The New Ibanez RG565: Reinventing A Classic Shredder’s Dream Guitar In 2020

The New Ibanez RG565: Reinventing A Classic Shredder's Dream Guitar In 2020
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The Ibanez RG series is well-known in the Metal community for being a perfect option for shredders everywhere. But the new Ibanez RG565 puts a interesting spin on the beloved series, and brings back a classic.

The New Ibanez RG565: Reinventing A Classic Shredder's Dream Guitar In 2020
Original Ibanez RG565 Circa 1991

Ibanez RG565: Restructuring A Classic

Ibanez released the original RG Series almost 35 years ago. The model was based on Steve Vai’s popular Jem signature guitar, and sold like hotcakes in the late 80’s to shredders across the globe. The models generally had a H-S-H pickup configuration.

But Ibanez went on to tweak the RG model more than a few times. Making a hardtail version, 7 string Universe, and many other variants. Eventually, in the early 90’s they made the Ibanez RG565. The RG565 was a departure from the usual design in a lot of ways, but unfortunately it wasn’t very popular.

It was not the design or the features of the Ibanez RG565 that landed it in the forgotten pile. It was the birth of Grunge, and overall lack of interest in Metal music and shredding. In the early 90’s Fender and Gibson dominated the market. leaving Ibanez, B.C. Rich and other Metal focused brands on the sidelines. The Ibanez RG565 was discontinued after just one year of production.

But it only took a few years for Metal to make a comeback when it came to the guitar market, and the 2000’s have seen a huge resurgence of guitar players that like to shred. Believe me, Ibanez has taken full advantage of that.

This is not the first time we have seen the Ibanez RG565 make a comeback. It was reissued in 2010 as a limited model, made in Indonesia. But it wasn’t until now that we see it in all it’s original glory. This is all thanks to the Genesis Collection, which revisits classic Ibanez models.

Ibanez RG565 Features and Specs

The New Ibanez RG565: Reinventing A Classic Shredder's Dream Guitar In 2020

The newest member of the Genesis Collection has all of the features you would expect from a Made In Japan Ibanez. Anyone who has played a Prestige Ibanez knows they are on a different level when it comes to quality and the Ibanez RG565 is no exception. The Made In Japan models have a superior attention to detail and craftsmanship.

The New Ibanez RG565 features:

  • Reverse Headstock
  • Two Finish Options
  • Basswood Body
  • 5 piece Neck
  • Matching Inlay Dots
  • Ceramic Blade Neck Pickup
  • Infinity Bridge Humbucker
  • Single Volume/Tone
  • Five Way Blade Switch
  • Ibanez Edge Tremolo System
  • Locking Nut

The standout features are definitely the pickups in this model. The only Ibanez I can think of that has a single coil/humbucker setup is the Joe Satriani model. This pickup configuration seems to be getting more popular, as the New Solar guitars are set up the same way.

The neck pickup is a blade style single coil that is extra hot, while still retaining some warmth. Much like the Satriani models, this lends the Ibanez RG565 to being very versatile. Not only will the neck pickup be good for clean tones, it can also add some extra flair to your solos by offering a different tone than a humbucker can give.

The bridge humbucker is the familiar V8 Infinity Alnico pickup that has been used in countless models over the years. These are “in house” pickups made by Ibanez, but they are no slouch when it comes to getting heavy tones. In other Ibanez models, I have found that these work great under copious amounts of gain, with clarity and definition.

The five way switch allows you to split both pickups, to get a single coil/out of phase sound. This is pretty common with Ibanez guitars, and adds a ton of tonal options.

The New Ibanez RG565: Reinventing A Classic Shredder's Dream Guitar In 2020
Ibanez RG565

The other standout features are the reverse headstock and the maple fretboard. The reverse headstock is a fan favorite among Ibanez lovers, and is not featured on enough models in my opinion. The same goes for maple fretboards, as Ibanez usually goes with rosewood or some other dark wood variant.

The icing on the cake is the matching colored inlay dots. This is a tiny feature that is barely even noticeable from a distance, but i have always thought it was very cool.

The Ibanez RG565 comes in two different finishes: Emerald Green and Fluorescent Orange. Both finishes look great, and go against the grain of the usual “Standard Black” Metal guitar. The Dome knobs and Edge Tremolo are finished in gloss black on both models.

Ibanez RG565: Some Thoughts…

The New Ibanez RG565: Reinventing A Classic Shredder's Dream Guitar In 2020

I think the Genesis Collection was the answer to many fans of Ibanez guitars. People that love Ibanez REALLY love Ibanez. The used market was the only way to find many of the classic RG designs that fans were looking for. But the Genesis Collection allows the customer to finally get these classic guitars, brand new.

Ibanez flooded the market with the Indonesian made models over the last decade, and almost ignored the Prestige Japan Models. These models, such as the Iron label, were popular. While Ibanez expanded the affordable lines, isolation set in for the original consumer base: People who wanted a perfectly crafted shred machine.

So it’s great to see Ibanez to go back to their roots with the Genesis Collection, and even more surprising to see the rejuvenation of forgotten models like the Ibanez RG565. But that isn’t without a few caveats…

I think the Genesis Collection is great, but it lacks some of the usual Prestige features that made the “MIJ” guitars so appealing. Prestige models used to come loaded with Dimarzio pickups, and good quality electronics. I guess it’s a little sad that these newer models don’t have those features.

At any rate, it’s nice to see a forgotten model come back from the grave! These are a cool option for Ibanez players that are looking for an RG, but want something just a little different.

What is the price of the new Ibanez RG565?

So far, Ibanez has not released the price. It will probably be announced in January at NAMM.

Does the new Ibanez RG565 come with a case?

The Genesis Collection comes with a hard shell case.

What colors does the new Ibanez RG565 come in?

Emerald Green and Fluorescent Orange.

When is the release date for the new Ibanez RG565?

Ibanez has not yet set the release date.


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