Josh Homme’s Other Bands & Projects: A Complete Guide

Josh Homme's Other Bands & Projects: A Complete Guide
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Josh Homme. The man, the myth, the legend. Here’s all the bands and projects Josh Homme has been involved in over the years…

Josh Homme invented desert rock, was instrumental in making stoner rock a thing, popularised down-tuned rock and roll, and is the pride and joy of red-headed males all over the planet. As musicians go, Homme is one of the greats of the modern era – from KYUSS to QOTSA, he is rarely puts a foot wrong (save for that one time, when his foot did do something wrong).

From killer, iconic riffs to writing some of the best music of the last two decades, The Big J has done it all. But if you’re just getting started with Queens, you’re in for a treat – Josh Homme has been in LOADS of other bands. And you’re about to meet (and) hear them all…

Josh Homme and His Other Bands

Queens of the Stone Age Cancel Entire European Tour...


Before he was the king of Queens, Homme cut his teeth in the sweltering crucible of Palm Desert, California.

Kyuss, formed when Homme was barely old enough to drive, became the torchbearers of the “desert rock” sound. Their thick, fuzzed-out riffs and hypnotic grooves laid the groundwork for stoner rock as we know it.

Queens of the Stone Age

QOTSA is where Homme truly came into his own as a frontman and songwriter.

From the self-titled debut to the Grammy-nominated “…Like Clockwork,” Queens has been the primary vehicle for Homme’s distinctive blend of heavy riffs, pop hooks, and sardonic wit.

Eagles of Death Metal

Don’t let the name fool you – there’s nary a death metal growl to be found here.

With childhood friend Jesse Hughes at the helm and Homme often behind the drum kit, EODM serves up a platter of swaggering, tongue-in-cheek rock ‘n’ roll.

Them Crooked Vultures

When you team up with Dave Grohl and John Paul Jones, expectations are bound to be sky-high.

Them Crooked Vultures didn’t disappoint, delivering a slab of hard-rocking, prog-tinged excellence that left fans clamoring for more.

Desert Sessions

Think of it as Homme’s own personal Frankenstein’s lab.

The Desert Sessions have seen a rotating cast of musical misfits and luminaries experimenting, jamming, and creating some of the most intriguing sounds in rock.

The Collaborator: Homme’s Guest Appearances

Josh Homme's Other Bands & Projects: A Complete Guide

From Arctic Monkeys to Iggy Pop, Homme’s guitar work and production skills have graced albums by some of rock’s biggest names. His collaboration with Iggy on “Post Pop Depression” stands as a particular high water mark.

Mondo Generator

While not strictly a Homme project, his contributions to Nick Oliveri’s Mondo Generator showcase the enduring musical bond between these two desert rock veterans.

The Rekords Rekords Label

Homme’s record label has been a platform for up-and-coming artists and side projects, further cementing his role as a tastemaker in the rock world.

Producer Credits

Homme’s talents extend beyond performing, with an impressive list of production credits to his name.

Some notable examples include:

  1. Arctic Monkeys – “Humbug” (2009)
  2. Iggy Pop – “Post Pop Depression” (2016)
  3. The Desert Sessions – Volumes 9 & 10 (2003) and 11 & 12 (2019)
  4. Royal Blood – “Royal Blood” (2014) – Co-producer on two tracks
  5. CKY – “Volume 1” (1999) – Co-producer
  6. Mark Lanegan – “Bubblegum” (2004) – Co-producer
  7. Mastodon – “Crack the Skye” (2009) – Additional production
  8. Foo Fighters – “Concrete and Gold” (2017) – Guest appearance and production on one track

Homme’s production style often brings out the raw, unfiltered essence of the artists he works with, adding his signature touch without overshadowing the original vision.

As the man himself once said, “I think you should make something that you would want to hear.” And for decades now, that’s exactly what he’s been doing – what a f**king legend.


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