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Latest Schecter News, Reviews & Guides

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Are Schecter Guitars Good?

The simple answer to this question is: yes, Schecter guitars are very good. We’re massive fans of Schecter guitars here at ELECTRIKJAM because they’re well made, they play great, and the company makes a wide range of models from Tele-style to more unique, exotic designs.

But the best thing about Schecter guitars is that, like Epiphone, they have a huge range of models across a wide range of price points. Schecter caters to hobbyist players with models in the $300 to $600 range and professional players with its more expensive guitars – up to and over $1000 to $1500.

Schecter guitars are made in South Korea before being sent back to the USA to be set up inside the Schecter custom shop. In 1998, Schecter introduced its Diamond series of “affordable” guitars. Since then, Schecter has been growing and growing as a brand in the space. Although its biggest advocates are usually metal guitarists.

Are Schecter Guitars Good For Metal?

Schecter guitars are designed with heavier music in mind. If you want to play metal – or any of its sub-genres – a Schecter guitar will be perfect for you. Schecter outfits its guitars with excellent pickups, fast necks, and amazing electronics, so you can easily dial in a truly epic guitar tone.

For metal, a Schecter guitar is ideal. But you’re not limited to metal music. A Schecter guitar will be able to handle anything you want to do – from blues to jazz and even pop music. To my eyes, though, Schecter’s natural home is inside the metal scene. Its guitars just have that quintessential “metal” look about them.

Schecter Pickups – What’re Your Options?

Schecter makes all of its own pickups. These pickups are all hand-wound in Schecter’s custom shop too. You have an array of options as well from Schecter humbuckers to its calibrated sets and even single coil options. Schecter pickups are well known for their tone and overall quality.

And because you have a fair few options with respect to pickups on a Schecter guitar, you can get pretty much whatever tone you’re going after. Wanna play music that sounds like Iron Maiden or Hendrix? Go with the single coils. Need something that really cooks? Go with any of its Humbuckers – they’re hot and they sound like a banshee when you crank the volume.

Since our inception, Schecter has produced celebrated humbucker pickups that have put us on the map for collectors around the world. In honor of those classics, Schecter has reached back to its roots and redeveloped some of our greatest hits. By using modern day technology, and while maintaining the appearance and tone of previous vintage versions, Schecters “hard to find” and rare pickups are now easily available. Finding that desired look and tone requires no more than browsing these pages. In addition to once again producing time-honored replicas, Schecter also continues to push the boundries of guitar research by introducing contemporary series such as the Apocalypse and Brimstone pickups. From vintage to ultra hot tone, six string to eight, Schecter has something for everyone..


Best Schecter Guitars

  1. Schecter C7 SLS Elite

    This is a fully upgraded, ready for battle 7 string! Featuring locking tuners, premium woods, compound radius, and Fishman Fluence Modern pickups! This is the perfect 7 string for shredders looking for the best of the best.

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  2. Schecter Guitar Research Demon-7

    Ready for your most face-melting riffage and heaviest down-tuned rhythms, the extended-range Schecter Demon-7 is loaded with their Diamond Active pickups, perfectly voiced for aggressive playing. With the famed Schecter C1 body shape, a fast maple neck with smooth wenge fingerboard with gothic cross inlays, the Demon 7 is a great budget shredder!

    Best Price!
  3. Schecter Guitar Research C-8 MS Silver Mountain 8-String Multi-Scale

    When six or seven strings won’t suffice, reach for the Schecter C-8 MS Silver Mountain. This 8-string extended range guitar is geared for high output metal, but is formidable regardless of genre. The mahogany body pairs with a 3-piece mahogany neck that’s reinforced with carbon fiber. The profile is a thin C-shape; the ebony fretboard has a 27–25.5″ multi scale with long lasting stainless steel frets. An ultra-access neck heel puts every fret within reach.

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  4. Schecter Sun Valley Super Shredder Exotic Hardtail

    The Schecter Sun Valley Super Shredder Exotic electric guitar blends the best of throwback styles and modern playability for ultimate shredding potential. It features corrosion-resistant stainless-steel appointments and an eye-catching black limba body/zircote. The wenge neck has has an ultra-thin profile for high-velocity soloing. The 12”-16” compound radius ebony fingerboard is outfitted with 24 extra-jumbo frets and the 25.5” scale neck offers an ideal amount of string tension to accommodate lower tunings.

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  5. Schecter Van Nuys

    The PT Van Nuys from Schecter is a lean, mean rock ‘n’ roll machine with its own modern twist. Equipped with a calibrated Schecter USA SuperRock Vintage pickup set, the PT Van Nuys delivers a sweet mix of definition and power for a range of tones from rich and brilliant to overdrive with a little more bite.This Schecter Custom Shop Quality on a budget!

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  6. Schecter KM-7 Lambo Green

    The Schecter KM-7 is an absolute beast of a guitar, and it has every feature a 7 string player could possibly want. featuring a KM Fishman Fluence pickup in the bridge, and a Sustainiac in the neck, you have all kinds of tones to choose from. The sleek neck has a compound radius that was made to be a shred machine.

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  7. Schecter Hellraiser FRS

    The ultimate shredder’s axe! This is the best of the best when it comes to Schecter Guitars! This guitar has a proper Floyd Rose, and EMG 81 pickup in the bridge, and the amazing Sustainiac system. Featuring a thin and modern C-shaped neck that plays itself, and beautiful abalone binding and inlays.

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  8. Schecter Nick Johnston HSS

    The Schecter Nick Johnston Traditional HSS brings new punch and potential to Johnston’s beloved guitar model at a budget price. The Schecter Nick Johnston Traditional features a 14” radius roasted maple neck carved to his signature “C” shape, outfitted with a 25.5”-scale roasted maple fingerboard, brass circle inlays, locking tuners, and 22 extra-jumbo frets. This is a tone machine!

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  9. Schecter Nick Johnston HSS

    The Schecter Nick Johnston pairs classic looks with modern day features. The Schecter NJ is designed to be a speed machine that cleans up as nicely as it roars!

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  10. Schecter Sun Valley Super Shredder

    This awesome 80’s/retro inspired guitar is loaded with everything you need to shred. Active EMG Pickups, Bolt-on construction, and a Floyd Rose 1500 bridge. Start shredding!

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    Schecter SVSS

  11. Schecter Nick Johnston Lefty

    Nick Johnston is world-renowned for his impeccable musicianship, stellar performance, as well as his beautiful Custom Shop Schecter Guitars. And now, for the first time ever, Schecter’s new Left Handed Diamond Series Nick Johnston Traditional delivers many of the specs of Nick’s signature axe at a price point that is accessible to working musicians.

  12. Schecter CR6

    The Schecter CR-6 has the looks, feel, and sound of a guitar designed to catapult your playing into a whole new stratosphere. The Apocalypse-II pickups deliver a crushing mid-range while maintaining a tight, focused, and articulate response, designed to shake the ground you stand on. The volume/(coil split)/tone 3-way switch controls allows you to maximize all of the tonal capabilities these bone crunching pickups offer and with premium-grade CTS potentiometers!

  13. Schecter Guitar Research Jack Fowler Traditional

    Featuring dual Pasadena pickups, this is NOT your typical “Traditional”. Locking tuners, a TUSQ nut, and a bridge that can dive AND stay in tune! Extra Jumbo frets and a great neck make this a shred machine!

  14. Schecter Guitar Research Machine Gun Kelly PT

    Locking tuners, TUSQ nut, and a no frills single pickup setup. This guitar is ready to rock.

  15. Schecter Guitar Research Machine Gun Kelly PT

    Locking tuners, TUSQ nut, and a single humbucker in the bridge. This is all you need to rock!

  16. Schecter Guitar Research Solo-II Supreme Cat's Eye Black Burst
    • Flamed maple top with a mahogany body
    • 3-piece mahogany neck in a thick “C”-shaped profile
    • Ebony fingerboard with mother-of-pearl line inlays


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