New Mastodon Album 2021: Release Date, Track List & Artwork DETAILED

new mastodon album 2021

The new Mastodon album for 2021 is official. It’s called Hushed And Grim – here’s everything you need to know about the new record, including its tracklist, release date, and artwork…

The new Mastodon album for 2021 is called Hushed and Grim and it will get a release date on October 29. The album, which the band describes as its “fullest and biggest sounding record” to date, has been in planning since the start of 2020’s lockdown.

The release of Mastodon’s new record was under some doubt, given that touring schedules have been ruined by COVID, leading to speculation that the release would be shelved until 2022 when Mastodon could tour properly again.

Mercifully, this didn’t happen and the new Mastodon album for 2021 now has an official launch date –  October 29. Mastodon officially announced the record via its official channel yesterday, September 9, and released a teaser song with an accompanying video (see below).

Members of the band have also teased bits and bobs about the new album during the past few months.

You know, this record is really special, and it’s different, and times are different right now.

Bill Kelliher

Mastodon went into the studio with around 30 potential tracks; these were then whittled down to what we get on the finished Hushed And Grim LP. And, yes, this is a double-sided album, if you buy it on vinyl.

Mastodon’s Hushed And Grim Track List

  1. Pain With An Anchor
  2. The Crux
  3. Sickle And Peace
  4. More Than I Could Chew
  5. The Beast
  6. Skeleton Of Splendor
  7. Teardrinker
  8. Pushing The Tides
  9. Peace And Tranquility
  10. Dagger
  11. Had It All
  12. Savage Lands
  13. Gobblers Of Dregs
  14. Eyes Of Serpents
  15. Gigantium

As you can see from the song titles from Hushed And Grim, the subject matter seems to be pretty dark and nasty. And this certainly bodes well for fans of Mastodon’s heavier side. Dagger, Savage Lands, The Beast, and Gigantium all sound like they could be heavy AF.

Hushed And Grim will be Mastodon’s eighth studio record since its formation in 2000. The new album will pick up where 2017’s Emperor of Sand left off. Bill Kelliher – Mastodon’s guitarist – has noted the new record is “different” and “special”, indicating that new styles and ideas will almost certainly be present on the album.

Mastodon Studio Albums

  • Remission (2002)
  • Leviathan (2004)
  • Blood Mountain (2006)
  • Crack the Skye (2009)
  • The Hunter (2011)
  • Once More ‘Round the Sun (2014)
  • Emperor of Sand (2017)
  • Hushed and Grim (2021)

Insider leaks about the new album claim the album has elements of both Remission and Blood Mountain. What does this mean? Simple: the new Mastodon record will likely be its heaviest since 2006.

Mastodon Hushed And Grim Artwork

The tone of the album, given the first single and the tracklisting, appears to be pretty bleak and grim which is good. This usually means dark, heavy, and foreboding when it comes to metal records.

The artwork for Hushed And Grim is also very, very dark – maybe the darkest album artwork Mastodon has ever used. Mastodon’s artwork for its records has always been very impressive. And I really do like what it’s done with the Hushed And Grim one.

You can check out high-res images of Hushed And Grim’s artwork below:

Who Produced The New Mastodon 2021 Album?

Mastodon has used a raft of producers over the years – from Mike Elizondo on The Hunter to Brendan O’Brien on Emperor of Sand. The new Mastodon album, however, was produced by David Bottrill, a dude that worked on MUSE, DREAM THEATER, and TOOL records.

The choice of Bottrill was a calculated risk for the band, according to Kelliher. The guys wanted someone fresh, someone new, someone that could help extract nuances and get the best out of the band in the studio. COVID also played a part too; the band needed someone that would move come to Atlanta to do the record.

When we got on the phone with David, he seemed like a great guy. He already had some of the demos, so he had all kinds of notes. That’s what you need a producer for — someone who kind of thinks outside the box. The four of you have been playing the same songs, demoing the same songs for so long, you’re kind of, like, “Is this even good anymore? I can’t really tell. Does it need something? I’m kind of lost.”

It’s like you can’t the forest through the trees. You’re, like, “What’s what? Everything’s upside down.” So he came in and he was diligent. He had all kinds of notes written out. He had done his homework.

And he was, like, “For this song, I have this idea. For this song, I have these ideas.” And he kind of spouted them off to us on the phone. And I said, “Are you willing to come to Atlanta and work with us here, sight unseen, at our studio?” And he was, like, “As long as the studio’s got the certain equipment that I need, and it’s a decent-sized room and everything…” We had done a lot of other records there with other bands. And he was willing to come down.

Bill Kelliher

Where Was Hushed And Grim Recorded?

Mastodon stayed local in its beloved Atlanta to record Hushed And Grim. The new record, produced by David Bottrill, was recorded at West End Sound, Ember City – this is where Mastodon has its practice facilities.

Again, COVID likely played a role in the band’s decision to record there; moving around the country, especially during the period when the record was being made, wasn’t easy and a little risky. By setting up base in its hometown, Mastodon was able to work on the record without interruption.

Teaser Song / First Single From Hushed And Grim

The first single from Hushed And Grim is Pushing The Tides. Mastodon released an official music video for Pushing The Tides, complete with live performances supporting cinematic footage of a man running around with a balaclava on. You can watch the full video for Pushing The Tides below

Official Video For Pushing The Tides by Mastodon

Mastodon Hushed And Grim Vinyl Release Date

As always, Mastodon will be releasing Hushed And Grim on vinyl. The LP will be a double album and it will be available from October 29, with pre-orders starting on the 22nd. Hushed And Grim on vinyl will retail for $58.95.

The album will also be available via all major streaming platforms, including Spotify, YouTube Music, Apple Music, and TIDAL.

Check out the first reviews for Hushed and Grim here

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