The 5 Best Electric Guitar Tuners: The #1 Picks For Beginners & Pros

Guitar Tuners have come a long way, especially in the past few years. There are so many different kinds, and they are all here to make your life easier! Here are our best electric guitar tuners.

The Best Electric Guitar Tuners: In Tune With The Pros

Tuning your guitar is something you need to do pretty much every time you pick up your guitar. Years ago, tuners were mostly larger rack units, or floor models. But now they come in all shapes and sizes.

Recently, I was pretty surprised at what you could get for very little money, when it comes to electric tuners. I have tried out tons of them, and i am blown away by the quality you get for budget-friendly prices.

Today we will check out the 5 best tuners for guitarists on a budget. Clip-on style tuners are the most popular these days, so we will check those out first!

#5 Fender Bullet Tuner

These little clip on tuners by Fender are really awesome! They are designed to be easy to see on a dark stage, with the digital screen being a bright white color to contrast a dark setting.

This is also one of the smallest clip on style tuners, so it will fit on just about any headstock perfectly. If you need an accurate tuner, that is small and easy to take to gigs, Fender Has you Covered with the Bullet.


#4 Thomann CTG-10 Tuner

This is by far the best value, bang for your buck tuner on the list! These clip on style tuners can be ordered from Thomann for under $10. These have a bright colored screen that is easy to see.

These are a little bit bulkier than some of the other tuners on the list. The size doesn’t have any effect on the performance. It is just going to come down to personal preference, and how large your headstock is.

At this price, I would buy a few of them, that way you always have a tuner around!


#3 D’addario PW Micro Tuner

D’Addario knows all about guitar accessories, From making strings, to guitar polish, and everything in between. It is no suprise that the “Planet Waves” line of products decided to try its hand at the clip on tuner market.

This is probably the smallest of all the clip on tuners featured on this list. The screen is a high contrast white color, that makes the display easy to read, even in the dark, at a distance.

Sometimes good things come in really small packages! I am a big fan of these clip on tuners. Some people prefer the old school style of tuners though, and even on a budget, these are easy to find these days too!


#2 Korg CA-50 Guitar Tuner

The Korg CA series of tuners have been around for decades. They are still used in studio situations all the time, and can be used for any instrument, including electric guitar.

The thing about these “desktop” tuners, is that they can be calibrated to fine tune your tunings. If you use alternate tunings at all, the Korg has easy calibrations for making those adjustments.

These are used in the studio because they can just be a part of the signal chain, since they have an input and output. You can also mute the signal, when you are tuning your guitar.

These little guys used to be pretty expensive from Korg, but these days they can be found for less than $20!


#1 Harley Benton Powerplant Tuner

I couldn’t finish this list without throwing in at least one tuner that is meant for your pedalboard. Mostly, because this is what I prefer to use.

There is nothing wrong with a clip on tuner, but I feel like I just always lose them! I probably have about six clip on tuners laying around the studio…I know where only one of them is right now.

So if you are looking for a more permanent situation for your guitar tuner, then the Harley Benton is not only budget-friendly, but very accurate. This is a pedal version of their popular tuners.

The display is very large and is easy to read. It does not feature high contrast LED technology or anything, but it gets the job done. The fact that it sells for under $60, makes it easy to add to your pedalboard.


Choosing The Best Electric Guitar Tuner: Which One Is For You?

Out of the five tuners I listed, there is one for everyone, and just about any situation. If you are a beginner, I suggest the clip on tuners. These are easy to use, and work great. The price is also perfect for anyone that is just starting out.

But if you are an intermediate player, then maybe the Harley Benton or the Korg is more your speed. These are designed for studio use, and to be used at gigs.

No matter what level player you are, there is something out there for everyone!

Absolute Beginner? No problem.

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