New Solar Guitars: Check Out These Bolt-On Beauties!

New Solar Guitars
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Solar is an often overlooked brand in the world of guitar. Often Written off as “jokey” since they are Ola Englund’s signature brand, Solar have really come into their own over the past two years. Today we check out the new Solar Guitars!

New Solar Guitars: Check Out These Bolt-On Beauties!
Chugging Noises Intensify

Being a YouTube Celebrity is a a thing we are going to have to get used to these days. While it is easy to shrug off a lot of these artists, some of them actually have a ton of credibility. Ola Englund is one such YouTuber.

Ola The Swede has been part of some pretty legendary bands over the years. Whether he is filling in for Six Feet Under, The Haunted, Sorcerer, or playing in his own project Feared… Ola has proven to be a force to be reckoned with. It is only natural that he would have a signature guitar, or 20 of them.

Ola may have started with Washburn in 2010 with his Solar models, but as that deal eventually went south he went about creating his own guitar company inspired by his Washburn models.

Now years later, Solar has become it’s own entity. The company has a huge roster of Signature Artists from bands all over the world. Solar are designed for Metal, by a Metal artist. The past two years have seen a huge leap in innovation from Ola and company. These new Solar Guitars are no exception!

New Solar Guitars: Bolt-On Specs and Features

New Solar Guitars: Check Out These Bolt-On Beauties!

The New Solar Bolt On Series is a grand take on the originals, released just over a year ago. I somehow completely missed these gorgeous instruments when talking about the best guitars for metal. Looking back, I almost feel embarrassed.

While there are several models with different features, all of the new Solar Guitars have a common DNA when it comes to specs:

  • Roasted Maple Necks/Fretboards
  • Alder Body
  • Bolt On Neck
  • 12th Fret Solar Logo
  • Stainless Steel Frets
  • Super Jumbo Frets
  • Graphite Nut
  • Seymour Duncan Solar Single Coil and Humbucker
  • Luminlay Glowing Side Dots
  • 25.5 Scale
  • Locking Tuners
  • Choice of Floyd Rose 1000, Evertune, or Fixed Bridge
  • Several Color Options

It’s pretty clear that Solar wanted these to be full-featured models with pro specs. This is a pretty rare case, seeing so many premium features on a guitar model that sits right around the $1000 price point. But this past year has been pretty competitive, with Schecter and Epiphone absolutely slaying the competition.

One of the most premium features is definitely the stainless frets. My main seven string has stainless steel frets, and they really make a difference. You never need to polish them, and you will probably never need to replace them in your lifetime.

The Floyd Rose 1000 bridege is a great feature as well. This is as close as a “Real Floyd” as you can get in a budget model. The 1000 series has an upgraded trem block, and stainless steel parts.

New Solar Guitars: Check Out These Bolt-On Beauties!
Solar With Floyd Rose

For gigging guitarists, Luminlay side dots can save you on a dark stage. There is nothing worse than trying to navigate the fretboard in a dark setting, where the lighting is either non-existent or the lighting guy just plain hates you. They charge like glow-in-the-dark stickers, and the charge lasts for hours.

Roasted Maple necks have been a big trend this year also. For mainstream guitar companies like Fender, roasted maple is usually only found on much more expensive models. I think it is nice aesthetic touch, and stands out as being different and unique. This process also makes the neck more stable. Does it affect the sound? I will leave that up to you.

Then there is the Evertune Bridge. This can be a point of contention for many guitarists. The promise of a bridge that will never go out of tune, regardless the conditions creates a love/hate situation for a lot of people. If you play in one tuning, and rarely switch, I think the Evertune can be a lifesaver. I have yet to try one, but it seems very appealing to me for studio work. I usually only play in standard tuning.

Solar always releases their models in different price tiers depending on features, and the new Solar Guitars are no different. These Bolt-on models come in 4 different variants. The naming system can be a little odd, so let’s see if we can break them down:

New Solar Guitars

AB1.7S: This is the seven string model. It comes in a matte silver finish, with the Evertune bridge.

AB1.6G: This model is a six string variat, with the Evertune Bridge. Comes in a gold matte finish.

AB1.6FRCAR: Another six string model. This model comes with a Floyd Rose 1000 bridge. The finish is Candy Apple Red.

AB1.7BOP Artist Model: This is a seven string variant, with the highest specs. This model comes with an Evertune Bridge, Volume only controls, and a “open pore” finish. This is the nicest of all the new Solar guitars. The artist editions are limited in quantity.

I love you Ola, and I think you have some seriously amazing guitars in your lineup, but these names get pretty confusing! I suppose it beats some of Ibanez’s names for their models, like the RG7421ACMBMP12.

Ola The Presenter-rer. Spit Not Included.

New Solar Guitars: Will It Chug?

New Solar Guitars

Of course it will chug. It will chug all day and night, whether you want it to or not. These new Solar guitars will chug in their sleep. They will probably chug while you are at work, and may even run away and chug all by themselves. Your new Solar may even move to Sweden and chug in a dark, dank, snowy forest, in corpse paint.

Some say they will chug without an amp.. can you learn this chug? Not from a Jedi. Only a Swede deals in absolutes.

Seriously though, these are versatile Metal guitars designed by a master of the craft. The features versus the price point brings each model to a real bargain. Especially when you factor in other brands. The new Solar guitars are an affordable option to more expensive custom shop options considering the features.

Solar may have started out small, and a little obscure but the past two years have shown that these beautiful axes are not only in a position to contend with the big boys, but possibly exceed them.

Head over to Solar Guitars, and check out the whole line!

When are The New Solar Bolt On Guitars being released?

You can pre-order these models now. They will start to ship November 30th 2020

Where are The new Solar Guitars made?

All Solar Models are made in Indonesia.

Do all of the New Solar Guitars have Evertune as an option?

Yes. Several Models feature the Evertune system.

Do the new Solar Guitars come with a case?

No. Case is sold separately.


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