Brand NEW SINARO Playthrough 2021: The Band Tells Us About Humanity’s “Extinction”!

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Sinaro is a band I have been following for a while, and Gus has become a good friend of mine. Today we take a look at what the band has been up to during the lockdowns, and their new video for a brutal track!

SINARO In 2021: It’s Been A Rough Year For Musicians

This past year, we have taken a look at some great albums that were spawned during lockdown. I got to speak to Spiritbox and review the “Eternal Blue” album this year. We have also checked out the new stuff from Every Time I Die, and Mastodon. The lockdowns might have put a hold on touring, but bands definitely didn’t just hang up the towel and quit. The internet has been a huge advantage for big, touring bands.

There have been virtual concerts, online album release parties, and all kinds of other ways for bands to engage with fans. Luckily, things are getting back on track for most bands, as shows have started popping up more and more across the country. But to say it was a gut punch for most artists when tours were being cancelled, is an understatement. We talked with Sinaro earlier this year about the lockdowns, disappointments, and cancelled tours.

Sinaro is a New York Metal band that I have followed for quite a while, and I count Gus Sinaro as a good friend. Throughout the pandemic, we have talked back and forth. Last month, he told me that they were recording some killer new playthrough videos from their last albumThe Living Dead, which is by far their best album to date.

The subject matter of this 2019 album was almost prophetic. It wove images of political discourse, and the problems humanity faces, into a cohesive package. It’s a shame, that we saw exactly what the album was warning us about later in 2020, and 2021. The past two years have been a dumpster fire, and just like the Metallica album that Gus Sinaro cherishes so much (…And Justice For All), “The Living Dead” is just as relevant in society today.

If you are unfamiliar with Sinaro, you are missing out on some seriously awesome Metal. I like to think of Sinaro as a band that picked up where Metallica left off in the late 80’s… carrying the torch, and progressing further than their peers. Gus writes some really interesting riffs that harken back to 80’s thrash just as much as he pulls from more modern influences. The result is a no holds barred approach to songwriting that can be melodic and brutal at the same time:

“SINARO infuses Thrash and heavy elements with an even more melodic and anthemic sheen as showcased on their debut release, “No Salvation” a Hard Rock album with heavy guitar riffs, tons of melodies and relatable lyrics. The EP “Ruins Of The Empire” showcases a heavier side of SINARO and features ANDY JAMES on solos as well as the mixer of this release.

With the “Living Dead” album release, mastermind Gus Sinaro takes it up to the next level and delivers his best work to date. Mixed and mastered by the one and only Chris “Zeuss” Harris (Rob Zombie, Queensryche, Hatebreed among many others) “

Sinaro Official

We seem to live in an age where Metal has been very homogenized, and everyone is still trying to be the next Periphery or Architects. Progressive metal is certainly a trend that doesn’t seem to have an end in sight. But it’s not that I dislike Prog Metal at all, I quite enjoy it. But it is no longer special if everyone is doing it. Some bands have changed their whole style just to cash in.

So bands like Sinaro are a breath of fresh air for people like me, who like to hear great riffs and searing, epic solos. Sinaro also knows how to write a good hook for a chorus that you want to sing along to in the car when you’re driving. It’s very different from most modern Metal and Rock, and that’s a good thing for sure.

Every week I check the new releases on Spotify, and I swear to God, I can’t tell the difference between some of these bands. Maybe I am just getting old? Get off my lawn!

Sinaro spent some time during the pandemic to do some new playthrough videos, and Gus has been releasing them over the last month. “Extinction” is the first track on the latest album, and acts as the setting for the sonic onslaught that you are about to witness. I asked Gus Sinaro about what the track meant to him, and his process writing the album opener.

“Extinction” sets the tone for “The Living Dead” album and was hugely inspired by Metallica’s “Blackened” and “…And Justice for All” album. It’s scary that the lyrical content of that Metallica album is still relevant today and the riffs are just as menacing as they were over 30 years ago. An absolute masterpiece in my eyes.

I also obviously infused some of my other influences in writing “The Living Dead” album. You can hear a blend of some Pantera, Machine Head, Megadeth, Annihilator, Trivium, All That Remains, and many more.

Fun fact: I wrote and recorded all guitars, bass and vocals for all of SINARO albums out there! I’m glad I was able to achieve the vision I had in my head and established the band’s sound. But, I do look forward to collaborating with my band now, and writing new material as a collective instead of me doing all the hard work!”

Gus Sinaro

“Extinction” acts as the perfect opener for the album, to me. You get some very soothing harmonized guitar melodies at the beginning over clean guitar chords. This almost lulls you into a false sense of security. You know you’re about to get smacked with a riff any moment now! When the riff does finally kick in, it’s a brutal 7 string punch in the teeth. The riff reminds me of something Carcass would have written in the 90’s, but we are just getting warmed up!

The verses are double bass kicks and some serious chugs. The solo that Gus plays is one of my favorites on the album (albeit short), and leads to another signature harmonized dual guitar riff. Also to note: this is the first playthrough I have seen that includes their drummer, which was a nice treat. Enough talking, check out the brand new playthrough for “Extinction” here:

Gear And Social Media For Sinaro

Gus Sinaro used his typical setup for the recording, something he calls the “Three E’s”. This refers to ESP Guitars, EMG Pickups, and Ernie Ball.:

If you want to check out more Sinaro, check out their Youtube and hit that subscribe button! Gus uploads new videos, as well as some of their classics. You can find Sinaro elsewhere too, and keep up with upcoming tour dates:

Facebook: Sinaro Official

Instagram: Sinaro

Spotify: Sinaro Official

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