Ibanez Signature Guitars: A Complete Overview [2023]

Ibanez Signature Guitars A Complete Overview [2023]

Here’s a complete run down and comparative look at Ibanez’s extensive range of signature guitars for 2023 and beyond…

When it comes to sheer volume and respect in the guitar-making industry, Ibanez is a towering presence. The brand is synonymous with quality, sporting a checklist of attributes that make guitarists’ hearts beat faster: reliability, stunning designs, and powerful pickups.

It’s no fluke that Ibanez is the go-to for many of the world’s premier guitarists. These artists don’t just play Ibanez—they co-create their tools of the trade with the brand.

Whether you’re shredding in the world of country, crafting dense djent riffs, improvising in a jazz ensemble, or setting the scene with lo-fi vibes, Ibanez has a signature model that fits your needs.

Here’s a rundown of the top Ibanez signature models currently making waves, along with insights into which guitarist each is designed for.

Ibanez Signature Guitars List

Signature ModelArtist NameGenre/Specialty
LBLari BasilioMelodic instrumental rock
JBMJake BowenProgressive metal
JBBMJB BrubakerMetalcore
MARMario CamarenaProgressive rock/jazz fusion
PGM/FRMPaul GilbertShred/rock
M8MMårten HagströmProgressive metal/”Djent”
EHErick HanselProgressive rock/jazz fusion
TODTim HensonProgressive metal
LHMLuke HoskinProgressive metal
KRYSScott LePageProgressive rock/jazz fusion
KIKOKiko LoureiroMetal/Progressive
LMLuca MantovanelliFusion
MMMartin MillerJazz/Fusion
NDMNoodlesPunk rock
JSJoe SatrianiInstrumental rock
FLATVJosh SmithBlues
PSPaul StanleyHard rock/Glam
JIVANita StraussHard rock/Metal
FTMFredrik ThordendalProgressive metal/”Djent”
ATAndy TimmonsInstrumental rock/blues
PIA/JEM/UVSteve VaiInstrumental rock
PWMPaul WaggonerProgressive metal
YYYvette YoungMath rock/Experimental

Lets Take A Closer Look At Each Signature Model…

Ibanez RG Series

Ibanez Signature Series Artists

LB – Lari Basilio

Best For:

  • 🎸 Genre-blending guitarists who shift between jazz and rock.
  • 🎶 Players seeking a balance of aesthetic and sonic quality.
  • 🔥 Musicians looking for a guitar with a neck shaped for speed.
  • 🌟 Artists who desire a statement piece as much as a musical instrument.

The Ibanez LB model embodies versatility, tailored for the dynamic playstyle of Lari Basilio. It’s not just about looks; the guitar’s custom electronics are designed to traverse the tonal landscape with ease, providing a seamless transition from soft jazz nuances to the aggressive tones of rock.

The tonewoods are chosen for their ability to resonate with warmth, as well as their visual charm, while the neck’s design caters to fleet-fingered players.

Durability meets style in the LB’s hardware, promising a performance that stays pitch-perfect no matter how expressive the playing gets.


  • Versatile sound suitable for various genres.
  • Premium fret-edge treatment for a smooth playing experience.

Key Specs:

  • Alder body with a soft maple top.
  • Seymour Duncan pickups with custom wiring.

JBM – Jake Bowen

Best For:

  • 🤘 Metal enthusiasts craving tight, articulate tones.
  • 🛠 Tinkerers who value custom modifications for unique sounds.
  • 🎚 Producers and musicians who prioritize high-quality pickups for studio recording.
  • ⚡ Guitarists who need reliable hardware for aggressive playing styles.

The Ibanez JBM is the brainchild of a collaboration with Periphery’s Jake Bowen, specifically engineered for the precision and aggression required by modern metal.

This guitar screams performance with its high-output pickups that capture every nuance, ensuring that every palm-muted chug and squealing harmonic cuts through the mix.

Designed to withstand the rigors of touring, the JBM offers unparalleled tuning stability, a must-have for the drop-tuned riffs that are synonymous with today’s metal.

It’s more than just a six-string—it’s a metal machine for the shredder who demands perfection in tone and playability.


  • Optimized for tight, precise metal tones.
  • Coil-tap function for tonal diversity.

Key Specs:

  • Mahogany body with a maple top.
  • DiMarzio Titan pickups designed by Bowen himself.

JBBM – JB Brubaker

Best For:

  • 🔥 Metalcore guitarists who thrive on aggressive playstyles.
  • 💥 Players seeking dynamic response for fast riffs and breakdowns.
  • 🎶 Musicians looking for a blend of modern and vintage tones.
  • 🎛 Gear enthusiasts who appreciate custom-tweaked pickup configurations.

The Ibanez JBBM model mirrors August Burns Red guitarist JB Brubaker’s intense metalcore flair. It’s crafted to handle relentless riffs and leads while maintaining clarity and punch.

With features that cater to both precision and ferocity, the JBBM stands as a beacon of modern guitar craftsmanship.

Custom pickups tuned to Brubaker’s specifications provide a balance between classic warmth and contemporary bite, offering versatility whether you’re in the studio or on stage.

It’s a no-compromise instrument for those who command a commanding presence in their sound.


  • Designed for the rigors of metalcore.
  • High-output pickups for a clear definition at high gain.

Key Specs:

  • Ebony fretboard with jumbo frets.
  • EMG 81/85 pickup combo for aggressive tones.

MAR – Mario Camarena

Best For:

  • 🎸 Guitarists chasing crisp, articulate clean tones.
  • 🌀 Fans of chorus-drenched sounds, a la math rock.
  • 🤹‍♂️ Players who juggle complex rhythms and melodies.
  • 🌟 Enthusiasts of tailored guitars with a personal artist’s touch.

The MAR model from Ibanez is the result of a collaborative effort with Chon’s Mario Camarena, honed for producing crystal-clear, chorus-infused tones that Mario’s math rock style demands.

It’s a guitar that offers precision and a palette for the sonically adventurous.

Crafted with custom specifications to ensure every note and chord rings true, the MAR is a testament to Ibanez’s commitment to artist-driven design.

It’s a perfect match for guitarists who make clean, intricate playing a cornerstone of their sound and seek an instrument that complements their meticulous technique.


  • Perfect for articulate, clean passages.
  • Roasted maple neck for stability and comfort.

Key Specs:

  • American basswood body.
  • DiMarzio Air Norton and Tone Zone pickups.

PGM/FRM – Paul Gilbert

Best For:

  • 🌐 Multi-genre maestros looking for versatility.
  • 🎶 Blues to shred, Paul Gilbert’s PGM handles it all.
  • 🔥 Players wanting a blend of speed, precision, and tone.

The PGM series from Ibanez is a powerhouse that captures the essence of Paul Gilbert’s dynamic range.

From the fury of shred to the soulful bends of blues rock, this guitar is engineered to excel across genres. It’s for the player who demands versatility without sacrificing the raw edge that a rock guitar should deliver.

Whether digging into a melodic blues solo or racing through a lightning-fast riff, the PGM is a chameleon with a rock-solid core, much like Gilbert’s own playing style. It’s designed to be a seamless extension of the guitarist’s hands, ready to channel every nuanced expression into auditory art.


  • Unique look with distinctive f-hole painted pickguard.
  • Versatile sounds, from clean to heavy distortion.

Key Specs:

  • Lightweight ash body on FRM models.
  • PGM models often feature DiMarzio pickups and a Gilbert-specific wiring scheme.

M8M – Mårten Hagström

Best For:

  • 🤘 Djent enthusiasts craving tight, articulate tones.
  • 🎛️ Players seeking extended range for creative freedom.
  • 🔨 Rhythm guitarists who value precision and durability.

Ibanez’s collaboration with Meshuggah’s Mårten Hagström resulted in the M8M, a leviathan in the extended-range guitar world.

It’s built to accommodate the band’s hallmark djent style—music that demands a guitar with not just more strings, but with an unwavering ability to stay crisp under extreme playing.

The M8M isn’t just about the low end; it’s a precision instrument designed to articulate every note, no matter how complex the riff or how aggressive the rhythm.

If you’re dialing into Meshuggah’s polyrhythmic patterns or forging your own path in the realm of progressive metal, the M8M could be your sonic hammer.


  • Built for the down-tuned complexity of ‘djent’.
  • Extended scale length to handle low tunings.

Key Specs:

  • 8-string model with a 29.4-inch scale length.
  • Lundgren Model M8P pickup for a tight, defined sound.

EH – Erick Hansel

Best For:

  • 🎸 Players looking for sparkling clean tones.
  • 🧩 Guitarists into complex chords and finger gymnastics.
  • 🌟 Those who love a bright, punchy response in their play.

The Ibanez EH model springs from a partnership with Erick Hansel of CHON, tailored for guitarists who live in the realm of the crystal-clear and the intricate.

With this guitar, you can expect a delivery that makes complex chords shine and single notes stand out with definition. It’s the ideal tool for those who favor a clean and undistorted sound that can cut through a mix without losing its harmonic richness.

The EH model is a match for the meticulous musician—it demands precision but gives back a tone that’s as rich as it is precise. If you’re into genres that revolve around the clarity and complexity of every plucked string, the EH is tuned to your frequency.


  • Smooth playability for complex chords.
  • Versatile tone for both clean and overdriven sounds.

Key Specs:

  • Roasted maple neck and fretboard.
  • Coil tap switch for tonal diversity.

TOD – Tim Henson

Best For:

  • 🎶 Virtuosos who thrive on lead guitar intricacies.
  • 🔍 Guitarists who demand precision and clarity in high-gain scenarios.
  • 👟 Players who prefer a modern, sleek design with playability to match.

The Ibanez TOD signature model is the brainchild of a collaboration with Tim Henson of Polyphia, crafted for those who push the boundaries of lead guitar.

This guitar isn’t just built—it’s engineered for the articulate shredder. It’s for the player whose fingers fly across the fretboard, demanding a response that’s as fast and accurate as they are.

With a design that supports complex tapping and lightning-fast runs, the TOD is a powerhouse for the modern guitarist who aims to stand out sonically and visually on stage.


  • Articulate pickups suitable for technical playing.
  • Innovative design elements like the scalloped lower horn for higher fret access.

Key Specs:

  • DiMarzio Notorious Minibucker in the neck and Notorious single coil in the middle.
  • Gotoh T1502 tremolo bridge for stable tuning and tremolo use.

LHM – Luke Hoskin

Best For:

  • 🤘 Metal enthusiasts craving swift, technical playability.
  • ⚡ Guitarists looking for speed and precision.
  • 🎸 Fans of Protest the Hero’s complex musicality.

Ibanez’s LHM model, developed with Luke Hoskin of Protest the Hero, is a shredder’s dream for mastering the band’s speedy, technical metal style.

Tailored for nimble fretwork and rapid transitions, it mirrors Hoskin’s need for seamless play at blistering speeds.

The LHM is the ultimate tool for players who need their riffs and solos to cut through with razor-sharp clarity. With a build that supports vigorous playing, this guitar is a beacon for technical metal guitarists seeking to elevate their sound and technique to heroic levels.


  • Designed for precision and speed.
  • High-output pickups for modern progressive metal tones.

Key Specs:

  • DiMarzio Luke Hoskin signature pickups.
  • 24 frets with a thin Wizard neck profile for fast playing.

KRYS – Scott LePage

Best For:

  • 🌟 Musicians seeking stylistic diversity.
  • 🎶 Players who mix genres from funk to hard rock.
  • 🔁 Guitarists looking for a switch-hitting instrument.

Crafted in collaboration with Scott LePage of Living Colour, the Ibanez KRYS model is a chameleon in the guitar world.

It’s designed to excel across a spectrum of styles, just as Living Colour’s music does.

From funk rhythms to the hard-edged riffs, the KRYS is built to handle it all.

The versatility of this instrument is its superpower, accommodating the shifting landscapes of genre with ease.


  • Comfortable for extended play sessions.
  • Versatile for various music genres.

Key Specs:

  • Gotoh MG-T locking machine heads.
  • Poplar Burl top with a Roasted Maple fretboard.

KIKO – Kiko Loureiro

Best For:

  • 🎸 Lead guitarists looking for crisp articulation.
  • 🔥 Shredders needing tight rhythm capabilities.
  • 🤘 Megadeth fans aiming for Kiko Loureiro’s sound.

The KIKO signature model is the brainchild of a partnership between Ibanez and Kiko Loureiro of Megadeth.

It’s a guitar that deftly handles the demands of lead playing while providing the tight response required for precise rhythm work.

Whether you’re peeling off high-speed solos or locking into a heavy groove, the KIKO model stands ready. It reflects Loureiro’s need for a versatile instrument that can leap from delicate melodies to aggressive riffing without missing a beat.


  • Crafted for both rhythm and lead styles.
  • Edge Zero II tremolo for whammy acrobatics without tuning issues.

Key Specs:

  • Flame Maple top on a Mahogany body.
  • DiMarzio KIKO original pickups.

LM – Luca Mantovanelli

Best For:

  • 🎶 Jazz aficionados seeking warmth and clarity.
  • 🌟 Fusion players desiring a smooth, clean response.
  • 🎸 Guitarists aiming for Luca Mantovanelli’s fluid style.

The LM model is a joint creation between Ibanez and jazz fusion virtuoso Luca Mantovanelli, epitomizing a seamless blend of classic warmth with pristine clean tones.

The guitar’s craftsmanship caters to the nuanced expressiveness of jazz and the dynamic versatility required for fusion.

It’s built to deliver Mantovanelli’s fluid musical expressions with grace, ensuring every note resonates with full-bodied warmth and crystal-clear articulation.

This model is a solid pick for guitarists who need their instrument to sing with a smooth, clean voice, just like Luca’s own playing.


  • Suited for fusion and jazz, with a warm tone.
  • Aesthetically pleasing with a classy finish.

Key Specs:

  • Flame Maple top with an Alder body.
  • Seymour Duncan Hyperion pickups.

MM – Martin Miller

Best For:

  • 🎸 Guitarists who switch between genres.
  • 🔥 Players needing versatility from jazz to rock.
  • 👍 Those inspired by Martin Miller’s eclectic style.

The MM signature model by Ibanez reflects Martin Miller’s versatile approach, packing a punch for jazz enthusiasts and rockers alike.

It’s designed to be a multi-genre workhorse, as adept with smooth jazz lines as it is with high-gain rock riffs.

The versatility factor is a key selling point here, allowing seamless genre-hopping without swapping instruments.

Ideal for the musician who’s not bound by labels, the MM model is a testament to flexibility, ensuring that whether you’re playing a mellow standard or kicking it up a notch with a rock anthem, you’re well-equipped.


  • Versatility for a wide range of genres.
  • Beautifully finished and comfortable to play.

Key Specs:

  • S-Tech Wood roasted maple neck for playing comfort and stability.
  • Seymour Duncan Hyperion pickups.

JIVA – Nita Strauss

Best For:

  • 🤘 Shredders who demand high performance.
  • 🎶 Guitarists seeking a perfect blend of playability and tone.
  • 👟 Players who step into Nita Strauss’s versatile shoes.

The JIVA series from Ibanez, born from Nita Strauss’s need for speed and precision, delivers on all fronts for shredders.

These guitars are crafted with performance in mind, with slim necks and comfortable contours that cater to fast, intricate playing.

Tone is not sacrificed for playability; instead, it’s a harmonious marriage of both. With pickups that capture the nuances of aggressive playing and the finesse of melodic passages, the JIVA series stands out as a true metal monster.


  • Designed for high-speed shredding.
  • Edge-Zero II tremolo bridge for tuning stability during extreme whammy use.

Key Specs:

  • Deep space blonde finish over a quilted maple top.
  • DiMarzio Pandemonium pickups.

NDM – Noodles

Best For:

  • 🎸 Punk rock enthusiasts who crave raw energy.
  • 🔥 Guitarists looking for an axe that cuts through the mix.
  • 🛹 Players seeking a no-nonsense, stage-ready instrument.

The NDM model by Ibanez, a collaboration with The Offspring’s guitarist Noodles, embodies the spirit of punk rock.

It’s straightforward, durable, and engineered to deliver the punchy, in-your-face sound characteristic of the genre.

With a fast neck and a body designed for rigorous play, the NDM stands up to the challenges of energetic live performances.

It’s a guitar that offers the plug-and-play ethos punk rockers love, with the reliability that Ibanez is known for.


  • Built for the raw energy of punk rock.
  • Durable and road-ready construction.

Key Specs:

  • Basswood body for a lightweight feel.
  • Ibanez Super 9 pickups for a bright, aggressive tone.

JEM/UV – Steve Vai

Best For:

  • 🎸 Guitarists aiming for Steve Vai’s virtuosic flair.
  • 🌟 Players who love unique and eye-catching guitar designs.
  • 🔁 Musicians seeking sonic versatility in their instrument.

The JEM/UV series stands out as one of Ibanez’s most emblematic signatures, crafted with the visionary aesthetics and playability that Steve Vai demands.

This series is a beacon for guitarists who dare to stand out visually and sonically. With its distinctive “monkey grip” handle, the JEM is instantly recognizable, making a bold statement on any stage.

The guitar is more than just looks, offering a versatile range of tones that can cater to the softest whispers of melodic playing or the most aggressive shred.


  • Innovative design with the monkey grip and lion’s claw cavity.
  • Wide tonal range with the HSH pickup configuration.

Key Specs:

  • Alder body with a rosewood fretboard.
  • DiMarzio Evolution pickups for a vast tonal palette.


AT – Andy Timmons

Best For:

🎵 Guitarists seeking the melodic clarity of Andy Timmons’ style.
🔥 Players looking for a guitar that delivers warmth in its tone.
🎶 Those aiming for versatility, from smooth jazz to biting rock.

The AT signature series from Ibanez encapsulates the essence of Andy Timmons’ melodic rock approach. It’s the go-to guitar for players seeking clear articulation and a warm tonal quality.

The AT series is praised for its responsive nature to both picking dynamics and volume changes, allowing players to coax a range of sounds from a single instrument.

Equipped with DiMarzio pickups specifically chosen by Timmons, these guitars deliver on the promise of a full-bodied sound that can cut through the mix while retaining musicality.

Whether you’re chasing those singing lead tones or a supportive rhythm sound, the AT series offers the flexibility for it all.


  • Ideal for both clean and driven melodic rock tones.
  • The AT100CL comes with an original Wilkinson bridge.

Key Specs:

  • Alder body with a maple neck and fretboard.
  • DiMarzio The Cruiser pickups in neck and middle positions, AT-1 in the bridge.

JS – Joe Satriani

Best For:

  • 🎸 Guitarists chasing Joe Satriani’s fluid legato and melodic prowess.
  • ✨ Players who demand exceptional playability and tone.
  • 🎶 Those looking for versatility to cover various genres from rock to blues.

The JS series by Ibanez stands as a testament to Joe Satriani’s relentless pursuit of tone perfection and instrumental playability.

It’s built for musicians who demand a guitar that responds to a wide array of techniques with ease. Featuring a neck designed for swift and comfortable playing, the JS series facilitates Satriani’s signature legato runs and melodically rich techniques without a hitch.

With high-quality pickups and a range of models to choose from, players can find the exact sound they need to express their own voice or walk in the footsteps of Satriani’s iconic style.

Whether you’re diving into bends, sustaining notes for days, or articulating fast passages, the JS series delivers with precision.


  • Expressive for Satriani’s legato and melodic techniques.
  • High-pass filter and push/pull coil tap for tonal variation.

Key Specs:

  • Basswood body models and some with Mahogany.
  • JS signature DiMarzio pickups tailored to Satriani’s specifications.

FLATV – Josh Smith

Best For:

  • 🎵 Vintage blues aficionados who dig a classic look and feel.
  • 🔥 Guitarists who thrive on dynamic responsiveness and articulation.
  • 🌟 Players seeking a blend of traditional aesthetics and contemporary features.

The FLATV series, crafted in collaboration with Josh Smith, is a nod to the vintage blues era, offering a retro aesthetic that will delight traditionalists and modern players alike.

This line resonates deeply with enthusiasts of the blues genre who demand a guitar that can articulate every nuance of their playing style.

With an alder body and a comfortable oval C-shaped neck, the FLATV stands out as a performer’s dream for both its playability and its response to touch dynamics.

Equipped with S58 pickups, the series provides that coveted classic single-coil tone, rich in warmth and clarity, ensuring every lick and riff is delivered with the utmost definition.

It’s a perfect match for the guitarist who commands a versatile instrument capable of capturing the essence of the blues while standing up to the rigors of modern playing techniques.


  • Perfect for blues purists.
  • Reacts well to nuanced playing.

Key Specs:

  • Alder body paired with a comfortable oval C-shaped neck.
  • S58 pickups for that quintessential single-coil sound.

PS – Paul Stanley

Best For:

  • 🎸 Hard rock warriors seeking a guitar with a strong visual presence.
  • 🤘 Fans of KISS and Paul Stanley’s signature style.
  • 🔥 Players needing robust sustain and rich resonance.

The PS series from Ibanez, co-designed with the Starchild himself, Paul Stanley of KISS, is as audacious and bold as the music it’s meant to create.

It’s a guitar series that doesn’t just sound the part but looks it too, with its striking aesthetics capturing the essence of the hard rock spirit. This guitar is a showpiece, a nod to the flamboyance of KISS, while ensuring that it backs up its looks with a powerful sonic punch.

With a mahogany body and a maple top, it offers the sustain and resonance needed for powerful chords and soaring solos.

The set-in neck construction further enhances these qualities, making every note count. The inclusion of Seymour Duncan ’59 model and Custom 5 pickups ensures a tonal palette versatile enough to handle the dynamic range of hard rock, from subtle nuances to all-out auditory assault.


  • Designed to stand out on stage with a bold look.
  • Sustain and resonance in spades.

Key Specs:

  • Mahogany and maple build for a rich tone.
  • Seymour Duncan ’59 and Custom 5 pickups for diverse sound possibilities.

FTM – Fredrik Thordendal

Best For:

  • 🎛️ Prog-metal maestros craving precision for complex rhythms.
  • 🎚️ Players looking for extended range with an 8-string setup.
  • 🤘 Meshuggah fans and players inspired by Fredrik Thordendal’s sound.

The FTM series, a collaboration between Ibanez and the mathematical metal genius Fredrik Thordendal of Meshuggah, is a powerhouse designed for one purpose: mastery over the complex, polyrhythmic structures that are the band’s hallmark.

It’s an 8-string behemoth that pushes the boundaries of guitar playing into new territories. Each element of the FTM series is tailored for sonic precision and clarity, necessary when delving into the intricate and heavily syncopated riffs that Thordendal is known for.

This guitar series boasts a 29.4-inch scale length, which provides the tension needed for lower tunings without losing intonation or playability.

The custom Lundgren pickups are engineered to articulate the nuanced dynamics of Thordendal’s playing, capturing every detail even under extreme distortion.

Additionally, the chambered body not only aids in reducing weight for better ergonomics but also contributes to the guitar’s resonance, allowing every note to bloom fully.


  • A sonic behemoth for complex rhythms.
  • Unique pickups for a standout sound in the metal genre.

Key Specs:

  • 8 strings to cover a vast tonal range, with an extended 29.4-inch scale.
  • Chambered for comfort without sacrificing resonance.

PWM – Paul Waggoner

Best For:

  • 🔍 Precision seekers who need crystal-clear note definition.
  • 🤘 Fans of Paul Waggoner and progressive metal tone.
  • 🎶 Guitarists who require responsive dynamics for technical riffs.

The PWM series from Ibanez is a finely tuned instrument crafted for the discerning ears of progressive metal players, embodying the meticulous style of Paul Waggoner from Between the Buried and Me.

This guitar is a testament to precision, designed to articulate every note with clarity, ensuring that even the most complex passages are delivered with accuracy.

Featuring Mojotone PW Hornet pickups, the PWM is fine-tuned for high-output scenarios where definition is key. Every pickup position offers a balanced sound that can handle the rapid shifts in dynamics and tone often found in progressive metal.

The ash body and 3-piece maple/bubinga neck, coupled with the string-through-body design, provide a tonal foundation that’s both stable and resonant, crucial for maintaining sustain and harmonic richness.

Whether it’s the soft whisper of clean arpeggios or the thunderous roar of distorted riffs, the PWM series ensures that every nuance of your playing is captured and projected with precision.


  • Engineered for the intricacies of technical metal.
  • Pickups that cut through the mix with precision.

Key Specs:

  • Ash body with a 3-piece neck for stability.
  • String-through construction enhances sustain.

YY – Yvette Young

Best For:

  • 🎸 Shredders who thrive on tapping and intricate fingerwork.
  • 👩‍🎨 Artists seeking a guitar that supports expressive, detailed play.
  • 🎶 Those who crave a balance between ergonomic design and exceptional tone.

Yvette Young’s YY series is a shining example of a guitar built to cater to the unique demands of virtuosic fingerstyle and tapping techniques. This Ibanez model mirrors Young’s distinct approach to guitar, blending a sleek, compact design with the capacity for expressive, detailed play.

The alder body and maple neck of the YY series are a classic combination, delivering a balanced tone that’s both bright and warm, while the Seymour Duncan Five-Two pickups provide a versatile sound palette that can cut through a mix with clarity.

These pickups are specifically engineered to balance the bass and treble response, which is perfect for the dynamic range required by Young’s playing style.

Ideal for guitarists who push the boundaries of traditional play, the YY series supports the precision and nuance that tapping and intricate fingerwork demand.


  • Ergonomic design for complex playing techniques.
  • Clear and articulate, even during rapid tapping passages.

Key Specs:

  • Alder body and maple neck for a snappy response.
  • Seymour Duncan Five-Two pickups offer a versatile tonal range.

Ibanez FAQs

Where are Ibanez signature guitars made?

Ibanez, a name that resonates with quality and craftsmanship in the guitar world, has its signature models crafted in various locations.

The prestige line, often including signature models, is typically made in Japan, where meticulous attention to detail is a cultural hallmark.

These guitars are a testament to Ibanez’s commitment to excellence, combining traditional techniques with innovative technology.

What is the most valuable Ibanez?

When it comes to value, the Ibanez JEM Series, especially the older and limited edition models, often fetch a high price. Designed in collaboration with guitar virtuoso Steve Vai, these guitars are not just instruments but collectibles. Their unique design, with the distinctive “monkey grip” handle, and top-tier components make them a treasure for enthusiasts and collectors alike.

What is the best Ibanez guitar for a budget?

For those who want the Ibanez experience without the hefty price tag, the Ibanez Gio series is the go-to choice.

These guitars are designed for players who demand quality and affordability. They offer a comfortable playing experience and the classic Ibanez look, making them ideal for beginners or those on a tight budget.

Absolute Beginner? No problem.

Learn how to 10x your guitar playing, use all the latest gear, and record like a professional – all from the comfort of your bedroom!

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