EJ Presents Underexposed: Voltreus “Blur” Single Release!

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Voltreus is a Texas band that we have been following for quite a while, and they have a brand new single coming out. But things have definitely changed a bit for the band, and in a good way!

Brand New Voltreus: “Blur”

A San Antonio based band that blends Progressive Metal and Metalcore to create an intricate and eccentric sound. With the combination of hard and fast drums, melodic and heavy riffs, wicked bass, and filthy vocals, Voltreus is a powerhouse of Metal and Rock, with a serious twist.

Voltreus was created in early 2020, but didn’t play live until mid-2021 due to COVID-19 concerns. After gaining quick momentum, Voltreus’ first release was on September 3, 2021 with their EP ‘Solace’. By combining various styles of inspiration by each musician, Voltreus created a sound that’s all their own.

All 4 songs have completely different sounds and their meanings all tell a story about hardships that people experience and how everyone can get through them. It is a serious journey, and a lot of the songs we have already talked about. But Voltreus didn’t just stop there.

We covered their last single called “Relinquish”, and we saw the band starting to move away from the older sound. Tyler’s vocals changed up a bit, and became way more dynamic. The guitars were still brutal, but there was more melody. The direction had started to shift a little, for the better!

Every band seems to have a few growing pains as they start to fall into their own sound. Members come and go, and new ideas build into new sounds. Voltreus has been no different, and the new single “Blur” is still very much in the same vein as “Relinquish“. The difference, is the band is finally starting to fall into their groove.

Voltreus: “Blur”


I have had a couple of weeks to really sit with the new single, “Blur“. Voltreus has definitely came into their own with this new song, yet it is a preview of the overall new approach. I have always heard huge potential in the band, and while their first EP was hitting a lot of the marks, it was also a band just starting out and trying to find their place.

Those days are long behind the band, and there have been some lineup changes along the way. But the foundation is finally solid. I got to talk to Tyler Groshon, the lead vocalist for Voltreus over the past week. I asked him a few questions about the new track, and how they went about making the new sound.

Voltreus is not really a “new” band anymore, and their new sound adds a lot of different elements that were… missing before. The sound is more aggressive, and more in your face than ever, but also more dynamic in approach. Tyler said that was exactly what they were going for with “Blur”. The song is a one-two punch straight to your face.

Ferni Ramirez’s riffs have never sounded heavier, and the guitars in “Blur” build a TON of tension throughout the song. “Blur” is the first Voltreus song to use a 7 string in Drop A, and it sounds monstrous. When you blend in new tempo dynamics? It makes an audio tsunami when the song picks up after the intro.

Devin Guy (bassist) has the spotlight in the song quite a few times, and his absolutely filthy bass tones fill out the intentional gaps. “Blur” is like a panic attack almost, with shifting tempos and riffs that keep adding tension…just to fall away for a few moments for you to catch you breath.

David “Fox” Alexander (drummer) is playing at his absolute peak on “Blur” just like everyone else in the band. Everyone finally sounds “locked” together, tight. The double bass fill that kicks the song off is just a taste of what you have to look forward to with the new and improved Voltreus.

Tyler has upped his vocal abilities as well, and some of the new techniques he has learned is front and center in “Blur”. Finally, I feel like Tyler has really come into his own as a metal vocalist, and his versatility and pure intensity has never been more present. His screams are all over the place, but with some serious and practiced control. I asked him about a particular part of “Blur” where it sounds like two vocal tracks at once. I thought maybe Ferni was doing backup:

“I wanted to be able to harmonize my pig squeals live without using another person, or a backing track. So I used a tunnel throat technique, which produces sounds that harmonize with themselves already. Then I added the pig squeal, making it all one sound”

To be fair, it is literally just one word in the song. But it caught my ear as a producer and I honestly thought he was double tracking his vocals! People like to say that metal vocalists have no talent, and “it is all just screaming”. As a Metal vocalist myself, I can tell you it takes practice and control to pull off what Tyler is doing here.

The new single “Blur” has all kinds of surprises like this, and the song is incredibly tense. It feels like a full-on frontal attack, it grabs you and doesn’t let go. The lyrics are dirty, and they drag you through the emotions of spite and acidic anger. I almost feel a little assaulted by the song, a little dirtier than I was before, and that’s is exactly what Metal should be!

Wrapping Up…Pre-Save The New Song!

“Blur” drops tomorrow, January 27th and you can go ahead an pre-save the song here: Voltreus “Blur”. That link covers all platforms from Spotify to Deezer! Voltreus is also going to be releasing a music video in the near future as well, another big “first” for the band. You should check out the band on Facebook and Instagram for updates!

You can Find Voltreus ANYWHERE by using this link: Voltreus EPK

All together, it has been a treat watching our boys from Texas reach new highs, and I think Voltreus has a big career ahead of them. Their first EP was just a taste of what I think these guys will accomplish, and this new direction has some many more elements in the OTHER new material that we should hear in February. I have heard this track too, and it is also a new direction!

The band is leaner, and meaner that it has ever been. Getting a band to be cohesive these days is not an easy thing to do. Very rarely do we get to see a band really stick together long enough to start to “gel” together. I think 2023 is going to be the year for Voltreus, especially if they keep pumping out bangers like “Blur”.

Voltreus is definitely a band to follow if you like Lorna Shore, Veil Of Maya, Monuments, and other extreme bands that are pushing the limit of what Metal can be as a whole. If you happen to be in the San Antonio area, the release party for “Blur” is tomorrow night at Vibes Underground! Check their Facebook for full info!



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