The Ultimate Guide To Christmas Gifts For Guitarists Under $50!

gifts for guitarists under $50

Finding some sweet gifts for guitarists under $50 can be daunting if you don’t play yourself. But fear not, we have got you covered! Today we go over some gifts that any guitar player can appreciate!

Christmas Gifts For Guitarists Under $50: The Best Stocking Stuffers For Your Favorite Shredder!

Finding gifts for guitarists under $50 is complicated. Not only does every guitarist have their own style and preferences, but we all come from different backgrounds as well. The other problem with finding a gift for under 50 bucks, is guitar gear is really expensive. I always say that there must be something wrong with us, because playing guitar at any level is a money pit.

That being said, we are often musicians by trade. Which means that we are definitely not raking in the dough every month, unless we are playing at a pro level. Even then, some of us struggle off the road to make ends meet. The old saying goes: “You can be an artist, or you can be rich, but you cant be both!”

Every year my friends and family usually give me money and gift cards for Christmas. This is because they have no idea what a guitar geek would want. To be fair, us guitarists are usually very picky (puns). We have certain guitars we like, certain strings, specific pics and gadgets…it can be confusing right? If you don’t play guitar yourself, some of the things we prefer may even seem a little…irrational.

The thing about buying a gift for a guitarist, is that we absolutely like the kitschy things like t-shirts and bumper stickers, for sure! But if you ask me, I would much rather have something that I can USE. Sure, I love my EVH posters and other guitar-adjacent gifts. But gifts are about the sentiment.

I get it, buying stuff for us is tough. But we have a great list today of some things that ANY guitarist would love to get on Christmas morning. You see, there are tons of things that we need as guitar players, but often won’t buy for ourselves. So if gifts are about the sentiment, why not give us something we can use that will make us think about you every time we use it?

There are a lot of things that we are picky about, and it can be hard to buy a great gift for a guitarist. I mean, we are talking about people that argue over wood types. Most of us have very specific preferences for strings, picks, and other accessories. So when buying a gift for a guitarist, it might be a good idea to stay away from those kinds of products. The products we are listing today are universal, and all types of guitarists use these!

So if you are looking for some great gifts for guitarists under $50, we have you covered! These would be great for family, friends, or even for work colleagues. The best part, is none of these are going to break the bank. We also made sure that these will all arrive on time if you order within the next week!

So let’s take a look at the best gifts for guitarists under $50, that we will all appreciate!

#1 The Super Snark Tuner

best gifts for guitarists under $50

This is something we can never have enough of, as guitarists. I must have 5 or 6 of these little guys floating around my studio right now. If I had 15 of these little things, I would still appreciate another one! They are so handy, and easy to use. The Super Snark Clip-on Tuner is the at the top of the list of gifts for guitarists under $50.

These clip right on to the headstock of the guitar, and they tune by reading the vibrations from the guitar strings. They work with any type of guitar, electric or acoustic. The color display is nice and big, so you can see it on stage or at home. Not to mention, these are very accurate and precise!

No matter who the guitarist is in your life, I am dead-sure that they will love this gift. This is not just some cheap tuner, either. It has a replaceable battery, so it can be used for years! I have one that I bought in 2015, and it still works great! Snark is a trusted brand, and have been around for a while.

There are cheaper ones on the market, but Snark is one of the name brand originals. The cheaper ones work, but they absolutely don’t hold up in most cases during daily use. The cheap ones break easily, and can be inaccurate. So even if you already had your eye on something like this, get this one! The Snark Tuner might be the perfect stocking stuffer!


gifts for guitarists under $50

The clip-on tuner might be our #1 when it comes to gifts for guitarists under $50, but we also can always use some more guitar cables! I personally have maybe ten of these things laying around, in various shapes, colors, lengths, and sizes. You can never have too many, because they often break! It can be easy to repair them, but that takes time out of our guitar playing!

We chose the Fender cables because these are some of the best quality when it comes to day-to-day use. Just like the clip-on tuner, there are plenty of other options that you can get, and they are much cheaper. But the quality reflects the price in this case. You get what you pay for, and Fender cables have rarely let me down at a show.

Look, we never have enough of these things. We not only need the ones that we are currently using, but a back-up is also a good idea to have around. Buy your guitarist a cable or two this holiday season, and you’ll make them happy. I promise!

#3 Music Nomad Guitar Workstation

gifts for guitarists under $50

This is one that I recently bought for myself, and it was long overdue for me to have one of these. This is one of the best gifts for guitarists under $50 because all of us can use one of these. We all have to change our strings, and having a nice mat and headrest for the guitar makes everything so much quicker. Not to mention, this is much more safe than just a table top!

Music Nomad makes all kinds of nifty products that help you keep your guitar in tip-top condition. I like this guitar workstation because it is totally portable. You can unroll it, work on your guitar, and then roll it back up and put it away. Likewise, if you have a work bench, this is the perfect cover to ensure your guitar never gets damaged while it is getting a “tune up”.

The neck rest also comes in handy when doing any kind of work on your guitar. It has a coating that will not damage the finish on the neck of the guitar. But the coolest thing, is the neck rest is hollow! You can store all of your guitar-specific tools inside the neck rest. This is a great gift for any guitarist that wants to stay organized!

#4 Fender Universal Guitar Stand

gifts for guitarists under $50

This is definitely one of the best gifts for guitarists under $50, since these kinds of stands are usually much more expensive! These universal stands are great because they hold the guitar by the neck. This means you can adjust it to fit ANY type of guitar or bass. Even some of the more...peculiar looking guitars.

We talk a lot about Metal here at Electrikjam, and we talk a lot about pointy guitars and flying V guitars. The problem with odd or extreme shaped guitars, is that they do not fit on a normal guitar stand. You need something like this Fender Universal Stand, that holds it by the neck. It breaks my heart to see guitarists leaning a guitar up against the wall.

Not only does this fit just about any style of guitar you throw at it, it is also backed by a big name like Fender. It may seem hard to find gifts for guitarists under $50 that might actually be useful, but this stand is a steal at $40! The other brands can be as expensive as $100 for the same type of stand.

So if you know someone with a guitar that has a crazy shape, or just any guitarist that could use a great stand…this is one of the best picks (more puns, I am sorry). It has foam covered legs to protect the guitar’s finish, and the tripod style setup makes it easy to transport. This thing is stable too, so no more worrying about the guitar falling over!

#5 Dunlop 65 Guitar System

best gifts for guitarists under $50

If you have looked through this list, and nothing has tickled your fancy as of yet, then the Dunlop Guitar Care System is definitely one of the best gifts for guitarists under $50. It has everything you need to keep your guitar in great shape. These are products we all use, but sometimes we neglect to buy them ourselves.

In fact, if anyone wants to get this for me, I would be very grateful! Dunlop has been making some really amazing guitar accessories for decades, and this maintenance system is perfect for any guitarist. These products are safe for most finish types, and are great for electrics and acoustics alike.

You get the Formula 65 guitar polish that will bring out the shine on any type of glossy finish. The Body Gloss is a carnauba wax, like you use on cars, and it will even take out light scratches on guitar finishes. To top it all off, you also get string conditioner to help prolong the life of your strings.

I have used the fretboard treatment on and off for years, and it will clean all of the dirt and grime from the fretboard. Put the finishing (puns) touches on your guitar with the fretboard conditioner, and your fretboard will not dry out during the Winter months. This is a killer deal, since these are usually $10 each when bought individually!

Best Gifts For Guitarists Under $50: Wrapping Up…

Like I said in the beginning, guitarists love to get a present that we can actually use. Sure you could go online and buy a tacky sweater with guitars on it. But these are all products that we can add to our arsenal, and as I said, sometimes we neglect to buy these things for ourselves.

Picking any of these products for the guitarist in your life will be a winner when Christmas morning rolls around. We never have enough stands, cables, or tuners. We certainly rarely buy anything other than strings for our guitars. So surprise your guitar player this year with a present that is not only thoughtful, but extremely useful!

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