Jim Root Signature Guitars: A Detailed Overview

jim root charvel guitar
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Here’s everything you need to know about Jim Root signature guitars, what makes them so special, and why – if you got the cash – they’re a solid investment…

Who is Jim Root?

Jim Root is not just any guitarist; he’s a living legend in the metal music scene. He’s best known for his work with Slipknot, a band that has redefined the genre.

Slipknot’s influence is global, and Root’s guitar work is a significant part of that success. What sets Jim Root apart? It’s his unique approach to guitar playing.

He blends aggressive riffs with melodic undertones. This creates a sound that’s both heavy and harmonious. It’s a style that’s instantly recognizable and has garnered him a massive following.

Jim Root’s reputation has led to partnerships with two of the most respected guitar manufacturers: Fender and Charvel. And, according to the man himself: Root is deeply involved in the design process, ensuring that each model reflects his style and needs.

Why Jim Root’s Guitars Are Special

best fender guitar for metal

These guitars are not your average instruments. They’re designed for professionals. Specifically, for touring live players and studio musicians.

What makes them stand out?

Custom features like active EMG pickups and Floyd Rose tremolo systems. These features offer tonal flexibility and playability. And they also ensure a devastatingly heavy sound with the right amp and pedals.

So, yeah: if you thought Fender guitars couldn’t be used for metal, you’d be dead wrong. Root has played custom Fender models since day one with Slipknot.

Jim Root Fender Models: 2021 vs 2022

The Fender models for 2021 and 2022 are pretty consistent. They include:

  • Fender Jim Root Jazzmaster Black: A sleek, all-black design.
  • Fender Jim Root Jazzmaster V4 Flat White: A flat white finish for a modern look.
  • Fender Jim Root Telecaster Flat White: Another flat white model, but in Telecaster form.
  • Fender Jim Root Stratocaster Black: A classic Strat in black.

The 2022 lineup mirrors the 2021 models. No new additions. But why change what’s already great?

Jim Root Charvel Signature Model: A New Addition

jim root charvel guitar

Charvel has also jumped into the mix. They’ve presented Jim Root with a high-performance Pro-Mod San Dimas model. This model is a beast. It features:

  • 25.5” Scale Length Mahogany Body: Provides a rich, warm tone.
  • Bolt-On Maple Neck: Adds brightness to the sound.
  • Active EMG Jim Root Signature Daemonum Open-Coil Humbucking Pickups: Custom pickups for a unique sound.
  • Floyd Rose 1500 Series Double-Locking Tremolo Bridge System: For those dive bombs and vibratos.

It’s available in Satin Black and Satin White. Both come with black hardware.

Charvel Pro-Mod San Dimas

Jim Root Signature Guitars: A Detailed Overview
Charvel Jim Root Signature Pro-Mod San Dimas Style

Unique features like a heel-mount truss rod and Luminlay side dots make on-the-fly adjustments a breeze. EMG Jim Root Daemonum humbuckers deliver a crushing sound that stands out in any mix. Plus, its Floyd Rose tremolo and locking tuners ensure you stay in tune, even after the wildest performances

  • EMG Jim Root Daemonum humbuckers, outstanding build quality, Floyd Rose tremolo, locking tuners, and all the good-looks you’ll ever need
  • It’s expensive

The Jim Root Signature Pro-Mod by Charvel is a beast of an electric guitar. It’s designed to mirror the aggressive style of Slipknot guitarist Jim Root.

First off, the body. It’s a mahogany San Dimas 1 style, sleekly contoured for comfort. The scalloped lower back bout? That’s for easy upper-fret access.

The neck is bolt-on maple, reinforced with graphite. Translation? It’s stable and can handle extreme climate changes like a champ.

The fingerboard is a 12″-16″ compound radius maple. Rolled edges make for fast playing and smooth bends. Trust me, your fingers will thank you.

Touring musicians, listen up. The heel-mount truss rod adjustment wheel and Luminlay side dots are game changers. Adjust neck relief on the fly and never lose your place on the fretboard, even on the darkest stages.

Let’s talk pickups. EMG Jim Root Daemonum humbuckers offer the best of both worlds: the power of active pickups and the sensitivity of passive ones. The result? A wall of sound that cuts through any mix.

Controls are streamlined. A three-way blade pickup switch and a skirted Strat-style volume knob keep it simple yet effective.

Tuning stability? The Floyd Rose 1500 series double-locking tremolo and Charvel locking tuners have you covered. Dive bombs won’t knock this guitar out of tune.

Jim’s Got History With Charvel

Charvel Jim Root Signature Pro-Mod San Dimas Style

Jim Root’s affinity for Charvel guitars is a long-standing relationship that began during his formative years as a musician.

As a teenager, he was deeply inspired by a red Charvel Model 1, a guitar that left an indelible impression on him.

This early influence wasn’t just a fleeting phase; it shaped his approach to guitar playing and became a part of his musical identity.

Fast forward to today, and that youthful admiration has come full circle with the release of his own Charvel signature model.

This isn’t merely a business partnership; it’s a deeply personal endeavor for Root. The guitar is a nod to his past, capturing the nostalgia he feels for that red Charvel Model 1 that first ignited his passion for music.

“The sounds were incredible. Being that age and not having a lot of money, I never thought I could afford one of these guitars. But it was also a goal to reach.”

“It’s cool going back to these guitars after really not owning one since my teens,” Root said. “It’s making me remember things that I haven’t done since then. It’s definitely inspiring in a nostalgic kind of way.”

Jim Root – Charvel

But this signature model isn’t just about looking back; it’s also about pushing forward. Jim Root has always been a musician who values both playability and tonal flexibility in his instruments.

It incorporates custom features like a Floyd Rose 1500 Series double-locking tremolo bridge system and active EMG Jim Root Signature Daemonum Open-Coil humbucking pickups.

These aren’t just random add-ons; they’re specific elements that Root himself prefers for achieving the sound and playability he desires.

In essence, the Charvel signature model is a harmonious blend of past and present. It reflects Jim Root’s nostalgic connection to a brand that inspired him while also showcasing the evolved preferences and requirements he has as a professional musician today.

Who Are These Guitars For?

Jim Root Signature Guitars: A Detailed Overview

These guitars are for serious musicians. Whether you’re a touring artist or a studio player, these models offer something for everyone. They’re built to meet the demands of professionals.

Or, if you’re a cash-rich novice player or you got yourself some rich parents, sure… get any of these signature models added to your Christmas list.

Final Thoughts

Jim Root’s signature guitars are a blend of style, playability, and tonal excellence. They’re designed with the professional musician in mind.

With options from both Fender and Charvel, you’ve got choices that suit different preferences but meet the same high standards.

So, if you’re looking to invest in a guitar that offers both quality and the Jim Root seal of approval, these models are worth considering.

Jim Root’s Guitars FAQ

What guitar does Jim Root use?

Jim Root primarily uses his own signature models created in collaboration with Fender and Charvel. His Fender lineup includes the Jim Root Jazzmaster in Black and Flat White, the Jim Root Telecaster in Flat White, and the Jim Root Stratocaster in Black. He also has a Charvel Pro-Mod San Dimas signature model. These guitars are designed to meet his specific needs for playability and tonal flexibility.

Is the Jim Root Jazzmaster worth it?

Absolutely, if you’re a serious musician looking for a high-quality instrument. The Jim Root Jazzmaster is not just a standard Jazzmaster with Root’s name slapped on it. It’s a carefully designed guitar that incorporates features like active EMG pickups for a unique sound. It’s built for both studio recording and live performances, making it a versatile choice. The price point reflects its professional-grade quality and custom features.

Has Jim Root left Fender?

Jim Root continues to have a strong partnership with the brand, as evidenced by his multiple signature models. Charvel is owned by Fender, so, no Jim Root has NOT left Fender (unlike John Mayer).

Where are Jim Root guitars made?

Jim Root’s signature Fender guitars are generally made in Fender’s U.S. factories, adhering to high-quality standards. The Charvel Pro-Mod San Dimas signature model also follows stringent quality controls but is typically manufactured in Charvel’s specialized facilities. Both brands are known for their craftsmanship, ensuring that you’re getting a well-made instrument.


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