The 20 Best Selling Guitars of 2021 REVEALED…

Best Selling Guitars
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What is the most popular guitar model of 2021? Here are the 20 most popular and best-selling guitars of 2021, according to Reverb…

When you think of a guitar, what do you see? Me, I see a Gibson Les Paul. In black. My best friend? He sees a Fender Strat. Others might think of a Telecaster. Either way, 9/10 people think of a guitar made by either Fender or Gibson.

Reverb is one of the biggest musical instrument retailers on the planet; it shifts and helps people sell thousands of guitars every month, so when REVERB does a data drop, we’re always interested in taking a look, especially when it relates to the best-selling models of guitar.

Earlier this week, REVERB dropped some data about the best-selling guitar models from the past 12 months. The list included the 20 most popular and best-selling guitar models for 2021. And they are as follows:

Best Selling Guitars 2021

  1. Fender Player Telecaster
  2. Fender Player Stratocaster
  3. PRS Silver Sky John Mayer Signature
  4. Squier Affinity Telecaster
  5. Fender American Professional II Stratocaster
  6. PRS SE Custom 24
  7. Fender American Professional II Telecaster
  8. Gibson Les Paul Standard ’60s
  9. Gibson Les Paul Standard ’50s
  10. ESP LTD EC-1000
  11. Squier Affinity Series Stratocaster
  12. Fender American Standard Stratocaster
  13. PRS CE 24
  14. Fender American Professional Series Stratocaster
  15. Fender American Ultra Telecaster
  16. Squier J Mascis Jazzmaster
  17. Squier Classic Vibe ’60s Jazzmaster
  18. Fender American Standard Stratocaster (1986–2000)
  19. Gibson Les Paul Classic
  20. Fender Standard Stratocaster (1998–2005)

As you can see, the best selling and most popular guitars are all made by either Fender or Gibson. Fender owns Squier too, so we’re heaping those ones in with Fender. The only other non-Fender/Gibson brand to make the top 20 was PRS and ESP which is pretty surprising. I cannot believe there aren’t any Epiphone models in there.

The most popular guitar of 2021 was the Fender Player Telecaster, no surprise there – it is an exceptional guitar. The second most popular guitar of 2021 was the Fender Player Stratocaster. In third place, we have PRS Silver Sky John Mayer Signature, a truly beautiful guitar that plays and looks like a dream.

The Most Popular “Affordable” Models
Squier Affinity Series Guitars
From $150…

If you want an iconic-looking guitar that plays like a dream for less than $300, the Squire Affinity Series – which includes Teles, Strats, and Jazzmasters – is exactly where you want to be looking. They’re all the guitar you’ll ever need… 

Most Popular Guitar Design

Out of all the top 20 most popular guitars, the most popular style of guitar appears to be Les Paul, Telecaster, and Strat – again, nothing new here, these have been the most popular guitar shapes for decades. It is nice to see a couple of Jazzmaster models making the top 20 though in the form of the Squier J Mascis Jazzmaster and the Squier Classic Vibe ’60s Jazzmaster.

I am also not surprised by the PRS CE 24 in the list either. PRS guitars are incredibly well built and play unlike anything else. And the PRS CE 24 is one of its finest and most loved models. The PRS CE 24 is HELLA expensive but if you’re serious about guitars that not only play wonderfully but also hold their value, the PRS CE 24 is a great option.

The Squier Affinity Telecaster, which came in at number 4, is also a very good affordable option. You can pick one up for next to nothing – less than $250 in most cases – and it plays like a dream. I have a couple of Squier Affinity models and they’re all superb, well-crafted, and play amazingly well – almost as good as my Player Series Fender Tele.

The upshot of using a Squier guitar, however, is that you get everything that makes a Fender guitar so special for a fraction of the cost – usually below $200. And you can now get plenty of Squier guitars with humbucker pickups which makes them perfect for metal and rock. My personal favorite right now? The Squier Affinity Series Deluxe – it costs less than $300 and it comes with dual humbuckers.

Need more options? Check out our guides on the best guitars for beginners, the best Fender guitars for metal, and the best Epiphone Les Paul models.

We’re massive fans of Epiphone here at ELECTRIKJAM, so I was really surprised not to see any of its models included in the most popular guitars of 2021, especially since Epiphone has dropped SO MANY good models this year…

epiphone sg colors

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