VOLTREUS Release 1st New Single: “Relinquish”

Voltreus 2022
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Voltreus was one of the first “UNDEREXPOSED” bands that we ever featured, and they have kicked off 2022 with tons of shows. We caught up with the band to talk about their new song, and the future.

Catching Up With Voltreus: Texas Metal With An Edge…

Checking out the stage, it is like watching an orchestra tune up, almost. The band is playing some heavy “catch and release riffs” full of sustained notes, feedback, and drum fills. All the while a hooded figure perches in front. With his face obscured and completely motionless, the band keeps getting heavier and heavier. All of the sudden, the band breaks and Tyler explodes to life: “Welcome, we are Voltreus!”. The crowd cheers, and then…

The band kicks off into the first song of the set, and the effect is really bombastic. This is how you do stage presence, something that seems like a lost art these days in Metal. You can catch some of these performances on their Facebook page, where they have been playing show after show over the Spring and early Summer. But Voltreus has some bigger plans than just conquering the local scene.

Their dual singer approach reminds me a lot of older post hardcore bands like Alexisonfire and Atreyu, and I think this is also a long lost art. The sing/scream thing that Fear Factory started in the 90’s is nothing new. However, it not only adds dynamics to the sound, but it just makes a songs hit so much harder. Voltreus pulls this style off really well, and they sound as good live as they do on the recording. Which is also a rarity these days.

The last time we talked to Voltreus, they had just finished up their EP entitled “Solace”. When I listened to that album, I was impressed with the technicality, musicianship, and the production. “Solace” was not a bad way to make your first big mark as a band. But it was missing some… pieces.

Yet as a producer and musician myself, I knew they were just on the precipice of something. The elements were all there, but they just weren’t fine tuned… yet. They had some great moments on their first EP, but it was yet to really come together. But since then, the band has played with some heavy hitters like Veil Of Maya, and Born Of Osiris. They must have been taking notes, because the new track is a huge step up.

Voltreus 2022

The moment “Relinquish” kicks in, there is some driving bass and drums. It doesn’t start out with the cheesy lo-fi guitars that every Metal band these days seems to use. In fact, there are zero cliché tricks in this song. Not to mention that Tyler’s vocals have gone from “good”, to almost Lorna Shore great. The breakdown reminds me of ATLAS, and that is the best compliment I can give anyone. You get just enough time to catch your breath, before it gets heavy again.

We got to sit down with Tyler Groshon from Voltreus and catch up with the guys since we last talked to them. It has definitely been a busy year for the band, and they have some much bigger plans and ambitions for 2022. “Relinquish” is their first new song in a while, and it deals with themes that are all too familiar for most of us. We sat down with the band, and talked about the new song, and future plans.

*Where did you guys record this time?

Tyler Groshon (vocalist): Chris Mora recorded “Relinquish”. He has worked with other bands like Upon a Burning Body, Sons of Texas, and Kingdom Collapse.

*The new song is a HUGE step up from your previous recordings. It seems like everyone has really locked in, and know their role in the band now. Not to mention, the playing is next level as well. how did you guys come up with the song?

Ferni Ramirez (guitarist/vocalist): So believe it or not we actually wrote this song way before we even thought about any song on the “Solace” EP! It was probably the 3rd or 4th song we wrote as a band. We were just messing around one day with the phone recording & came up with this cool weird little song. We jammed it once & it somehow structured itself. The only thing we added were a solo, lyrics, & new talent when it comes to Tyler’s Vocals (screaming & singing) which is a HUGE step up from his work on “Solace”.

*The theme of “Relinquish” is pretty on the nose when it comes to betrayal and disappointment, and Voltreus usually deals with some darker themes. How did the lyrics come about? Was there a particular incident in mind?

Tyler Groshon: The song is about someone who was supposed to be there for you at all times turning their back on you or hurting you. The inspiration came from my biological father disappearing when I was a toddler and my biological mother abusing my brother and I for most of my childhood.

I was later adopted and had to fight a court case against my biological mother to take away all of her access to us. It taught me two extremely important things. 1. Family is who you choose and who chooses you, not who you’re born to and 2. Today’s tragedy is tomorrow’s inspiration.

*Voltreus has made an impact on the local San Antonio scene, what are your future plans?

David “Fox” Alexander (drummer): We plan to take our craft to the next level taking on mostly national/festival shows and using that time to write some of the best material we have to offer!

*Is “Relinquish” just the first of some new material to come? Is there an album in the works?

Devin Guy (bassist): Definitely. We’ve been sitting on a ton of songs and we write new ones each time we jam. The band’s main focus will be shifting to our social media presence in order to broadcast our platform to a larger audience, so stay tuned!

Good luck guys! I think you have really reached a new level with “Relinquish” and I cannot wait to hear what else you have coming.

Keep Up With Voltreus! Pre-save Links Below!

Relinquish” comes out tomorrow (May 10th 2022)! I have already heard it, and it is a certified BANGER. You can save pre-save the new song here: Voltreus. You can also click any of the links below! Make sure to drop a like and a follow on their social media!



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