Fender Japan Strikes Again With EPIC, New Hybrid Series II Finishes…

Fender Japan Hybrid Series II
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If you love a good Fender, you need to see this – Fender Japan’s latest Hybrid Series II finishes are utter, utter guitar porn…


Fender Japan Debuts New Hybrid Series II Finishes…

Key Takeaways:

  • Fender Japan introduces two new finishes for Hybrid Series II: “Twilight” and “Sunset Orange Metallic”
  • New finishes blend traditional designs with modern aesthetics
  • Available on Stratocaster, Telecaster, Jazzmaster, Jazz Bass, and a unique HSS model
  • Features include quilted maple tops and Orange Drop capacitors
  • Offers vintage-inspired builds with modern specifications
  • Pricing starts at approximately $945 (150,700 Japanese Yen)
  • Targets players seeking distinctive looks without compromising classic Fender appeal

Hold onto your neon leg warmers and dust off your lava lamps, folks, because Fender Japan is at it again!

The mad scientists of the guitar world have birthed a new litter of six-string wonders that’ll make your grandpappy’s Strat blush and your Instagram feed explode.

Fender Japan has expanded its Hybrid Series II electric guitars with two new eye-catching finishes: “Twilight” and “Sunset Orange Metallic.”

Bathe Your Eyes In The Brilliance of The New Hybrid Series II…

And the result? They’re utterly gorgeous, illustrating just how much a difference a lick of paint can make when it comes to guitars.

Given Fender’s massive resurgence in recent years and its enduring popularity with players from all types of genres, stuff like this is just great to see – you just simply wouldn’t get anything like this from another legacy brand.

The whole “ethos” with the Hybrid Series is about blending traditional Fender designs with modern aesthetics.

The “Twilight” finish features a dramatic gradient from deep blue to vibrant orange, creating a striking visual effect. “Sunset Orange Metallic” offers a contemporary twist on the classic burst finish, with warm, fiery tones.

Fender Japan Hybrid Series II Lineup

These new finishes are available across the Hybrid Series II lineup, which includes:

  • Stratocaster
  • Telecaster
  • Jazzmaster
  • Jazz Bass
  • A unique HSS model reminiscent of Yamaha’s high-end Pacifica Professional

Key features of the Hybrid Series II:

  • Quilted maple tops
  • Orange Drop capacitors
  • Various pickup configurations for versatility
  • Vintage-inspired builds with modern specifications

The series also includes the notable Larimar Telecaster, featuring an ethereal finish inspired by a rare Dominican gemstone.

How Much Are Fender Japan’s Hybrid Series II Guitars?

Pricing for the Hybrid Series II starts at 150,700 Japanese Yen (approximately $945), which is round about what you’ll pay for a stock Fender here in the US, so that’s notable.

For more details on the new finishes and the entire Hybrid Series II range, visit Fender Japan’s official website.


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