The Epiphone Dave Grohl DG-335 is OFFICIAL

Epiphone Dave Grohl DG-335
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The The Epiphone Dave Grohl DG-335 – AKA the worst kept secret of 2024 – is finally official, and boy was it worth the wait…

After years of talking-up the possibility of an affordable, Inspired By Gibson-version of Dave Grohl’s now-trademark Trini Lopez hollow body, the wait is finally over: the Epiphone Dave Grohl DG-335 has launched.

I could talk for an hour about this guitar, the model it is based on, and why this is such a huge deal. But I’ll let the specs do the talking (plus, we also covered it on the podcast too).

Like Epiphone’s recent 1979 Adam Jones Les Paul Custom release, the Dave Grohl DG-335 is a pure labor of love with zero concessions and/or caveats with respect to its woods, electronics, pickups, and overall design.

Epiphone Dave Grohl DG-335 Overview

The Epiphone Dave Grohl DG-335 is OFFICIAL

If you’re not familiar with what’s going on here, with this specific model. Allow me to enlighten you. The Dave Grohl DG-335 merges elements of two iconic Gibson guitars: the ES-335 and the Trini Lopez, the latter is what Dave has played for years now.

The DG-335 features a chambered mahogany body with eye-catching, bound diamond-shaped soundholes, a nod to the ES-335. It also boasts a distinctive Trini Lopez-style headstock and a laurel fingerboard adorned with split-diamond inlays, adding a touch of elegance and enhancing playability.

Tonally diverse, the guitar is equipped with Burstbucker 2 and 3 pickups, capable of delivering a spectrum of sounds, from warm and smooth to aggressive and cutting.

The Epiphone Dave Grohl DG-335 is OFFICIAL

This versatility makes it suitable for a wide range of musical styles, allowing players to explore various genres, from hard rock to metal and stuff like jazz and folk music.

The guitar’s semi-hollow construction not only amplifies its acoustic properties but also contributes to a comfortable playing experience for both standing and seated musicians.

Additionally, the DG-335 includes a LockTone Tune-O-Matic bridge, Grover Mini Rotomatic tuners, and a combination of Mallory capacitors and CTS potentiometers, all working together to ensure optimal sound quality.

The Epiphone Dave Grohl DG-335 is OFFICIAL

Basically, it’s about as close to Dave’s $18K Trini Lopez model as mere mortals like you and I are ever going to get. And the best part? The price. Prior to launch, I was worried Epiphone would price it all wrong, too high. But they’ve done the opposite, hitting something of a sweet spot.

Release Date & Pricing

The new Epiphone Dave Grohl DG-335 comes in at around the $1299 – $1499 mark, depending on where you’re looking.

Epiphone’s run of this model, at least initially, seems to be rather small. Guitar Center has one of the best prices I’ve seen so far, though – they’re stocking it for $1299.00

In the UK, our sources tell us that Epiphone literally sent 30 models over for the entire market, so if you’re in the UK and you managed to snag one, you’ve basically got yourself a unicorn on your hands right now. Guard it with your life.

And while $1399 – $1499 isn’t exactly cheap, especially for an Epiphone, you have to keep in mind that that is basically a Gibson in all but name. All of the components, the designs the guitar is made from, even the pickups – it’s all proper Gibson hardware.

And for that kind of money, and for the right type of player, an advanced intermediate / experienced, non-professional, this guitar is an absolute steal. It’s beautiful, the spec is outstanding, and it looks utterly gorgeous in that shimmery Pelham Blue.


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