PRS SE CE 24 Standard Satin Sets “ALL-TIME” Low For SE Pricing

PRS SE CE 24 Standard Satin

PRS is killing it right now. The SE range is brilliant but things just got even better with the launch of the PRS SE CE 24 Standard Satin

When it comes to value for money, you’d be hard pressed to find a better value guitar than something from the PRS’ SE range of guitars. Like the Fender Player series, these models are stripped-down, non-custom-shop versions of their more expensive stablemates. 

But when it comes to things that actually matter like how they play, how they look, and the overall quality control, it’s easy to see why dudes like John Mayer constantly play SE models live – they’re just too bloody good! 

Well, hold onto your butts: things just got even better. PRS has just announced a brand new guitar in its SE range – the PRS SE CE 24 Standard Satin.

And this beaut is the cheapest yet with prices starting at $499.99 (way less than what you’d normally pay for an SE model, around $799). 

PRS SE CE 24 Standard Satin: What You Need To Know

  • PRS COO Jack Higginbotham emphasized that the guitar is a great beginner option but also fully equipped for more experienced players, highlighting its durability, playability, and the new satin finish that enhances the guitar’s resonance.
  • The SE CE 24 Standard Satin features an all-mahogany body, bolt-on maple neck, genuine rosewood fretboard, PRS 85/15 S pickups, push/pull tone control for tonal flexibility, a 25” scale length, classic PRS shallow violin body curve, six-saddle tremolo bridge, and a 10” fingerboard radius.
  • Available in three colors: Charcoal, Turquoise, and Vintage Cherry, the guitar is designed to appeal to a broad range of players, from first-timers to professionals seeking a budget-friendly yet high-quality instrument.
  • PRS’s introduction of the SE CE 24 Standard Satin at a time when guitar prices are generally rising and the cost of living is increasing sends a positive message about the brand’s commitment to affordability.


As y’all know, we’re big fans of PRS here at ELECTRIKJAM. The company’s SE series guitars are brilliant across the board, delivering excellent playability, reliability, and spades of tone out the box. 

The new pricing for the PRS SE CE 24 Standard Satin is a huge step forwards for the brand too. It’ll bring in loads of new players, beginners and early-intermediate types, that are looking to get their hands on something a little more professional. 

Given the spec and hardware in this thing, it runs PRS 85/15 S pickups, has push/pull tone control, and a 25” scale length, it is definitely NOT a beginner’s guitar. The accessibility of the pricing and the overall QC we know it’ll have makes this one hell of a proposition. 

We’ll be testing this out as soon as we can but you can rest assured that it’ll be solid AF from top to bottom. We’ve tested nearly all of PRS’ SE line guitars and the common denominator with all them? They all play and sound brilliantly, almost as good as their $2000+ bigger brothers. 

If you’re in the market for one of these SE guitars, the PRS SE CE 24 Standard could be a good place to start your journey. Or, if you’ve got slightly deeper pockets, John Mayer’s signature PRS SE Silversky

Absolute Beginner? No problem.

Learn how to 10x your guitar playing, use all the latest gear, and record like a professional – all from the comfort of your bedroom!

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