13 Bands Like EYEHATEGOD You Need in Your Life

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Here’s 13 bands like EYEHATEGOD that all aspiring sludge and doom chin-strokers will love, from new acts to icons like SLEEP and Buzzov•en

EYEHATEGOD need no introduction. The band has been caving heads in with its slow, sludge-soaked riffs and howling vocals since the late eighties – they formed in 1988. Pioneers, they are and they’re also one of the best live bands I’ve ever seen. 

With a slew of solid albums spanning almost as long as I’ve been alive and some of the gnarliest riffs you’ll ever hear, EYEHATEGOD are something of an institution. But where does one go when one has exhausted all of this delicious, Nola-soaked scumbag blues?  

Whether you’re a seasoned sludge aficionado or new to the scene, there’s a whole swamp of bands waiting to pull you under. Let’s wade into the mire and discover the heavy hitters who share Eyehategod’s throne in the kingdom of sludge metal.

Exploring Similar Bands To EYEHATEGOD

13 Bands Like EYEHATEGOD You Need in Your Life

Bands in the Sludge Metal Genre


Sludge metal enthusiasts who revel in Eyehategod’s signature sound will find solace in the gritty distortion of Crowbar.

With riffs that lumber like behemoths, they cement themselves as mainstays in the genre. Crowbar’s music offers a blend of weight and melody, creating a soundscape that’s as haunting as it is heavy.

  • Best Album: “Odd Fellows Rest” (1998)
  • Best Introductory Song: “Planets Collide”

High on Fire

Moving further into the realm of sludge, High on Fire emerges with a pace that is often quicker, yet retains the genre’s characteristic heft.

Their sound thrives on relentless energy and Matt Pike’s raspy bellows, which encapsulate the spirit of sludge while infusing a dose of thrash metal’s aggression.

  • Best Album: “Blessed Black Wings” (2005)
  • Best Introductory Song: “Devilution”


Among the ranks of sludge titans stands Neurosis. This band has pushed the boundaries of the genre, incorporating elements of ambient and experimental music into their sludge foundation.

Hefty and atmospheric, they deliver a sonic experience that is both expansive and introspective, allowing listeners to dive deep into their complex auditory world.

  • Best Album: “Times of Grace” (1999)
  • Best Introductory Song: “Locust Star”


In exploring the diverse landscape of sludge metal, one cannot ignore the impact of Melvins. Their slow, sludgy style set the groundwork for what the genre would become.

Melvins’ quirky and avant-garde approach adds a unique layer to the sludge tapestry, proving that there is room for innovation within the murky depths of the genre.

  • Best Album: “Houdini” (1993)
  • Best Introductory Song: “Honey Bucket”


Emerging in 1989, Buzzov•en has become notorious for their intense sludge punk sound and their equally wild live performances. Their music, steeped in themes of misanthropy and substance abuse, has been a mainstay in the sludge metal scene.

Despite various lineup changes, Buzzov•en continues to leave a lasting impression with a raw, unfiltered musical approach.

  • Best Album: “Sore” (1994)
  • Best Introductory Song: “To a Frown”

Acid Bath

Acid Bath was a seminal force in the American metal scene from 1991 until their disbandment in 1997. The band gained acclaim with their debut album, “When the Kite String Pops” (1994), followed by “Paegan Terrorism Tactics” (1996).

Their music, characterized by its dark themes and heavy sound, has left an indelible mark on the genre, despite their relatively short existence.

  • Best Album: “When the Kite String Pops” (1994)
  • Best Introductory Song: “The Blue”


Since forming in 1998, Weedeater has carved out a niche in the stoner metal genre. Originally envisioned as a side project by Dave “Dixie” Collins, the band has since become known for their heavy, doom-laden sound.

Their latest album, “Goliathan” (2015), showcases their relentless pursuit of heavy, sludgy riffs, further cementing their status in the metal community.

  • Best Album: “God Luck and Good Speed” (2007)
  • Best Introductory Song: “God Luck and Good Speed”


Grief, hailing from the early 90s, was co-founded by Terry Savastano and drummer Randy Odierno from the crust band Disrupt. The band is renowned for incorporating incredibly slow, heavy riffs, deeply influenced by the likes of Black Sabbath and Eyehategod.

Their approach to sludge doom metal has been influential, contributing significantly to the genre’s underground popularity.

  • Best Album: “Come to Grief” (1994)
  • Best Introductory Song: “Come to Grief”

Bands in the Doom Metal Genre

Bands similar to EYEHATEGOD

Electric Wizard

Electric Wizard takes the doom metal aesthetic to heart with their bone-crushing riffs and sorcery-themed lyrics. They’re known for their monolithic soundscapes and have been a defining force in the stoner doom segment since the mid-90s. Their seminal album “Dopethrone” stands as a behemoth in the genre.

  • Best Album: Dopethrone
  • Notable Tracks: Funeralopolis


Embracing the heaviness of Black Sabbath, Sleep stands as a pillar within the doom metal community for their hypnotic rhythms and meditative lyrics. They’ve carved out their niche with the legendary album “Dopesmoker”, a single-track opus revered for its one-hour journey through slow-burning riffs.

  • Best Album: Sleep’s Holy Mountain
  • Notable Tracks: Dragonaut

Church of Misery

Hailing from Japan, Church of Misery infuses true crime tales into their doom metal mix, setting them apart with a distinct and eerie narrative. Their music is laden with groove-infused doom that pays homage to the genre’s roots while exploring the macabre stories of serial killers.

  • Best Album: Master of Brutality
  • Notable Tracks: B.T.K.

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