Fender Player II Series Official: New Models, Epic Updates

Fender Player Series II
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Fender has just unleashed its Player II Series — a significant upgrade to its best-selling electric guitar line

Fender’s Player Series is its best-selling lineup of guitars. Period. And like all good cash cows, it is treated with the respect and care that it deserves. But this latest iteration, the Fender Player II Series, ups the ante in several key areas, as Fender eyes the next-generation of music creators. 

The global music industry is booming – despite what Uncle Rick would have you believe – with revenues reaching levels not seen since the dawn of the millennium. And brands like Fender and Epiphone – and PRS – are primed and positioned to take advantage of this.

New Vintage Colors, Rosewood Fingerboards And Modern “C” Necks Aimed At Next-Generation of Music Creators

Fender Player II Series Official: New Models, Epic Updates

With upgrades like rosewood fingerboards and modern “C” necks with rolled edges, Fender is catering to both digital natives picking up their first axe and seasoned shredders looking for that perfect tone. But the real showstopper? New vintage colors pulled straight from ’50s and ’60s car culture—think Coral Red and Aquatone Blue—that scream retro-futurism.

Fender Player II Series Models

  1. Player II Stratocaster
  2. Player II HSS Stratocaster
  3. Player II Telecaster
  4. Player II Jazzmaster
  5. Player II Jaguar
  6. Player II Mustang
  7. Player II LH Stratocaster
  8. Player II HH Telecaster
  9. Player II LH Telecaster
  10. Player II Precision Bass
  11. Player II Jazz Bass
  12. Player II Mustang Bass

Let’s Explore What’s New With Fender’s Player II Series Models (Versus The Outgoing Player Series)

The Player II Series introduces several key upgrades and features across the range:

  • Fingerboards: The reintroduction of rosewood fingerboards is a significant change, returning to what Fender calls the “original Fender recipe.” This move likely aims to please traditionalists and those seeking a classic Fender feel and tone.
  • Neck Profile: All models feature a modern “C” neck profile with rolled edges. This design choice provides a more comfortable playing experience, especially for extended sessions, and gives the guitars a slightly broken-in feel right out of the box.
  • Body Options: New chambered ash and chambered mahogany body options are available for the Stratocaster and Telecaster models. These options offer tonal variations and potentially lighter weight instruments, catering to players looking for specific sonic characteristics or enhanced comfort.
  • Colors: The series introduces new vintage-inspired colors like Coral Red, Aquatone Blue, Hialeah Yellow, and Birch Green. These colors, drawn from ’50s and ’60s vintage car palettes, add a unique aesthetic appeal to the line.
  • Hardware Upgrades: While not specified in detail, the announcement mentions upgraded hardware, which likely includes improved tuners, bridges, and possibly pickups.
  • Pickup Configurations: The series offers various pickup configurations, including the traditional SSS for Stratocasters, SS for Telecasters, and the HSS option for Stratocasters, providing tonal versatility across the range.
  • Left-Handed Options: The inclusion of left-handed models (LH Stratocaster and LH Telecaster) shows Fender’s commitment to catering to all players.
  • Bass Options: The series includes both Precision and Jazz Bass models, as well as a Mustang Bass, covering a wide range of bass playing styles and preferences.

Fender’s Marketing Strategy For Gen Z Takes Shape

As Gibson descends into boomerville, enjoying its latter years as a legacy guitar brand for millionaire musicians, doctors, dentists, and lawyers, Fender is doing what it has been doing for the past 10 years – going after new blood. And in this instance, it is Gen Z

Fender’s marketing campaign for the Player II is a masterclass in content strategy for the streaming era. Their hero film features a star-studded cast including Julien Baker and DIIV, reimagining The Kinks’ “All Day & All of the Night” across four distinct musical landscapes. It’s not just about the gear; it’s about the culture and lifestyle that Fender embodies.

The Modern Creator Series

But Fender isn’t stopping at traditional marketing. They’re diving headfirst into the creator economy with “The Modern Creator” series, spotlighting content creators who are redefining what it means to be a musician in the digital age.

It’s a savvy move that acknowledges the shifting paradigms of music production and consumption.

Justin Norvell, EVP of Product at FMIC, frames the Player II Series as more than an upgrade—it’s a “detailed re-imagining” of Fender’s core designs. This philosophy of continuous refinement mirrors the iterative approach of software development, suggesting that even in the world of hardware, the tech industry’s influence is pervasive.

With options like chambered ash and mahogany bodies coming in October, Fender is clearly playing the long game. And there’s plenty more to some from the Player Series in the coming months and years.

Somebody really needs to give Gibson a nudge about all this…


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