Converge x Chelsea Wolfe Join Forces For Bloodmoon: I Album

Converge x Chelsea Wolfe
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Converge has teamed up with Chelsea Wolfe for a new album called Bloodmoon: I – here’s everything you need to know…

Converge has been pumping out amazing albums back to back since the beginning of the 1990s. They’re one of the hardest working, most uncompromising, and constant bands working today.

Converge’s discography is a tour de force of brutal, beautiful, unique, and challenging music. As a band, they have always pushed the boundaries and, unlike many of their peers, stayed true to their roots.

Lead by guitarist and one of my all-time favorite producers, Kurt Ballou, Converge’s new album will be slightly different from its last, The Dusk In Us. And the first track from the new album has me all giddy about what’s coming in 2022…

New Converge Album – Bloodmoon: I

Firstly, it will feature Chelsea Wolfe on vocals, alongside Jacob Banning. And Wolfe co-wrote the music with her long-time collaborator, Ben Chisholm, and if that wasn’t enough, Cave In’s vocalist/guitarist Stephen Brodsky has also been a key component of his new LP.

Ben introduced me to Converge when we started playing music together in 2009. A couple of years later, we saw that Converge had put Apokalypsis on a year-end list, so we were totally fanning out about that. When they reached out to Ben about performing some Converge songs with new arrangements, I said, ‘I want in on that…’ And it seems like they were happy to have me along.

Chelsea Wolfe

As always, the new album was produced by Converge’s Kurt Ballou, a producer that needs ZERO introduction. Having worked with all kinds of artists in the past couple of decades, Kurt is a legend in the metal scene. He produced all of Converge’s albums to date and his work is usually instantly recognizable: it sounds huge, organic, and very alive.

Converge – Blood Moon: I Track ListBlood Moon

  1. Viscera of Men
  2. Coil
  3. Flower Moon
  4. Tongues Playing Dead
  5. Lord of Liars
  6. Failure Forever
  7. Scorpion’s Sting
  8. Daimon
  9. Crimson Stone
  10. Blood Dawn

As for the tone and pitch of the record, it all seems very dark and gloomy which is exactly what you’d expect from Converge and Ms. Wolfe. In fact, I’d have been seriously peeved had there been any notes of hope or glimmers of happiness in the title track and/or the album’s official tracklisting.

New Converge Album – Blood Moon: I Release Date

Blood Moon: I will get a CD & digital release date on November 19th, with a vinyl release following in June 2022 – so you’ll have quite a wait for that. The album will be released by Epitaph Records, and you can pre-order it now via this link.

This Isn’t Chelsea Wolfe and Converge’s First Rodeo

Way back in 2016, Converge and Chelsea Wolfe performed some “deconstructed” Converge songs at Roadburn Festival in The Netherlands. The ensemble performed under the name “Bloodmoon” which is where the title of the album comes from.

Sadly, it took almost several years for Converge and Chelsea Wolfe to get together and start working on material that would go on to feature on the band’s next release, Blood Moon: I. The official collaboration started in 2019 and recording was done during the back end of 2020 at Kurt Ballou’s God City Studio in Salem, Massachusetts.


The addition of Wolfe’s vocals to Converge’s music is an interesting change of pace for the hardcore band. Converge has used guest vocalists in the past on specific tracks – Grim Heart / Black Rose, for instance – but never on an entire album.

Wolfe’s vocal range will be perfectly suited to Converge’s broad, expansive sound, however, so I am super excited to see how this plays out on the record.

Speaking about recording the new tracks, Wolfe said: “The project stretched my vocals in new ways. It’s so different than what I normally sing over that I was able to open up and be vulnerable with my vocals.”

Meanwhile, Jacob Banning, Converge’s vocalist, said the new record has plenty of new dynamics that really push the band’s boundaries, not just creatively and but also artistically. And after hearing the first song off the record, Blood Moon, I am very intrigued about this album.

In fact, I think this is one of the albums I’m looking forward to most this year. And, yes, I do know that Mastodon is about to release a new album too.

Converge x Chelsea Wolfe Join Forces For Bloodmoon: I Album


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