Cort G300 Pro: A Polished Take On Affordable Boutique

Cort G300 Pro: A Polished Take On Affordable Boutique
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2020-2021 seems to be the year that Cort Guitars makes their mark, this time with the boutique inspired Cort G300. Today we take a look at Cort’s newest offering, and break down all of the features.

The Cort G300 Is Blending Affordable Prices With Great Features…

Cort has been absolutely on fire this year. While the famous factory is mostly known for making products for other companies, Cort has always had a full line of guitars under its own brand name. Unfortunately, up until this past year, Cort has flown under the radar.

Unless you missed its Matt Bellamy Signature guitar.

Cort makes some seriously sleek instruments, and the new Cort G300 is no exception. But while most of Cort’s designs lean toward to modern features, the G300 is going back to the basics.

The new Cort G300 is said to be “the best the company can offer” as far as machining and quality, while still remaining in the affordable territory Cort is known for.

Let’s take a look at what the new Cort G300 has to offer!

Cort G300 Pro: A Polished Take On Affordable Boutique

Cort G300: Features And Design

The past year has seen a lot of trends go completly out the window, and seen new ones ushered in by people like Tim Henson. It seems like simple, and classy has made a huge comeback. personally, I welcome it!

The past decade we have seen super-strat after super-strat get released and I think it really gave the market some fatigue. There’s nothing wrong with a good Ibanez, but sometimes you want something just a little less flashy. More…utilitarian.

The Cort G300 is exactly that. A classy utilitarian guitar, that can tackle just about any genre. Imagine a “Swiss-Army Knife” of guitars, with all quality components:

The G300 Pro is the new flagship model of the iconic G Series, a boutique-style guitar with modern enhancements that represents the best of what Cort can offer to meet the needs for superb playability, sonic versatility and aesthetic design.

Features include a top-grade American Basswood body with 6mm (1/4”) maple top, roasted maple neck and fretboard with Luminlay side dot inlays, stainless steel frets, and two Seymour Duncan® humbuckers that are paired with our 5-way pickup selector for excellent versatility in tone making.

And for the first time ever for the G Series, the G300 Pro comes with full 24 frets, making it a truly modern guitar for the players enjoying soloing in the higher fret positions.

When Cort says that this is the absolute best that they can make, I can fully believe that. The Cort G300 has top-notch components, and more a literal “kitchen sink” of features.

Cort g300
The New G300

Gort G300: Full Specs

  • American Basswood Body with Maple Cap
  • Bolt On Construction
  • Roasted Maple Neck/Fretboard
  • Stainless Frets
  • Compound Radius 12-16
  • 24 Frets
  • Cort Locking Tuners
  • Seymour Duncan® SH2N & TB4 Humbucker Set
  • 5 Way switch
  • Cort CFA Tremolo System
  • Graphtech TUSQ Nut
  • Lumenlay Side Dots
  • Spokewheel Truss Rod

Wiring: The first thing I noticed was the custom wiring that the Cort G300 comes with standard. Not only do you get some awesome Duncan humbuckers, but you get them wired up to their full potential. What’s so special about the wiring, you say?

The 5-way switch allows you to do single coil tones on both pickups, as well as a full on humbucker sound. This means you can cover some serious sonic territory with a single guitar. I can see the Cort G300 being a fantastic studio tool. Especially with the fourth position, which basically makes the “out of phase” Stratocaster sounds that we all love.

Cort G300 Pro: A Polished Take On Affordable Boutique

You have tons of options with this switching system, and most people will recognize this as something Ibanez frequently does. I have always been a fan of this style over the usual “coil tapping” methods usually presented with push/pull knobs. The four conductor wires on the Duncan pickups give a different sound with a 5 way switch than just mere coil tapping.

Roasted Maple has become The New Black apparently, and I am okay with that! Almost every company this past year released a few models with roasted maple necks, and to be fair, it does make the wood a bit harder. Which means the neck will stay more stable. I also think it looks very pretty! The fact that roasted maple is fashionable, is just an added bonus to the Cort G300.

Speaking of trends, Stainless Steel Frets have been a big one this past year as well. This is another feature that I fully embrace. I have a couple of guitars that have Stainless Frets, and I LOVE not having to polish and maintain them. So much so, that I am thinking about ditching my other guitars. It’s so convenient and the frets will outlive you!

Having 24 frets, and a Compound radius makes the Cort G300 sound like a full-on metal machine, but I assure you this just adds to the features and versatility. I didn’t know a Compound radius was even something I needed, until I had it. Just like Stainless Frets, the radius is something that makes things just a little bit easier.

People will tell you that a Bolt On neck Construction will make a guitar sound more “snappy” and Stratocaster-esque. I can agree with that to an extent, as it definitely seems to be more mid-range focused. That means the Cort G300 will probably pull off those single coil tones without giving you any muddy guff along the way.

The Cort G300: Is it For You?

Cort G300 Pro: A Polished Take On Affordable Boutique

I guess the Cort G300 will not be for everyone, but then again… it is designed to be just that! This is a “Jack Of All Trades” kind of guitar in my opinion. The clever wiring scheme covers so much ground, that you could easily get any tone you want. So who is the Cort G300 for?

I think this would be a great choice for someone who regularly gigs, and has to cover a lot of sonic territory. Maybe you play in a cover band. I can see this being the perfect guitar for a cover band!

Which by the way, there’s nothing wrong with being in a cover band.

The Cort G300 can do Black Sabbath just as easily as Toby Keith. Wait a second…is Toby Keith country music? I think he is? At any rate, you get what I am trying to say. Whether you are looking for saturated metal tones, or sparkling cleans, the Cort G300 can pull it off without a hitch.

The Cort G300 is currently on pre-order for an MSRP of $1,119.00.

Are Cort Guitars worth it?

Cort Guitars have been around for a long time, and are made in a legendary factory known for quality. So Cort guitars are definitely worth it!

Where is the Cort G300 made?

The new 2021 Cort Guitars are all made in the Cort Indonesian factory, known for making many other guitar brands.

Does the Cort G300 come with a case?

No. But the Cort G300 has a very common shape, and should fit many cases.

Is The Cort G300 good for metal?

The new Cort G300 is very versatile, and is capable of extreme metal tones, and everything in between.

When does the Cort G300 ship?

It looks like the Cort G300 will be shippng in early Spring, 2021.


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