Cort Multi-Scale Guitars: New, Beautiful Models for 2021!

Cort Multi-Scale
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Cort Guitars have been on fire this year, and by popular demand, they have decided to release the new Cort Multi-Scale series, in 6 and 7 string models. Today we check out all of the new features, and premium upgrades!

Cort Multi-scale

New Cort Multi-Scale Models: Overview

So far, we have been pretty impressed with all the new things they are doing at Cort Guitars these days. We already took a look at the complete lineup for 2021… or so we thought!

Cort has been teasing us on social media sites about some new models that they have yet to release for 2021. Just when we thought it was over, they unleash several new models.

But the one’s that really caught my eye are the new Cort Multi-Scale models, made for Metal. I also really love the now-$600 Cort Manson MBC-1 – that thing is killer and super affordable.

I mean, I suppose you could play Jazz on them also. Or maybe some Country Music…

But that isn’t what Cort is going for with these new Multi-Scale models. With premium features like Burl Wood tops, extra contours, and Fishman Pickups... these are definitely made for METAL.

There are two models, one 6 string model, and 2 variants of the 7 string model. Cort has already proven that the company can produce high quality, feature-packed instruments and with these models it seems like they went for broke. Let’s take a look!

Cort Multi-Scale 6 String: X700 “Multility”

Cort Multi-Scale Guitars: New, Beautiful Models for 2021!

Cort, you know I have a lot of love for you, but damn. This name is absolutely ridiculous. Who came up with “Multility”? I have been sitting here, in the Electrikjam Testing lab (really, it exists. Promise) and I have been trying to pronounce it. My attempts are futile.

I feel like if I keep trying to pronounce it, I might summon something from below. Usually I’m down with that. But not today, I have to write this article.

Despite the questionable name, this Cort Multi-Scale has a ton of features you would usually only see on a very expensive instrument.

  • Mahogany Body
  • Maple/ Ash Top
  • Roasted Maple Neck
  • Fishman Fluence Humbuckers
  • 24 Frets
  • 24.75″- 25.5″ Scale Length, Multi-Scale
  • Locking Tuners
  • Spokewheel Truss Rod
  • 3 Way Toggle Switch
  • Push Pull Controls
  • Stainless Steel Frets

It’s hard to believe this is the lower end of the new Cort Multi-Scale models! The features are great for the price, if it falls along the same prices as the other X700 guitars. But let’s break down some of the features, and take a closer look at what you get!

Cort Multi-Scale Guitars: New, Beautiful Models for 2021!
Individual Bridge system

An Individual hardtail bridge unit for each string that feeds through the body results in greatly improved sustain, superb string separation for greater articulation and precise intonation.

This is definitely needed for a fan-fret/Multi-Scale guitar to make sure you can adjust the length of each string, and nail your intonation on both the bass and treble sides of the fretboard.

We have talked about stainless steel frets a lot here on the site. This is for good reason. You never need to polish them, and they will probably out-live YOU. That being said, it is harder to work on them if you have any kind of defect.

We also get a look at the contours, and it looks like Cort has taken a few points from Schecter with the design of the back of the Cort Multi-Scale X700. The back is lightly stained Mahogany, and it looks great:

Cort Multi-Scale Guitars: New, Beautiful Models for 2021!

The 24.75″- 25.5″ scale may divide a lot of players, as most are used to seeing the bass side of a Multi-Scale as a baritone. This allows for low tunings on the bass side, while keeping comfy string tension on the treble side for solos and bends.

This Cort X700 is definitely what we call a “light Fan”.

If that is what you after, and you plan on tuning lower than say... D standard, I do not think the Cort X700 is going to be for you. But that’s exactly why they gave you another option, with the 7 string.

Cort Multi-Scale X507 Series 7 String

Cort Multi-Scale Guitars: New, Beautiful Models for 2021!
“Whoa. Again”

Now these are what I am really interested in! The 7 String variant of the new Cort Multi-Scale options looks absolutely stunning, and has all of the features you could possibly want in a modern 7 string. From Cort Official:

“KX500MS, the first ever multi-scale guitar developed by Cort in 2018, was praised and loved by hardcore fans and extreme guitarists all over the world.

Now it’s back with modern updates and a new name, the KX507 Multi Scale. This seven-string beast is now equipped with the multi-voiced Fishman® Fluence Modern Humbucker set, enabling the KX507 Multi Scale to explore further into limitless possibilities in the tonal spectrum. “

Cort Multi-Scale Guitars: New, Beautiful Models for 2021!

The Cort Multi-Scale X507 has tons of modern features, and most of them keep up with the “ultra premium” ethics that Cort Guitars are known for. This is definitely not their first rodeo with 7 string instruments. Check out these features:

  • Poplar Burl Top
  • Mahogany Body
  • Macassar Ebony Fretboard
  • Individual Saddles
  • 5 Piece Maple and Purple Heart Neck
  • 15.75 Radius Fretboard
  • Fishman Fluence Pickups
  • 25.5″- 27″ Scale Length
  • Locking Tuners

OK, Now we’re talking! This is how you do Multi-Scale guitars. The bass side is a baritone scale length at 27” for low tunings, while the treble is standard length. Go as low as you want with this guitar. You could probably easily tune the bass side down to F# without any fuss. Negating the need for an 8 string, for some people.

Both models have a bolt-on neck, and some people seem to prefer that for prog-metal, like Periphery. Personally, I agree with this. The sound is a little “snappier” on a bolt-on guitar. I won’t claim to know the science behind that, but I feel like it’s true. I wish we could test this theory…

We don’t have that kind of equipment in the Electrikjam Lab.

The Cort X507 has pretty much every upgrade you could want, right out of the box. You have locking tuners, name brand pickups, and two very pretty Burl finishes. The only thing I see that’s lacking from the X700 series, is the stainless steel frets.

For a classy looking multi-scale, this checks all the boxes for me. I think Cort Guitars could easily rival some other brands, like Ibanez, who have omitted fan-fret instruments from their current 2021 lineup. In fact, this was my main complaint with Ibanez this year.

Cort Multi-Scale Guitars: New, Beautiful Models for 2021!

Cort Multi-Scale Lineup: Will It Expand?

I certainly hope so! Right now, the only major brands that make decent production multi-scale instruments are either Kiesel, or Schecter. There may be more, but they are lesser known… Just like Cort.

I feel like Cort is testing the waters with these new models, to see how well they are accepted by the Metal community.

I wish Cort Guitars all the luck in the world, going into 2021, and I hope they keep up with the innovation and premium features at a good price point. I have no idea how much these will cost, but I am guessing under $1000 for either of the models, if the other models in the categories are a guide.

Keep it up Cort!

What is the new Cort Multi-scale guitars release date?

You can currently pre-order both new models. We expect an early March shipping date.

Do Cort Guitars come with a case or gig bag.

No. They are sold separate.

Is Cort Guitars a good brand?

Cort Guitars makes their own brand of guitars, but they have made guitars for many big manufacturers. Such as Fender, ESP, and Schecter.

Can I preorder the new Cort Multi-Scale Guitars?

Yes. You can visit Cortguitars.com and check the site for purchasing options.


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