Guitar Center Black Friday Deals – It’s ALREADY STARTED!

Guitar Center Black Friday Sale
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Black Friday comes but once a year. Still, this hasn’t stopped Guitar Center from jumping the gun and kicking off its Black Friday sales earlier than expected…

Are you thinking about buying a new guitar? If you are, you might want to hold your horses. Black Friday 2021 is just around the corner and there’ll be some great savings to be made on a massive range of guitars. Whether you’re looking to spend $3000 or $300, Black Friday is always a good time to pick up a new guitar.

Case in point: Guitar Center has kicked off its sales event early, offering hundreds of dollars thousands of guitars – you have Epiphone, Fender, Squire, and Gibson all present and accounted for. There’s also plenty of deals on acoustic guitars as well if that’s more your speed. Me? I’m all about the electric guitar these days. And I’m due a new one soon, so this Guitar Center sale couldn’t have come at a better time…

Guitar Center Black Friday Deals

You can check out ALL of Guitar Center’s Black Friday deals here. As I said in the intro, there are LOADS. Like several pages of deals across a range of different guitar brands and price points. Basically, whatever you’re looking for, you’ll find something that suits your needs.

If you need some advice on what to get, I’ve highlighted some of the best Guitar Center Black Friday deals below – these are guitars that all piqued my interest. And I’ve included options across all price points and styles.

Best Guitar Center Black Friday Guitar Deals

As you can see, there are some pretty epic savings to be had right now over at Guitar Center’s Black Friday sales event. There will be more added once Black Friday 2021 kicks off properly – it starts on 26th November and runs for 24 hours. The Monday after usually sees Cyber Monday happen, so there’ll be even more deals then too.

Me? I’m giving some serious consideration to picking up the Fender Player Stratocaster HSS. I’ve never owned a proper Fender before, and a Strat with HSS pickups is not only great for metal and rock, but it plays like an absolute dream. And for $749 (down from $859.99), that’s about as cheap as it’ll ever get to pick up a Fender Strat.

Check out ALL of Guitar Center’s Black Friday deals in full below; as I said, it’s not just guitars – you have deals on amps, cables, acoustic guitars, and pretty much everything else you can think of related to music and music production…

Guitar Center Black Friday Sale

Guitar Center Black Friday 2021

Save hundreds of bucks on the best guitars from the best brands, as well as acoustic guitars, amps, effects pedals, pedals, and more…



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