PRS Launches Beautiful New Silver Sky Designs For 2023!

PRS New Silver Sky Colors
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The new Silver Sky Designs were exactly what customers have asked for from PRS, and the guitar behemoth has delivered. Today we take a look at the new models, and see if anything has changed.

PRS seems to have an interesting way of updating the main guitar lineups. For example, PRS released the new Mark Holcomb earlier this year, and the only change was the finish and the pickups. However, both of those features were issues with customers.

When it came to the Silver Sky, there was originally quite a bit of backlash. Many players took issue with PRS basically making a “Strat” style guitar, and keyboard warriors everywhere unleashed their anger. But more and more, guitarists started to accept the idea, and the first Silver Sky models sold out quickly.

Since then, PRS has really pushed the Silver Sky with Special Finishes, and lots of cool models. But it wasn’t until the PRS SE Silver Sky was released, that we poor mortals could afford one! Almost every feature from the USA model was transferred to the Import Lineup from last year.

We even got to review the new Silver Sky SE models, and I was thoroughly impressed with the guitars. It played like a much more expensive guitar, and it really blew Fender guitars in the same price range out of the water.

In fact, PRS has really tightened up QC by building its own section of the PT Cort plant in Indonesia, from the ground up. That means more attention goes into every model of the SE lineup, and the guitars really speak for themselves at this point. It may be a budget guitar, but it has some serious class.

The first versions of the SE Silver Sky all had dark fretboards, which was ok with most buyers. The problem was that John Mayer seemed to favor the maple-necked versions in concerts. Many of the people buying these guitars are Mayer fans, and also Stratocaster fans in general.

So PRS listened to the customers, and we have some new Silver Sky models to check out. No only do we have new colors, but we also have new materials that have been highly requested. So let’s take a look at what PRS has to offer with this best-selling signature series.

PRS Silver Sky: Features And Specs

PRS New Silver Sky Colors

Something that I mentioned in my original review of the SE Silver Sky, is that these guitars are really pushing the boundaries of what an Import model can be. I compared the SE models back to back with the USA series in my initial review, and the two are awfully close in quality and playability.

There will always be people that look down on the affordable, import models. But when it comes to the new Silver Sky models, these are almost as good as the USA bigger brother. The sound is there, and the quality is top notch. In my case, I like the import models even more than their USA models.

The SE Silver Sky Maple is a familiar iteration of the original Silver Sky model that was first introduced with John Mayer in 2018. This workhorse guitar provides ample tone and playability in three distinct colors, delivering looks, feel, and sound.


  • Poplar Body
  • Maple Neck
  • Maple/Rosewood Fretboard
  • Small Bird Inlays
  • 25.5 Scale
  • 8.5 Radius
  • 22 Frets
  • 635JM “S” Pickups
  • 2 Point Trem
  • Synthetic Bone Nut
  • Volume and Two Tone Controls with 5-Way Blade Pickup Switch
  • Stone Gray, Purple Passion, and Nylon Blue Colors

Features Overview

Just like a lot of the newer SE guitars, new colors get introduced, but the mainstay features remain the same. The new PRS Silver Sky models have not changed any of the features from the original models. That being said, the Evergreen and Dragon Fruit colors will be discontinued.

PRS is sticking to the 8.5 radius, which I definitely approve of, since I like this neck much better than the USA models! I tried them back to back, and the SE models seem to just feel better in my hands. The 8.5 radius is in between vintage and modern, and it feels great.

The USA models were based on a 60s Fender that John had in his collection, and that neck had a vintage radius of 7.25. Some guitarists really like a curved neck radius, but I certainly prefer the flatter 8.5. The fretwork is impeccable across all of the Silver Sky models.

I have always liked the look of a “raw” Maple neck. While the new Silver Sky models do have a light poly finish, the necks feel and look like raw Maple. The neck has a dual action truss rod, like all PRS guitars, so getting it set up is no problem.

The pickups are still the star of the show to me, and I enjoy having a tone control for the bridge pickup. These have that classic Strat sound, but the mids are a little more scooped. This works out great for the “in between” Strat positions that usually have a little too much bite.

They definitely do those classic “spank” tones that you want to get out of a Strat-Style guitar. All of the SE models come with a great gig bag instead of a hard case, which is a staple of PRS guitars in general. Paul himself seems to think that the gig bag is easier to transport, and I agree.

Again, when I compare these to the USA models, I seem to favor the SE guitars. There was a time when the SE models of any PRS variant was seriously lacking. Now, every model in the SE lineup has something to offer working musicians, and studio pros.

I mean, for the price of a Core Model, or USA Custom Shop guitar, I could have 5 or 6 of the SE models. I wouldn’t be missing out on playability or tone, either. These are great guitars, at any price range, and the new DGT is a testament to this. The overhaul of the SE lineup that happened around the time of the release of the original Silver Sky is still going strong.

The new Silver Sky Rosewood colors are a serious upgrade as well. While I certainly like the Maple versions, the new Rosewood colors that are offered are also a response to customer feedback, discontinuing the less-popular models.

I didn’t “love” any of the launch colors when the SE Silver Sky was announced. The Piano Black And Storm Grey are great for the rosewood models. I absolutely love the Purple Passion in the Maple variant.

Wrapping Up…

New Silver Sky

All together, the new Silver Sky is part of a movement that is being lead by Schecter and PRS these days. Both companies are releasing some amazing guitars for under $1000, and these are great guitars that rival any of the other brands.

Two years ago we were blown away by the Schecter Nick Johnston, and then came the new Silver Sky just a few months later. Sure, you can call these guitars a “Strat” if you want, but the price tag is much lower than a Fender. The quality is spectacular, as well. Budget guitars are catching up to the bigger companies, at a scary rate.

This is why I say that we are in the “Golden Age Of Guitar” all the time. The Schecter and PRS guitars that are being offered for budget prices, where guitars with these features would have been closer to the Custom Shop prices just 20 years ago.

The new Silver Sky models didn’t change much beyond some color options, but should they change? These guitars are already as close to the USA versions as they can get, and my only gripe is the lack of locking tuners. Sure, the USA pickups definitely sound a little different, but are they better?

The PRS Silver Sky is a killer deal for anyone that wants a Strat, but doesn’t exactly want a Fender. Some people use Fender because they are a legacy company, but these other companies are giving updated features for the same money or less. I feel like Gibson could also take some notes, but that’s a different story.

Nothing has really changed on the new Silver Sky, but nothing should be changed. These are just fine the way they are, and if that release a pink model with a Maple neck, I am sure the internet would explode. Until then, we have some classy colors and options to choose from, and significant PRS quality across the board.

PRS SE Silver Sky With Maple Fretboard Electric Guitar Summit Purple

This PRS SE Silver Sky is a familiar iteration of the original Silver Sky model first introduced with John Mayer in 2018. This workhorse guitar provides ample tone and playability in three distinct colors, delivering looks, feel and sound.


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