Harley Benton Telecaster Pickups: A Complete Buyer’s Guide

Harley Benton Telecaster Pickups
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If you’re looking at picking up a Harley Benton Telecaster, you have A LOT of options and potential pickup configurations. Here’s a complete guide to the pickups used in Harley Benton Telecasters…

Telecasters are great guitars, arguably one of the best on the market. For overall playability and versatility, you really cannot go wrong with a Telecaster – either from Fender, Squier, or – if you want to go really inexpensive – Harley Benton.

But when comes to Harley Benton Telecasters, there are A LOT of different options listed on its site. As of right now, there’s over 28 Tele models listed – and they’re all slightly different.

Sure, they look similar, they’re Telecasters, after all, but there are plenty of differences – different woods, different finishes, and, in the context of why we’re here today, different pickup configurations.

If you’re looking to buy a Harley Benton Telecaster, you’re probably curios about what pickups they come with? You have plenty of options from humbuckers to single coil setups, and below we’ll go through each of them (as well as detail how they’re different).

So, strap in and let’s get down and dirty in the world of Harley Benton Telecaster pickup options…

Harley Benton Telecaster Pickups Compared

ModelPickup Configuration
TE-62CC LH SFGRoswell TEA alnico-5 TE-style single-coils
TE-53KR BLTwo high-output single-coils
TE-69 Hot Rod NTRoswell TEA (neck), Roswell TEB (bridge)
TE-62DB BKRoswell TEA alnico-5 TE-style single-coils
TE-62DB LPBRoswell TEA alnico-5 TE-style single-coils
TE-62DB CARRoswell TEA alnico-5 TE-style single-coils
TE-62CC DRRoswell TEA alnico-5 TE-style single-coils
TE-62CC ISRoswell TEA alnico-5 TE-style single-coils
TE-62CC LH SPRoswell TEA alnico-5 TE-style single-coils
TE-62CC LPBRoswell TEA alnico-5 TE-style single-coils
TE-62CC SPRoswell TEA alnico-5 TE-style single-coils
TE-62CC CFRoswell TEA alnico-5 TE-style single-coils
TE-62CC SFGRoswell TEA alnico-5 TE-style single-coils
TE-20HH SBKTwo humbucker pickups
TE-90FLT Orange BlastTwo FilterTron-style pickups
TE-90FLT Green BlastTwo FilterTron-style pickups
TE-90FLT Blue BlastTwo FilterTron-style pickups
TE-90FLT Red BlastTwo FilterTron-style pickups
TE-90FLT Black BlastTwo FilterTron-style pickups
TE-20MN BMTwo single-coil pickups
TE-20MN CATwo single-coil pickups
TE-40 LH TBKTwo single-coil pickups
TE-90FLT LH WHTwo FilterTron-style pickups
TE-90FLT WHTwo FilterTron-style pickups
TE-90FLT SBTwo FilterTron-style pickups
TE-52 LH NATwo single-coil pickups
TE-90QM LH Trans RedTwo FilterTron-style pickups
TE-70 Black PaisleyTwo single-coil pickups

Overview of Harley Benton Telecaster Pickups

Harley Benton Telecaster Pickups

Roswell TEA Alnico-5 TE-style Single-Coil Pickups

The Roswell TEA alnico-5 TE-style single-coil pickups are a popular choice for Telecaster-style guitars due to their vintage-inspired tone and performance. These pickups are designed to deliver the classic Telecaster sound that has been a staple in many music genres, such as rock, country, and blues.


The Roswell TEA alnico-5 pickups are constructed using alnico-5 magnets, which provide a strong magnetic field and are responsible for the pickups’ pronounced tonal characteristics.

Roswell TEA Alnico-5 TE Single-Coil Pickups

These magnets are known for their balanced and clear tone, with a tight low end and sparkling highs. The pickup coils are wound with enamel-coated copper wire, which helps to maintain clarity and reduces the risk of microphonics.

Tonal Characteristics

These TE-style single-coil pickups are designed to provide a bright and twangy sound, which is a hallmark of the classic Telecaster tone. They have a punchy midrange and a well-defined low end, making them suitable for a variety of playing styles. The alnico-5 magnets contribute to their dynamic response and help to preserve the natural harmonics of the guitar.


The Roswell TEA alnico-5 pickups are versatile and can handle a wide range of genres and playing styles. Their bright and clear sound makes them ideal for country and rock music, while their responsive dynamics allow them to perform well in blues and jazz settings as well. Additionally, their ability to retain clarity even at high gain levels makes them a popular choice for rock and metal guitarists who want to maintain definition in their distorted tones.

Installation and Compatibility

These pickups are designed for use in Telecaster-style guitars and are typically installed in the neck and bridge positions. They are compatible with most Telecaster-style guitars and can be installed using standard pickup mounting hardware.

The pickups come with a standard two-wire configuration for simple installation, and they can be wired to your guitar’s existing controls or modified with additional switching options for increased tonal versatility.

Harley Benton Telecasters With Roswell TEA Alnico-5 TE-style Single-Coil Pickups

FilterTron Pickups

FilterTron pickups are a distinctive type of electric guitar pickup that were originally developed by Ray Butts in the late 1950s for Gretsch guitars. They are known for their unique tonal characteristics and have been used by many iconic guitarists across various music genres, such as rockabilly, country, and rock ‘n’ roll.


FilterTron pickups are humbucking pickups, which means they have two coils that are wired together in such a way that they cancel out the hum typically associated with single-coil pickups.

FilterTron Pickups

These pickups are characterized by their relatively narrow bobbins and a higher coil turn count compared to most other humbuckers. This unique design results in a lower output, but with increased clarity and definition.

The magnets used in FilterTron pickups are typically alnico, with alnico-5 being the most common choice. Alnico-5 magnets provide a strong magnetic field, contributing to the pronounced tonal characteristics of these pickups. The use of alnico magnets, along with the unique coil design, is responsible for the clarity, brightness, and warmth of the FilterTron sound.

Tonal Characteristics

FilterTron pickups are renowned for their unique tone, which can be described as bright, articulate, and chimey. They offer a clear and defined high-end, a tight and focused low-end, and a sweet, airy midrange. The overall sound is characterized by excellent note separation and a clean, transparent quality that allows individual notes to shine through, even when playing complex chords.

The clarity and definition of FilterTron pickups make them particularly well-suited for fingerpicking and intricate playing styles. They are also capable of handling moderate levels of gain while maintaining their tonal characteristics, making them a popular choice for guitarists who play rockabilly, country, and early rock ‘n’ roll styles.


While FilterTron pickups are most commonly associated with genres like rockabilly and country, they can be quite versatile and are well-suited for a variety of playing styles. Their clear and articulate sound lends itself well to blues, jazz, and even some rock genres. The ability of these pickups to handle moderate gain levels also allows them to be used effectively with overdrive and distortion pedals for more aggressive tones.

Installation and Compatibility

FilterTron pickups can be installed in a variety of electric guitars, although they are most commonly found in Gretsch guitars and other hollow or semi-hollow body instruments. They are typically mounted in the neck and bridge positions using specialized mounting hardware, which may vary depending on the specific guitar model.

Harley Benton Telecasters With FilterTron-Style Pickups

  • TE-90FLT Orange Blast
  • TE-90FLT Green Blast
  • TE-90FLT Blue Blast
  • TE-90FLT Red Blast
  • TE-90FLT Black Blast
  • TE-90FLT LH WH
  • TE-90FLT WH
  • TE-90FLT SB
  • TE-90QM LH Trans Red

Humbucker Pickups

Humbucker pickups are a type of electric guitar pickup that were first introduced in the mid-1950s by engineer Seth Lover, who was working for Gibson at the time.

They were designed as a solution to the hum and noise issues that plagued single-coil pickups. Over the years, humbuckers have become a popular choice for guitarists across various music genres, including rock, blues, jazz, and metal, due to their rich and versatile tonal characteristics.


Humbuckers consist of two coils that are wired together in such a way that they cancel out the electromagnetic interference that causes the hum typically associated with single-coil pickups.

Humbucker pickups

Each coil is wound around a bobbin containing pole pieces (usually made from steel, iron, or Alnico magnets) that are responsible for picking up the vibrations from the guitar strings. The two coils are wired in series and out of phase, which allows them to effectively eliminate noise while retaining the guitar’s signal.

Tonal Characteristics

Humbucker pickups are known for their warm, thick, and powerful sound, which is a result of their higher output compared to single-coil pickups. They have a pronounced midrange, which gives them a rich and full-bodied tone, and a smooth high-end, which can help to tame the harshness that some single-coil pickups may exhibit.

Due to their noise-cancelling properties, humbuckers are also well-suited for high-gain playing situations, such as those found in heavy rock and metal music. They can handle high levels of distortion and overdrive without becoming excessively noisy, making them a popular choice for guitarists who require a thick and saturated sound.


Humbucker pickups are extremely versatile and can be used in a variety of music genres and playing styles. Their rich and full-bodied tone makes them well-suited for blues, jazz, and classic rock, while their ability to handle high-gain situations allows them to excel in heavier rock and metal genres as well.

Many humbuckers are designed with adjustable pole pieces or include coil-splitting or coil-tapping features, which enable the guitarist to achieve a more single-coil-like sound when desired. This added versatility makes humbuckers an excellent choice for players who want a single pickup that can cover a wide range of tonal possibilities.

Installation and Compatibility

Humbucker pickups can be installed in a wide range of electric guitars, including solid-body, hollow-body, and semi-hollow models. They are typically mounted in the neck and bridge positions, and sometimes in the middle position, depending on the specific guitar model and desired tonal options.

There are various aftermarket humbuckers available from different manufacturers, which can be installed in guitars that are not equipped with humbuckers by default. These aftermarket options may require some modification to the guitar’s body, pickguard, or electronics for proper installation.

Harley Benton Telecasters With Humbucker Pickups

  • TE-20HH SBK (Dual humbuckers)
  • TE-40 LH TBK (Dual humbuckers)

Need more information on Harley Benton guitars? Check out our detailed Harley Benton Buyer’s Guide for more information – it covers literally everything you need to know


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