Gretsch Vintage Select ’89 Jet Reissue Confirmed For 2021

By Richard •  Updated: 01/14/21 •  2 min read

Gretsch will reissue its popular Vintage Select ’89 Jet later on this year, the guitar used by the late Chris Cornell in Soundgarden’s Black Hole Sun video

Fans of Chris Cornell, and Soundgarden in general, will be pumped to know that Gretsch will be reissuing its Gretsch Vintage Select ’89 Jet model later on this year. Cornell used a silver Vintage Select ’89 Jet during recording but played the Gold Sparkle model in the music video for Black Hole Sun.

soundgarden black hole sun guitar

Later this year, Gretsch will reissue the Vintage Select ’89 Jet in a range of new color options. According to a statement from the company, the Vintage Select ’89 Jet reissue will be available in the following new colors:

Gretsch Vintage Select ’89 Jet Reissue Colors

The Gretsch Vintage Select ’89 Jet reissue models will feature the same specifications as the one used by Cornell during the Superunknown era. And that means you get a pair of TV Jones pickups – specifically a TV Classic Plus in the bridge and a Classic in the neck.

Gretsch Vintage Select ’89 Jet Reissue Confirmed For 2021

With controls, you have a master volume with treble bleed circuit, a master tone, individual pickup volume controls, and a three-way pickup toggle switch. Again, this is the exact specification and configuration used on Cornell’s guitar during the recording of Superunknown.

Looking at build materials, the Gretsch Vintage Select ’89 Jet reissue features a chambered mahogany construction, maple set-neck with a 12 inch radius rosewood fretboard. You also get G-arrow knobs, a Bigsby vibrato, an Adjusto-Matic bridge, and a set of Gotoh tuners which is very cool indeed.

Gretsch Vintage Select ’89 Jet Reissue Release Date

The Gretsch Vintage Select ’89 Jet is expected to get a release during March 2021. The current RRP is $2599, making it a rather pricey setup. If you want something from Gretsch that still packs a punch but retails for a fraction of the cost, we’re MASSIVE fans of the Gretsch G2655 Streamliner – you can grab one for $499.99 via Sam Ash and it is great for metal/doom/sludge.

Gretsch G2655 Streamliner Specifications

If you’re on a budget, also check out our guide to the best affordable electric guitars (that are nearly as good as $1000+ models).


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