5 Best Christmas Presents For Guitar Players: Holiday Shred Cheat Sheet!

5 Best Christmas Presents For Guitar Players: Holiday Shred Cheat Sheet!
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Getting Christmas presents for guitar players can be a hard task if you don’t play yourself. If you are looking for the best gifts for the guitarist in your life, then look no further, we have you covered!

Christmas presents For Guitar Players: It’s Complicated…

If you were to ask any guitarist what he wants for Christmas, they would probably tell you “another guitar”. While this would most certainly be an admirable achievement, guitars are expensive. If you don’t play guitar yourself, going to a guitar store in itself can be an intimidating experience. There are a million products and accessories out there for guitarists, and every guitarist is different when it comes down to what they prefer to use.

The same can be said if you are browsing the internet for gifts that the guitarist in your life might like. There are a lot of gag gifts, and mementos that you can get. But most of us guitar slingers are practical, and getting us a pick shaped necklace from Amazon is nice… but we prefer something we can actually use. Something that we can add to our ever-increasing pile of “guitar stuff” that we hoard like Dragons with gold.

While it may not seem like it sometimes, we guitarists are actually very practical people. Buying Christmas presents for guitar players is not as hard as it first seems.

There are a few things that we all have in common, as guitarists. There are products that we need, and use all the time. Today we are going to check out 5 great Christmas presents for guitar players that will be a surefire hit! These are all products that we need, and often put off buying for ourselves! So let’s dive in and check out the top 5 that are sure to be a perfect stocking stuffer, that fits every price point and budget!

#5 Music Nomad Guitar Work Mat

christmas presents for guitar players

The Music Nomad Guitar Mat is the best Christmas presents for guitar players! Look, we all have to change strings at some point, and it is super nice to have a dedicated space to work on our guitars. When it comes to working on your guitar, different wood types and finishes scratch easier than others. No to mention, it’s easy for a guitar to slip and fall off of our laps or a table.

The Music Nomad gear is tailored for guitarists and is some of the highest quality stuff out there. This mat is made with rubber grips on the bottom to assure the guitar doesn’t slide all over the place. The top of the mat is a special material that will not leave any marks on paint or finishes. So no matter what brand your guitarist plays, this mat will be perfect. When it comes to Christmas presents for guitar players, this is something we can all use, for sure!

The mat can be rolled back up, and stored in the included tube when not in use, for people that have limited space. The material repels lint and dust, and it’s even antimicrobial! So our dirty, sweaty guitars won’t leave a mark on the Music Nomad mat!

#4 Fender Custom Shop Cleaning Kit

Christmas presents for guitar players

The Fender Custom Shop Cleaning Kit is exactly the same components that are used by the pro luthiers at the Fender factory in California! These are used on some of the most expensive instruments that Fender makes, and these products are trusted by guitarists all over the world. It may be an inexpensive piece of kit, but this is one of the best Christmas presents for guitar players you can buy.

This is a 4 step process, to get even your most neglected and dirtiest guitars back in pristine order. The cleaner leaves a residue-free shine to the finish, while the polish is like a high end car wax. This gives the finish it’s natural luster back, but it also protects the guitar from sweat build up and dirt.

The fretboard cleaner is for every type of fretboard with the exception of maple. This compound not only lifts off the dirt and grime, it also conditions the fretboard for future use. This is something we all have to do as guitar players, and the fender Custom Shop pack is one of the best ways to have an all in one solution to cleaning up your axe. Having a real piece of the Fender Custom Shop product line, makes this a great addition to Christmas presents for guitar players.

#3 Music Nomad STRING FUEL

christmas presents for guitar players

Music Nomad String Fuel is amazing stuff, and I have personally used it for about 5 years now. There are tons of products out there that are very similar to String Fuel, but they just aren’t as good. This is one of the best Christmas presents for guitar players because we all use this, and we can always use extras!

Music Nomad makes the list for the second time, because the product they make are top of the line. The String Fuel works as both a cleaner, and an lubricant for your strings. This means your strings last longer, and resist corrosion. At the same time, it also keeps the strings nice and slick without feeling greasy to your fingers. It comes with a microfiber cloth to wipe away excess and keep your strings clean.

You can also use String Fuel to clean your fretboard in between string changes. I use it every time I change my strings, and it keeps the fretboard looking great. The best part is most other products that are like String Fuel, leave a greasy sort of residue and smell really off-putting. This stuff smells great and works like a charm! The best $10 I have ever spent! When it comes to Christmas presents for guitar players, this a cheap option that we will love!

#2 Snark Clip On Tuner

5 Best Christmas Presents For Guitar Players: Holiday Shred Cheat Sheet!

The Snark Clip On Tuner changed the game when it was first released. These little tuners are compact, and budget friendly for any level of player. They clip on to the guitar, and allow you to tune your guitar silently. This is not only one of the best Christmas presents for guitar players, it is also one that will get used every day! The best Christmas presents for guitar players are the ones we will use.

These come in all kinds of different colors, and I must have 5 or 6 of them all around my house and studio. I personally use them in the studio the whole time I am recording, and most professionals use them as well. This is truly a gift that will keep on giving for your guitar playing person in your life. Even if the person you’re giving it to has one, they will be more than happy to have a backup! Hell, but two or three for your guitar player! These are cheap!

This is almost the perfect gift for the guitarist in your life. But I saved the best for last!

#1 D’Addario Planet Waves Guitar Care and Cleaning Kit

christmas presents for guitar players

That’s right, I saved the best for last. This is the ultimate present you can possibly get for your guitarist. It has everything you need for string changes, and general maintenance. The best part, is that it is all together in this convenient zip-up pouch. Nothing will get lost, and this sure beats the drawer of tools that I have at my house (I wouldn’t mind having one of these! I use a lot of these products myself!).

This may be the most expensive item on our list, but it is over $100 worth of gear, if you were to buy everything separately. This is also a gift that any guitarist would love to have, no matter what playing level they are at. We all love to keep our guitars in the best shape possible, and this is an all in one solution. The kit is even small enough to take to gigs, in case you need to fix your guitar on the go.

Every single product this kit comes with… is useful, and D’Addario did not leave anything out. After taking a look at this kit in person, and watching professional guitar techs use these tools, I might just treat myself to one of these! It really has everything! When it comes to Christmas presents for guitar players, this has it all!

The Best Christmas presents For Guitar Players…Wrapping Up (No Pun Intended)

We guitar players are a finicky bunch. The things we like all come down to personal preference, so when it comes to buying gifts for guitar players, it can be tough. We all like different guitars, different strings, and the myriad of other things that come with being a guitarist. But when it comes to taking care of our instruments, we are all the same.

At the beginning of the article I said that some of these things on the list are items that we often will not buy for ourselves, especially when we are strapped for cash. So getting them as a gift can be a real blessing. We want these products, but sometimes we need strings more than nice guitar polish. It all depends on the player.

But one thing is for sure, everything on this list is something any guitar player would be happy to own! So pick something in your budget, and give a great gift to your favorite guitar player this Christmas.


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