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BIAS FX is one of our favorite guitar amp simulators for Mac and PC. BIAS FX 2 is the latest build of the software and below you’ll find the complete BIAS FX amp list…

When it comes to amp simulators, BIAS FX 2 is currently my #1 favorite software for my computer. It’s cheap enough for every type of player, it is simple to use, and it features a myriad of amps and effects.

I switched to running my guitar through my computer a couple of years back. I have all my guitar gear in my office, I don’t have anymore room for amps or pedals, so I decided to go minimal and use digital amps.

I use BIAS FX for recording and when I’m practicing; I just plug my headphones in – or use a pair of Bluetooth set – and I can play around with HUGE sounds from my iMac’s display. And the best part? BIAS FX 2 is really cheap to buy – around $50 for the basic package.

We also have a guide detailing ALL the differences between BIAS FX and BIAS FX 2, it’s worth a look if you’re currently using the first-gen software and are thinking about upgrading.

And when it comes to amps for BIAS FX, you have an OCEAN of options, as you can see below…

Low Gain Amps

NameInspired byStandardProfessionalElite
67 Blackface V2Fender Blackface Super Reverb***
69 Duo Verb V2Fender Twin Reverb***
77 Silver Tone V2Fender Vibro Champ Silverface***
59 Tweed Lux V2Fender Deluxe Reverb***
66 AC Boost V2Vox AC30***
76 Jazz ComboRoland JC120***
Gret 6156Gretsch 6156 Playboy***
94 MATCH DC V2Matchless DC30 **
PhD Z V2Dr.Z PhD **
Clean Master V2PG Original **
67 Dumble CleanPG Original **
Solo StarPG Original **
Supreme CleanFuchs Overdrive Supreme  *
PhD WDr.Z Z Wreck  *
Super ReverbFender Super Reverb  *
AD CleanOrange AD 30  *
BB CleanMarshall Bluesbreaker  *
JM45 CleanMarshall JTM45 Clean  *
Dumble 50Dumble ODS 50  *
AC Hand-wiredVox AC30 Handwired  *
Super AmpFender Super Amp  *

Crunch Amps

NameInspired byStandardProfessionalElite
British OR30 V2Orange AD30***
69 Plexiglas V2Marshall Super Lead 100***
British Lead 800Marshall JCM800***
Two Stone SP50Two Rock Studio Pro 50***
Overdriven JM45Overdrived Marshall JTM45***
Overdriven Lux VerbOverdrived Fender Deluxe Reverb***
Hiway DR103Hiwatt DR103***
Grid Crunch V2PG Original **
British Rock 50 V2Orange Rockverb 50 **
Modded Plexi V2PG Original **
Pushed Tweed V2PG Original **
Lanny 50 V2Laney GH50R **
Super Sonic V2Fender Super Sonic Twin *
D13 FTRDivided by 13 FTR37 *
Paul ArchPaul Reed Smith Archon 100 *
87 JubileeMarshall Silver Jubilee  **
Super Jimi CleanMarshall Super 100JH  **
Dual RevFender The Twin CH2  *
1968 CrunchMarshall JMP Plexi 1968  *
Overdriven VibroFender Vibroverb w/ TS808  *
Overdriven DeluxeFender Deluxe Reverb w/ TS808  *
AC Crunch HWVox AC30 Handwired Overdrived  *
PhD 18Dr.Z Maz18  *
PhD LuxDr.Z Z -Lux  *
American CrunchMesa Boogie Lonestar CH2  *
CheckmateTeisco Checkmate20  *
Vintage CrunchGuyatone GA930  *

High Gain Amps

NameInspired byStandardProfessionalElite
92 Treadplate V2Mesa Boogie Triple Rectifier***
04 Insane V2Peavey 5150***
InvaderEngl Invader 100***
Mark V CH3Mesa Boogie Mark V***
92 VH4Diezel VH4***
SLO SP88Soldano SP77***
SwitchAxe LeadH&K Switch Blade lead channel***
Modded Mark IIc+ V2Mesa Boogie Mark IIc+ **
Insane SATAN V2Randall Satan **
Ecstasy 101 V2Bogner Ecstasy 101 **
German Fire V2Engl Fireball 100 **
Snake’s Lead 800 V2Marshall AFD100 Slash Signature **
High Gain EL34 V2PG Original *
BE 101Friedman BE100 *
Slayer KingMarshall 2203KK Kerry King Signature *
Black BullVHT Pitbull  **
Insane RoadieMesa Boogie Roadking  *
Black 100ENGL RB100  *
American High GainMesa Boogie JP-2C  *
CobraFramus Cobra  *
Insane 6508Peavey 6505  *
Insane HargenDiezel Hargen  *
RD 53Randall RD45  *
Pushed Mark IVMesa Boogie Mark IV  *
RD V2Randall V2  *
Classic InsaneMesa Boogie Triple Rectifier CH3  *
LightingMatchless Lighting  *
YM100Marshall YJM100 Signature  *
Two Stone LeadTwo Rock Bi-Oynx Lead CH  *
1979 British Hi GainMarshall JMP Plexi 1979  *

Acoustic Amps

NameInspired byStandardProfessionalElite
Acoustic Sim V2PG Original***
Flat AcousticPG Original***
Keyboard AmpPG Original***
Acoustic Amp V2PG Original **
Fat Acoustic V2PG Original **

Bass Amps

NameInspired byStandardProfessionalElite
69 Blue Line V2Ampeg SVT Blue Line***
GK 800 V2Gallien-Krueger 800RB***
Metal BassMesa Boogie Subway D-800***
DR201 CustomHiwatt DR201***
British Lead BassMarshall Super Bass***
67 T15Ampeg B-15***
700 RB V2Gallien Krueger 700RB-II***
Bass 360 V2Acoustic 360 **
Supra Bass V2Fender Super Bassman **
Sunny 3000Sunn 300T **
H5001H5000  *
MM25Mini Mark II  *
Hammer 500Aguilar Tone Hammer 500  *
400TAmpeg SVT 400T  *
MB T500Markbass TTE 500  *
W600Eden WTP600  *
TE V5001Trace Elliot V Type 5001  *

If you want a complete breakdown of how BIAS FX 2 works and what it can do, check out my guide to getting started with BIAS FX 2, it covers pretty much everything.

All you need is a way to connect your guitar to your computer; once you have that, you can start recording and sounding like you have a $1000 guitar rig.

As noted in the intro, BIAS FX 2 is not expensive. You can download a copy for less than $50 (or £43 in the UK).


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