Boss Katana 3: What to Expect in 2024

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Gear enthusiasts and modeling amp aficionados are eagerly anticipating the release of the Boss Katana 3 series in 2024. Here’s what to expect…


Boss Katana 3: All The Rumored Updates

  • 🎚️ Improved Line Output: Additional gain on the line output for the clean setting to enhance recording and PA system flexibility.
  • 📱 Touch Screen Interface: A touch screen interface inspired by the GX-100 could simplify navigation and enhance user experience.
  • 📶 Bluetooth Connectivity: Wireless control via Bluetooth for convenient mobile device or tablet adjustments.
  • 🔌 Reinforced USB Port: A stronger USB port to improve durability, especially for frequent USB recording and editing use.
  • 🎛️ Expanded Effects Library: More built-in effects, leveraging Boss’s extensive range of iconic pedals and effects units.
  • 🎸 Enhanced Modeling Technology: Advanced modeling for more realistic and responsive amp and cabinet simulations.
  • 🔊 Improved Speaker System: Upgrades to the speaker system for better sound dispersion and a more immersive experience.

The Japanese amp and effects powerhouse recently teased the upcoming launch on their Instagram page, hinting at a new generation of Katana modeling amps that will build upon the success of the popular MKII line.

While the announcement has been met with mixed reactions from fans, many of whom have recently purchased the Katana MKII amps, the anticipation for the new features and enhancements is palpable.

The Katana MKII series has been a hot commodity since its release, with musicians and producers appreciating its versatility and powerful tone-shaping capabilities.

So, what can we expect from the Boss Katana 3 line?

Based on a bit of speculation, some leaks, and a chat with our contact at Thomann, several potential improvements and additions are said to be coming to the new Katana amp series.

Boss Katana 3 Features: Updates & Improvements

  1. Improved Line Output: Users are hoping for extra gain on the line output, particularly for the clean setting, to provide even more flexibility when recording or running the amp through a PA system.
  2. Touch Screen Interface: Taking inspiration from the GX-100, a touch screen interface could streamline the user experience and make it easier to navigate the amp’s extensive feature set.
  3. Bluetooth Connectivity: The addition of Bluetooth capabilities would allow for wireless control of the amp using a mobile device or tablet, making it more convenient to adjust settings on the fly.
  4. Reinforced USB Port: A stronger, more durable USB port would address concerns about the longevity of the connection, especially for users who frequently use the amp’s USB recording and editing features.
  5. Expanded Effects Library: While the Katana MKII already boasts an impressive array of built-in effects, the Katana 3 could introduce even more options, drawing from Boss’s vast library of iconic pedals and effects units.
  6. Enhanced Modeling Technology: Advances in modeling technology could lead to even more realistic and responsive amp and cabinet simulations, providing players with an even wider palette of tones to explore.
  7. Improved Speaker System: Upgrades to the speaker system, such as higher-quality drivers or a more efficient design, could result in better sound dispersion and a more immersive playing experience.

Release Date & Launch

There’s no official announcement in place just yet, save for the Instagram one. Nor is there a release date for the Boss Katana 3 series either. But I’d imagine it’ll be official before the end of the year – definitely in time for Christmas.

With the Katana MKII setting a high bar for modeling amps, expectations are high for the next generation. I am really interested to see what they do with it.

I have the MKII 100W and it is damn-near perfect for my needs. The idea it could be better? Yeah, after a couple of years with the MKII, consider me curious.

Whether you’re a current Katana owner or a musician looking to invest in a versatile, top-quality modeling amp, the Boss Katana 3 series is definitely one to watch out for in 2024.


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