Mac Demarco Guitar Collection: A Complete List For 2023

By Richard •  Updated: 05/14/23 •  8 min read

What guitar does Mac Demarco use to create his iconic and instantly recognisable tone? Here’s a breakdown of Mac’s current guitar collection…

With a slew of incredible albums under his belt, the King of Bedroom Producers is not only an extremely accomplished guitarist but he is also known for playing extremely inexpensive guitars from brands like Squier and Teisco.

Part of Mac Demarco’s appeal, save for his immensely likeable personality, is his approach to not only recording but also song writing – the guy is utterly prolific and shows no signs of slowing down.

Case in point: the latest Mac Demarco album, One Wayne G, is a collection of 199 songs that spans over EIGHT HOURS. Yeah… Mac literally does not give a f**k about convention. And his ever-growing collection of guitars, his constant experimentation with genre and production techniques, as well as his love of old, thrift-store-acquired gear, is testament to this fact…

Mac Demarco Guitar Collection

As you can see below, Mac has acquired plenty of guitars over the years. This list is as comprehensive as we could make it, covering all the different types of guitars Mac Demarco has used throughout his career.

Is it 100% definitive? Impossible to say; Mac is a gear-head in the truest sense of the word, he loves guitars of all shapes and sizes, and vintage, analog recording gear and synths, so he’s probably adding new stuff in all the time.

But for now, these are the guitars that Mac most commonly uses either to record or in a live situation. And they’re about as varied as his albums too, covering everything from classic Strats right down to obscure, boutique brands like Teisco and Art & Lutherie.

What Guitar is Mac DeMarco Holding in 2?

mac demarco vintage Japanese Teisco

The guitar Mac is posing with for the album cover for his second album, 2, is a vintage Japanese Teisco guitar. This guitar, more than any other, was integral in helping Mac solidify his “sound” which he refers to as “jizz jazz”.

What Guitar Does Mac DeMarco Use in Salad Days?

As noted above, Mac DeMarco is well known for using a vintage Japanese Teisco guitar for many of his recordings and performances, and that includes during the period when he recorded the album “Salad Days.”

The Teisco has a unique, somewhat jangly tone that contributes to DeMarco’s signature laid-back sound. It’s notable for its hollow metal pickguard, individual pickup switches, and vibrato system.

However, it’s also worth noting that DeMarco, like many artists, uses a variety of guitar models from a range of brands in the studio to achieve the sound he’s looking for on a given track. In addition to his Teisco, he’s been known to use Fender guitars and a variety of other brands as well.

What Guitar Does Mac Demarco Use Most?

Mac Demarco Guitar Collection

Mac DeMarco is known for his unique and diverse guitar choices, but the instrument he’s most associated with is a modified vintage Japanese Teisco guitar.

This Teisco electric guitar is somewhat rare and not a mainstream choice, but it perfectly complements DeMarco’s distinctive “jizz jazz” style. The guitar is notable for its hollow metal pickguard, individual pickup switches, and a vibrato system. It has a unique sound that is slightly different from most traditional electric guitars, contributing to DeMarco’s distinct sound.

In addition to the Teisco, he has also a massive fan of the Fender Stratocaster and now has his own Fender custom model. Mac has also played a 1992 Squier Telecaster as well, one he picked up from Japan apparently. And if you’re on a budget, going the Squier route for your Strat is well worth it – you’ll pay WAY less (around $300/ and still get that classic Tele sound.


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