Mastodon Setlist For Upcoming 2021 Tour REVEALED…

By Richard •  Updated: 11/17/21 •  3 min read

Mastodon is about to kick off a US tour with Opeth. And the setlist has apparently been leaked online…

Mastodon’s new album, Hushed and Grim, is a masterpiece and, perhaps, one of Mastodon’s finest records to date. I say, perhaps, but it is quickly becoming my favorite Mastodon record. Period. And I’m a big fan of the band’s earlier records like Blood Mountain and Leviathan.

Either way, if you’re interested in my thoughts on the new record, check out the full Hushed and Grim review for a full breakdown of what makes the album tick, standout performances, and how it compares to 2017’s Emperor of Sand.

As of today, Mastodon is now officially on tour in the USA. And it is taking none other than OPETH with it. This will be one hell of a tour. And if you’re going to see Mastodon, you might be wondering what the setlist will look like?

Mastodon Tour Setlist

A leaked screenshot, claiming to be the setlist for Mastodon’s upcoming USA tour, appeared online over the weekend.

According to the leak, the Mastodon set will constant of 14 songs taken from the band’s entire back catalog – there are tracks from Remission, Crack The Skye, Hushed and Grim, and also Leviathan, and Blood Mountain.

Here’s the full setlist for Mastodon’s 2021 US tour:

  1. Pain With An Anchor
  2. Crystal Skull
  3. Megaloden
  4. The Crux
  5. Teardrinker
  6. Bladecatcher
  7. Black Tongue
  8. Skeleton of Splendor
  9. The Czar
  10. Pushing The Tides
  11. More Than I Could Chew
  12. Mother Puncher
  13. Gigantium
  14. Blood and Thunder

Mastodon & OPETH Tour

As you can see, that is a monster of a setlist. It covers all the bases, from classic tracks like Blood and Thunder and Mother Thumper to newer tracks that I cannot wait to hear live like The Crux, Teardrinker, Skeleton of Splendor, and Pushing The Tides.

Mastodon Setlist

Mastodon’s US tour is now underway, tickets are available here. And here’s a list of all the dates Mastodon and OPETH are playing in the US between now and the start of December.

Mastodon & OPETH Tour Dates

Grab your tickets today before they sell out! And make sure you check out our guide on how to get a guitar tone like Mastodon.


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