Here’s Tom DeLonge’s New Customized Fender Starcaster…

Tom DeLonge’s New Customized Fender Starcaster
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New Fender Starcaster Gets Tom DeLonge’s Unique Touch

Fender’s latest Starcaster guitar has been customized by musician Tom DeLonge. The guitar features a Sonic Blue color scheme with a retro plaid design. Aptly-named Fender Master Builder Brian Thrasher first unveiled the instrument on Instagram, describing it as “a winner.”

DeLonge Endorses New Fender Starcaster Design

Fender Starcaster

Tom DeLonge publicly expressed his approval of the guitar. He commented on Thrasher’s Instagram post, dubbing the instrument the “#Burberry-Caster,” a nod to its high-end craftsmanship and chic aesthetic.

The guitar’s unique finish involved a complex process. A clear film was applied over the plaid design to protect it during sanding, according to Thrasher.

Technical Specifications

The Starcaster includes a Seymour Duncan SH-5 humbucker in the bridge position and a single Strat-style volume control.

Additional features include an oversized ’70s Strat headstock and a Gotoh tune-o-matic bridge.

This is not the first customized Starcaster for DeLonge. Past versions have included innovative finishes, such as one with meteorite dust. Thrasher confirmed that this “star dust” was a blend of Lunar, Martian, and Carbonaceous meteorites.

The use of meteorite dust was more than a gimmick. The sides and back of the guitar were torched to simulate the appearance of a meteor traveling through the atmosphere, adding a cosmic element to the instrument.

Release Date?

As for when you’ll be able to buy this special edition Starcaster, no one really knows. Fender is keen to crack on with the series, following Delonge rejoining (and currently) touring with Blink 182. We’ve reached out to Fender for more details, so we’ll update as soon as we know more…

Watch this space (or, the skies)…


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