Deftones Songs In Drop D: A Complete List

Deftones Songs In Drop D
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A lot of Deftones’ older stuff – arguably its best work – is in Drop D tuning. Here’s a complete list of all Deftones songs in Drop D

If you grew up listening to metal in the late-90s, you know who the Deftones are. You probably saw them play multiple times. Between 1995 and 2000, the band dropped two of its most important and seminal albums to date – Around The Fur and White Pony.

For me, these two albums encapsulate the very essence of Deftones; they have released plenty of LPs since but none have managed to capture the raw energy of Around The Fur or the majesty of White Pony.

Back during this era, the Deftones still used six-string guitars. Chino used (and continues to use) a Gibson SG, while Steph has always favored ESP guitars – he’s even got a 9-string one now that he used on the band’s latest release, OHMS.

Still, some of the band’s most iconic riffs come from this era – the 1997 to 2000 era of Deftones. You have songs like Be Quiet and Drive, My Own Summer, Head Up, Change In The House of Flies, Passenger, and many more besides.

Deftones Songs In Drop D

Deftones Songs In Drop D: A Complete List

Steph used Drop D# for practically all of Around The Fur. With White Pony, the band started experimenting with Drop C tuning as well. After this, more strings were added to Steph’s guitar and the tunings changed again, bottoming out with Drop A tuning.

But for Drop D tunes, you have plenty to choose from. Especially if you’re a fan of classic-era Deftones. Here’s a list of all the Deftones songs you can play along with in Drop D tuning.

To get the exact same tone as Steph, however, you will have to use Drop D# tuning, which is half a step down from Drop D.

Deftones Songs In Drop D Tuning:

  • My Own Summer (Shove It)
  • Lhabia
  • Mascara
  • Around the Fur
  • Rickets
  • Be Quiet and Drive (Far Away)
  • Lotion
  • Dai the Flu
  • Headup
  • MX

Deftones Songs in Drop C

  • Feiticeira
  • Digital Bath
  • Elite
  • Rx Queen
  • Street Carp
  • Teenager
  • Knife Prty
  • Korea
  • Passenger
  • Change (In the House of Flies)
  • Pink Maggit

These two albums, in my opinion, are the Deftones’ best work to date. If you want to learn to play like Steph Carpenter, learning some of his most iconic riffs is a great place to start.

The Deftones use a lot of unusual chords too, so if you’re looking to bulk out your chord vocabulary you’ll learn quite a bit by getting to grips with these Deftones songs.

Deftones riffs – generally speaking – aren’t too complicated either, so even absolute beginners should be able to pick them up with relative ease, proving that riffs DO NOT need to be complicated to be good.

And for me, this is part of the Deftones’ beauty. They create simple, emotive songs based around killer riffs that lack nearly all the complexity of their peers’.

And yet, here we are, 20 years after the release of White Pony still talking about them. I still cannot believe White Pony is 20 years old…

Deftones Gear – What Do They Use?

If you’re interested in getting the exact same tone as Deftones, or as close as possible, Steph is a huge fan of the Line 6 Helix – he uses it to demo all of his stuff in his home studio.

If you’re looking for an all-in-one guitar effects and processor solution, the Line 6 Helix is just about as good as it gets at this price point – but it ain’t cheap!

Or, if you’re more of a plug into your computer and play kinda guy (or gal), then you can pretty easily create Deftones’ iconic sound with a DAW like Positive Grid’s BIAS FX 2.

Either solution will get you a killer guitar tone. And if you wanna play Deftones, a killer guitar tone is essential.


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