Jimmy Page’s New Gibson Guitar Costs More Than A Tesla 3

jimmy page 50,000 guitar
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For $50,000, you could have a futuristic electric car like a Tesla Model 3 or… a whole lotta tone

Gibson’s signature series guitars are ALWAYS expensive, but the new Jimmy Page EDS-1275 Doubleneck signature model takes things to a whole other level – it costs $50,000.

To put that figure into context, for the same money you could buy a brand new Tesla Model 3. Not the long range model, just the basic one. For $3,000 extra, though, you could get that long range model.

Why Is The Jimmy Page EDS-1275 Doubleneck So Expensive?

Jimmy Page EDS-1275 Doubleneck.jpg

Priced at $49,999, this model is designed to closely mimic the original instrument used by Page in performances of songs like “Stairway to Heaven.”

This release is limited to 50 guitars, each played and signed by Jimmy Page, contributing to its high collectible value.

Gibson’s recreation process involved advanced 3D scanning technology to capture the precise details of Page’s guitar.

Efforts were also made to ensure the replica matched the original in terms of controls, color, and wear.

What else do you get for $50,000? A Certificate of Authenticity Book with photos, a wooden Pick Display with a Herco Flex pick played by Page, and a premium leather strap.

This guitar and its accessories are targeted exclusively at collectors and fans willing to invest in a significant piece of music history. Basically, monied Tech Overlords, celebrities, actors, and oligarchs.

Is It Worth It?

jimmy page 1971 Gibson EDS-1275 double neck guitar

Errr, no. I love guitars as much as the next guy. Probably quite a bit more, seeing as I write and talk about them for a living. But $50,000 for a guitar – collector’s edition or no – is still utterly bonkers.

It’s so eye-wateringly expensive it makes Adam Jones’ signature Gibson model look like a Harley Benton.

You could literally buy a brand new Tesla for that money. A Tesla. One of the fastest, smartest road cars in the world. Now, I know this isn’t a mass market product by any stretch of the imagination. But I do always wonder: who in the heck buys these things!?

Johnny Depp, a well known actor and guitar player, has spent millions of dollars on guitars over the years, so he’d be a likely candidate for something like this guess. Other than that, I literally have no idea. Collectors collect, I get that. But surely most could not stretch to $50,000 for one?

Plus, where’s the appreciation? Could it be worth $100,000 in a few years because Jimmy Page has signed it and, apparently, touched it? Maybe. But I’m pretty dubious. I think something closer to $15K to $30K would have been a fairer price for what this guitar is…


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