re looking for, the Spark Amp will be able to create it – either with one of its preset amps or through your own configuration and tweaking. Yes, the Spark Amp lets you control and “dial-in” all of its amps and pedals, so you can craft your own totally unique sounds and tones. I freaking love its American High Gain amp which is based on the iconic Mesa Boogie JP-2C.

To give you a better idea of the kind of amps you get with the Spark Amp, here’s a table that details ALL of the amp simulations currently supported and available inside the Spark Amp.

Spark Amp Amp List In Full

STYLESpark AMP NAMEWhat It’s Based On
CleanSilver 120
Black Duo
AD Clean
ODS 50
Roland JC120
Fender Twin Reverb
Orange AD 30
Matchless DC30
Dumble ODS 50 HRM
GlassyTweed Bass
AC Boost
Two Stone SP50
Fender Bassman
Teisco Checkmate20
Two Rock Studio Pro 50
CrunchAmerican Deluxe
Lux Verb
Blues Boy
Fender ’57 Custom Deluxe
Marshall Super Lead 100
Marshall JTM45
Fender Deluxe Reverb
Fender Blues Junior
High-GainRB 101
British 30
American High Gain
SLO 100
Bogner Ecstasy 101
Orange AD30
Mesa Boogie JP-2C
Soldano SLO-100
Marshall YJM100 Signature
Rocker V
BE 101
Insane 6508
Mesa Boogie Triple Rectifier
EVH 5150 III
H&K Switch Blade
Orange Rockerverb 50
Friedman BE100
Peavey 6505
AcousticPure Acoustic
Flat Acoustic
PG Original
Fishman Acoustic Amp
PG Original
PG Original
Sunny 3000
Hammer 500
Gallien-Krueger 800RB
Sunn 300T
Eden WTP600
Aguilar Tone Hammer 500
Jimi Hendrix ExperienceJ.H. 45/100
J.H. Super 100
J.H. Bass Master
J.H. D-Show Master
J.H. Sun 100S
J.H. Tone City 100
Marshall JTM45/100
Marshall Super Lead 100
Fender 1968 BASSMAN 50
SOUND CITY One Hundred

As you can see, there’s PLENTY to choose from. You have myriad options for metal and rock alone, as well as some truly gorgeous clean tones with pitch-perfect simulations of iconic amps like the Fender Bassman, Vox AC30, and the Teisco Checkmate20 to name just a few.

The Jimi Hendrix Experience one, however, is an upgrade that you’ll have to pay for. I haven’t tested it out, so I cannot comment on it. But if you’re looking to dial-in a tone like the king’s, check out our guide to all the gear Jimi Hendrix used.

All The Greatest Amps Simulated Inside One Amp

Me? I tend to keep mine locked to the metal amp simulations with a few personal favorites being the Treadplate, Insane, and BE 101 which is a replication of the almighty Friedman BE100. I’m a gearhead too. I love my amps and cabinets. But the Spark Amp, at least to my ears, sounds almost just as good as the real thing – even more so if you hook it up to a DAW.

The upshot of using a smart speaker like the Spark Amp is that it uses detailed simulations of classic and usually very expensive amps. You could not buy all of these amps, for instance, it’d cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars. But with the Spark Amp, you can get their overall sound and tone, as well as access to loads of pedals and effects, without having to break the bank. It all runs inside your phone and connects to the amp via Bluetooth.

Spark Amp Amp List
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If you’re in the market for a new practice amp and you want something that comes bundled with literally hundreds of potential amp, cab, and pedal combinations based on iconic hardware from Marshall, Peavey, Fender, and Friedman, then the Spark Amp could well be what you’ve been looking for.

I use mine literally every day and have done for the past two and a bit years. It supports headphones too, so is perfect for quiet practice. But if you want to crank things up, its built-in 50W speaker is incredibly loud as well. It isn’t ideal for practice sessions with a band, for that you’ll need a proper amp or an FRFR speaker (we currently love this one). But for at-home practice, the Spark Amp is one of the best options you can buy right now at this price point.


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