Hey, rockstar! 🎸 If you’ve landed on this page, you’re probably looking to reach out to the ELECTRIKJAM crew. Whether you’re a fellow guitarist, a metal enthusiast, or just someone curious about music gear, we’re thrilled to hear from you.

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For general inquiries, feedback, or to simply chat about the world of Metal and its glorious sub-genres, drop us an email at: 📧

If you’ve got product queries, recommendations, or you’re looking to understand more about a specific piece of equipment, Christopher Horton, our gear guru, is your man: 📧

For business, collaboration, and partnership opportunities, Richard Goodwin, our business maestro, will be at your service: 📧

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Why Connect With Us?

At ELECTRIKJAM, we’re not just about guitars. We’re about community, learning, and sharing the love for music. Whether you’re a seasoned artist or someone strumming their first chord, our platform is designed to be a haven for guitar enthusiasts worldwide.

So, whether it’s a question, feedback, or just a shoutout, we’re all ears (and strings). Let’s keep the world of metal and guitars jamming louder than ever!

Rock On 🤘,


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