Deftones New Album Produced By Nick Raskulinecz

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He’s the same producer the Deftones used on Diamond Eyes and Koi No Yokan, arguably two the band’s best modern albums

The new Deftones record – according to some sources – is just around the corner. Both Chino and Steph have confirmed much of the work on recording the new record is done and all that is left, potentially, is a final master. 

As for a release date, the band have confirmed that the new as-yet-untitled album will be arriving during the Summer of 2024 (which is now basically upon us, so it could be any time soon). 

Nick Raskulinecz is producing the new Deftones record, his third after Diamond Eyes and Koi No Yokan. Both of those records are pretty heavy and showcase some of the Deftones best work since White Pony, so forgive me for being unusually hyped about this album. 

Who Is Nick Raskulinecz

Nick Raskulinecz is a US producer and sound engineer. He started his professional career in and around 2001, working out of Sound City Studios in LA, and got his big break with The Foo Fighters, helping Grohl pen the ultra-popular One by One track and was subsequently hired for 2005’s In Your Honour. 

Since then Nick Raskulinecz has developed an extensive wrap sheet, working with a range of bands and artists across myriad genres – from Code Orange to Ash. 

Where Raskulinecz really shines, however, is when he’s paired with a metal band. He did Mastodon’s hidden gem, Cold, Dark Place, Korn’s 2019 album, The Nothing, and Skid Row’s The Gang’s All Here. But his best sounding work, in my opinion, save for Cold, Dark Place, would be Koi No Yokan. 

Expect Heaviness on New Deftones Record 

new deftones album

One of the key takeaways I get from Chino and Steph when they’re talking about the new album is that it is probably going to be pretty damn heavy – heavy like we haven’t seen in a good few years. 

And the inclusion of Raskulinecz as producer certainly lends itself to this theory. The last few albums he has worked on have been distinctly metal, and Deftones specifically recruited him for this record, not Ohms’ producer Terry Date, which means the band has definite ideas about the direction of the new record. 

This is also the first album the band have recorded without an official bass player; Sergio is no longer in the band, so I presume the Deftones are using ringers (session players) on this record in lieu of recruiting a new, full time member ahead of what will be a pretty heavy touring schedule in promotion of the record during 2025. 


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