5 Bands Like Electric Wizard That’ll Cave Your Head In

electric wizard
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If you’re looking for bands like Electric Wizard, we got your back – here’s five outstanding doom and sludge metal bands that’ll cave your head in…

So, you’re craving that heavy, doom-laden sound reminiscent of Electric Wizard and looking for bands that can cast the same spell? I totally get it. There’s something about those thick, fuzzy guitar riffs and foreboding atmospheres that just hits right.

If you’ve been blasting “Dopethrone” on repeat and need more of that sonic heaviness in your life, I’m here to share some killer bands that swim in the same murky waters. Let’s dive in…

Bands Like Electric Wizard

1. Sleep

  • Sound: Deeply rooted in the stoner metal subgenre, Sleep is synonymous with colossal riffs and sprawling compositions, epitomized by their magnum opus “Dopesmoker.”
  • Connection to Electric Wizard: Both bands share a love for the weighty, trance-inducing power of doom, though Sleep infuses their music with a more distinct stoner influence.
  • Key Album: “Dopesmoker” – An hour-long journey through slow-burning landscapes that define endurance listening.
  • Standout Track: “Dragonaut” – A perfect introduction to Sleep’s world, offering a more accessible entry point than their longer epics.

2. Candlemass

  • Style: Candlemass brings an epic quality to doom metal, characterized by grandiose compositions and operatic vocals that set them apart in the genre.
  • Why They Match: Fans of Electric Wizard’s monumental soundscapes will appreciate Candlemass’s ability to pair crushing heaviness with melodic grandeur.
  • Essential Album: “Nightfall” – A cornerstone of doom metal, showcasing the band’s knack for combining thunderous riffs with compelling vocal narratives.
  • Highlight: “Bewitched” – Offers a glimpse into the band’s mastery of marrying doom’s weight with catchy, memorable melodies.

3. Windhand

  • Sound Description: Windhand distinguishes themselves with a blend of sludgy doom and ethereal, melodic elements, creating an immersive, velvety heavy atmosphere.
  • Synergy with Electric Wizard: Both bands excel in crafting dense, atmospheric soundscapes, though Windhand leans more into the ethereal and melodic side of doom.
  • Must-Listen Album: “Soma” – A showcase of Windhand’s ability to balance sheer heaviness with hauntingly beautiful melodies.
  • Key Track: “Orchard” – Captures the quintessence of Windhand’s sound, combining crushing riffs with mesmerizing vocals.

4. Yob

  • Sound Description: Yob offers a unique take on doom with their blend of crushing riffs and contemplative, almost meditative compositions that touch on themes of spirituality and existentialism.
  • Common Ground: Like Electric Wizard, Yob knows how to create enveloping soundscapes, but they infuse theirs with a sense of upliftment amidst the heaviness.
  • Recommended Album: “Clearing The Path To Ascend” – A critically acclaimed work that epitomizes Yob’s approach to creating emotionally resonant doom metal.
  • Standout Song: “Marrow” – A testament to Yob’s dynamic range, showcasing their ability to weave introspection and intensity into a cohesive whole.

5. Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats

  • Unique Traits: Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats stand out with their catchy hooks and a lo-fi, retro sound that draws heavily from the early days of heavy metal and psychedelic rock.
  • Electric Wizard Connection: Fans will appreciate the band’s ability to channel a vintage vibe reminiscent of early Black Sabbath, wrapped in a modern take on doom and stoner metal.
  • Album Highlight: “Blood Lust” – A concept album that combines horror-inspired lyrics with infectious melodies, encapsulating the band’s signature style.
  • Signature Track: “I’ll Cut You Down” – A perfect blend of catchy riffs, eerie atmospheres, and storytelling that defines Uncle Acid’s approach to doom.

Who is Electric Wizard?

5 Bands Like Electric Wizard That'll Cave Your Head In

Electric Wizard is a name that resonates with heavy riff lovers and doom metal connoisseurs alike. They emerged from the depths of Dorset, England in 1993 and have been delivering some of the heaviest tunes known to man ever since.

Fronted by Jus Oborn, Electric Wizard has been a staple of the doom / sludge music scene for decades. You basically cannot talk about doom metal without talking about The Wizard.

Their sound can be described as a thick sludge of stoner rock fused with the ominous vibes of traditional doom metal.

Electric Wizard draws inspiration from horror movies, witchcraft, and the darker sides of psychedelia. With albums like “Dopethrone,” widely hailed as one of the greatest stoner doom records ever made, they’ve cemented their place in the annals of heavy music history.

The band’s lineup has seen numerous changes over the years but what remains constant is their commitment to pushing boundaries. Their music feels like an unstoppable force – slow-moving yet immense, something akin to a wall of molten lava steadily consuming everything in its path.

Fans are drawn not only to their music but also to their aesthetic which pays homage to 60s and 70s horror films through album art and merchandise designs. This creates an immersive experience for listeners who are transported into Electric Wizard’s meticulously crafted world with every note played.

Closing Thoughts…

5 Bands Like Electric Wizard That'll Cave Your Head In

So we’ve journeyed through the heavy, sludgy world of bands like Electric Wizard and I gotta say, it’s been quite the ride.

Here’s what to remember about diving into this genre:

  • It’s all about atmosphere. The bands we discussed masterfully create that haunting vibe that sticks with you.
  • Heaviness isn’t just in the sound—it’s in the soul of the music. Each band brings their own flavor to doom metal.
  • Exploring similar bands often leads to discovering a whole web of music you might never have found otherwise.

My personal takeaway? There’s so much more out there than just one band or one sound. When you start looking for bands like Electric Wizard, you’re opening a door to an entire realm of weed-soaked riffage and immensely heavy grooves.

For those who are new to doom metal or if Electric Wizard has been your only jam up until now—don’t be afraid to branch out. Bands like Sleep, Windhand, and Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats are just waiting to blow your mind with their own unique take on doom.

Also check out EYEHATEGOD and similar artists.

Remember though that this is not an exhaustive list by any means—there are countless underground acts churning out quality music as we speak. So keep digging!

But hey don’t just take my word for it—crank up the volume on these recommendations and let the music do the talking. And when someone asks where they can find some killer tunes reminiscent of Electric Wizard? You’ll know exactly what names to drop.

Until then friends—stay heavy 🤘


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