How to Set Up Fender Meteora: Pro Tips & Tricks

Fender Meteora
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Here’s a quick and simple guide ALL about how to properly set up the Fender Meteora, complete with video overviews of how to do each one…

So you’ve got your hands on a Fender Meteora, a guitar that’s as unique in design as it is in sound. But before you dive into those riffs and solos, you’ll want to make sure it’s set up correctly.

Why? Because a poorly set-up guitar can lead to a host of issues, from poor intonation to tuning instability.

In this guide, I’ll walk you through the essential steps to set up your Fender Meteora like a pro.

How to Set Up Fender Meteora: A Complete Guide

Fender Meteora

Adjust the Nut Slots

  • Why It Matters: The nut slots dictate the height and spacing of your strings at the headstock end. If they’re too high, you’ll struggle with playability. Too low, and you’ll get fret buzz.
  • How to Do It: Use a specialized nut file or fine-grit sandpaper to adjust the slots. The goal is to have the strings sit just above the first fret.
  • Real-World Example: Think of the nut like the foundation of a house. If it’s uneven, the entire structure (in this case, your playing) will be off.

Set The Intonation

  • Why It Matters: Intonation ensures that your guitar sounds in-tune across the entire fretboard. If it’s off, a note played at the 12th fret could sound out of tune even if the open string is perfectly tuned.
  • How to Do It: To set the intonation, you’ll need to adjust the saddle position on the bridge. Play the open string and then the note at the 12th fret. Use a chromatic tuner to check both. If they’re not the same, move the saddle forward or backward until they match.
  • Real-World Example: Imagine you’re singing a duet and your partner is slightly off-key. It ruins the harmony, right? The same goes for your guitar if the intonation is off.

Adjust the Pickup Height

  • Why It Matters: The height of the pickups affects your guitar’s tone. Too high, and you’ll get a distorted, “muddy” sound. Too low, and your output will be weak.
  • How to Do It: Use a screwdriver to adjust the screws on either side of the pickup. The ideal height varies depending on your playing style and the type of pickups, but a good starting point is to have the pickups as close to the strings as possible without causing interference.
  • Real-World Example: It’s like adjusting the focus on a camera. A minor tweak can make a world of difference in clarity.

Adjust the Tremolo Bridge

  • Why It Matters: If your Fender Meteora has a tremolo bridge, proper setup is crucial for maintaining tuning stability.
  • How to Do It: Adjust the tension of the springs in the back cavity of the guitar. This will either tighten or loosen the tremolo arm’s responsiveness.
  • Real-World Example: Think of the tremolo bridge as the suspension in a car. If it’s too loose or too tight, you’ll feel every bump on the road—or in this case, every flaw in your playing.

Check the Tuning Stability

  • Why It Matters: All your setup efforts will be in vain if your guitar doesn’t stay in tune.
  • How to Do It: After completing the above steps, play the guitar for a few minutes. Use a tuner to check if it’s staying in tune. If not, revisit the nut slots and tremolo bridge adjustments.
  • Real-World Example: This is like the final quality check in a manufacturing line. If the product isn’t up to standard, it’s back to the drawing board.

Final Thoughts

Setting up a Fender Meteora isn’t just a one-time task; it’s an ongoing process. As you play and the guitar adjusts to different conditions, you’ll need to revisit these steps. Changes in temperature, pressure, and humidity can and will affect how your guitar sounds.

And, as noted inside our Tele vs Meteora guide, the Fender Meteora isn’t without its QC issues, so getting acquainted with guitar maintenance, if you own a Meteora, is probably a worthwhile investment of your time.

This is just how life is with guitars, they need constant care and attention to get the best possible tone out of them. Learning the basics – listed above – is a great place to start your guitar maintenance journey.

Get the basics right, and you’ll not only sound better but also find the guitar far more enjoyable to play. But if all of this seems to complex or you’re worried about breaking your Fender Meteora, that’s cool. I used to be the same. You can always take it to a professional and have it set up by them.

Either way, regardless of how much you paid for a guitar it is always advisable to get it set up correctly once you unbox it. It doesn’t take long and it’ll pay major dividends down the road, improving the tone, the feel, and the longevity of your guitar.


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