Loop Earplugs Are Perfect For Musicians – Here’s Why…

Are you a musician tired of deafening gigs and rehearsals that threaten your hearing?

Imagine enjoying the vibrant energy of live music live or in the practice room without the risk of tinnitus or hearing loss.

Loop Earplugs offer a revolutionary solution specifically designed for musicians like you.

chris horton

I’ve been touring and playing in bands for 20+ years. I’ve used all kinds of brands over the years but Loop’s are now my go-to – they’re super affordable and let me hear everything.

— Chris Horton, ELECTRIKJAM

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From $39

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Up to 18 dB (SNR)

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Loop Experience Plus

Protect Your Hearing, Without Losing Any Clarity

Traditional earplugs muffle everything, leaving you disconnected from the music and your bandmates.

And one’s designed for musicians are usually HELLA expensive. Trust me, I’ve used enough of them over the years.

Loop Earplugs are different.

They use advanced technology to filter loud noise by up to 23dB, preserving the clarity and richness of music while safeguarding your ears which means…

No more:

  • Ear fatigue after gigs
  • Muffled music and missed nuances
  • Constant ringing or buzzing
  • Worrying about long-term hearing damage

Why We Recommend Loop Experience Plus

loop earplugs

Unlike traditional plugs that dull the sound, Loop Experience Plus filters harmful noise while preserving the magic of music.

As a musician, you’re hearing is the most important thing – you need to look after your ears, especially if you practice and play live often.

But even jamming in your home office or studio for prolonged periods of time can cause compound damage to your eardrums.

According to a report by US organisation the Hearing Health Foundation, musicians are four times more likely to develop noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL) as the general public and 57 per cent more likely to develop tinnitus

If you lose or damage your hearing, it’s basically game over – and it can happen at any age, old or young.

That’s why we ALWAYS recommend players, new and old, wear ear protection – even when you’re just practicing with amp by yourself.

And you DO NOT need to break the bank. Part of the reason why we recommend Loop’s earplugs is that they’re incredibly cost effective.

On top of this, Loop Experience Plus uses advanced acoustic technology to:

  • Reduce harmful noise by up to 23dB: Protect your ears from damaging decibels without sacrificing sound quality.
  • Preserve musical fidelity: Hear every note, nuance, and instrument with pristine clarity. No more muffled sound or missed details.
  • Customize your experience: Use the included Loop Mute filter for an extra 5dB of noise reduction in ultra-loud environments.

And The Best Part? The Price

  • Premium protection, affordable price: Loop Experience Plus delivers high-end performance at a fraction of the cost of competitor brands. Prices start from as little as $39 – and there’s a 100-day returns policy too.
  • No unnecessary bells and whistles: Focus on what matters – protecting your hearing and enhancing your musical experience.
  • Ultra-soft silicone tips: Ensure a snug, comfortable fit for hours of wear, no matter how headbanging your performance gets.
  • Multiple sizes: Find the perfect fit for your unique ear shape.
  • Stylish design: Look good, feel good, play good. Choose from a variety of colors
loop earplugs


Loop Experience

Shield your ears with up to 23dB noise reduction without losing sound quality. Ideal for musicians at every level.

Amazing For Practice, Playing Live & Watching Bands Live Too

Loop Earplugs come in multiple sizes and colors, ensuring a comfortable, secure fit for hours of wear. And if you’re not 100% blown away by them, Loop offers a 100-day free return policy.

Final Words / Advice For Younger Players

Christopher Horton

As a guitarist that’s played in bands, live and in the studio, for over 20 years, the best piece of advice I got from one of my mentors – a studio head in LA – was to protect my hearing.

He drilled me every week about this. Forget everything else, he would say.

Forget how fast you can play, forget all the gear, forget the fame and fortune. If you can’t hear properly, you can’t play properly.

20 years later, I’m glad I listened. I now produce music, work as a sound engineer, and compose my own music. Good hearing isn’t just important, it is essential for me to make a living.

My hearing, while probably not perfect, is pretty damn good. I have no tinnitus, no telltale signs of hearing loss, and I’m well into my late-30s. And the secret? Protecting my ears whenever I played.

loop earplugs


Loop Experience

Shield your ears with up to 23dB noise reduction without losing sound quality. Ideal for musicians at every level.

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