5 Bands Like Pallbearer You 100% Need In Your Life

Like Pallbearer? Me too! They’re great. But if you’re looking for similar bands with a similar vibe, here’s ELECTRIKJAM’s top five picks to check out…

So you’re into Pallbearer, huh? That doom metal sound with the melodic riffs and haunting vocals that just send shivers down your spine.

I totally get it. They’ve got this way of blending heaviness with melody that grabs you by the soul and won’t let go. If their epic soundscapes are your jam, then you might be on the hunt for more bands that can stir up those same feels.

Finding bands like Pallbearer isn’t a walk in the park. After all, they’ve carved out a unique niche in the metal world with their blend of sludgy guitars and sorrowful melodies. But fear not! ELECTRIKJAM has got your back.

Here’s five truly epic bands that most Pallbearer fans will almost certainly love.

Bands Like Pallbearer


1. YOB

  • Origin: Oregon, USA
  • Sound: A seamless fusion of monumental doom metal with ethereal, introspective elements.
  • Why They Resonate: YOB shares Pallbearer’s knack for crafting expansive, emotionally charged compositions. Their music, characterized by profound lyrical themes and a dynamic range, offers a spiritual journey akin to Pallbearer’s soulful explorations.
  • Essential Albums: “Clearing The Path To Ascend,” “Our Raw Heart”
  • Standout Tracks: “Marrow,” “Beauty in Falling Leaves”
  • Live Experience: YOB’s performances are immersive rituals, where each note and chord is felt viscerally, making their concerts unforgettable spiritual gatherings.

2. Khemmis

  • Origin: Denver, Colorado, USA
  • Sound: A rich amalgam of doom metal with a notable infusion of classic heavy metal melodicism.
  • Unique Offering: Khemmis distinguishes themselves with their dual guitar harmonies and a more pronounced melodic sensibility, bridging the gap between doom’s weight and heavy metal’s catchy riffs.
  • Must-Listen Albums: “Absolution,” “Hunted,” “Desolation”
  • Recommended Tracks: “Isolation,” “Candlelight”
  • Live Dynamics: Khemmis brings an electrifying energy to the stage, captivating audiences with their compelling blend of doom’s depth and metal’s vibrancy.

3. Elder

  • Sound Profile: Elder excels in crafting sprawling compositions that traverse the realms of doom, psychedelia, and progressive rock, offering a complex auditory experience.
  • Why They Match: Fans of Pallbearer’s progressive tendencies and rich atmospheric layers will find Elder’s approach to songwriting both familiar and refreshingly innovative.
  • Key Albums: “Lore,” “Reflections of a Floating World”
  • Tracks to Start With: “Sanctuary,” “The Falling Veil”
  • Concert Essence: Elder’s live shows are akin to epic voyages, with each performance inviting the audience on a multifaceted musical journey.

4. Bell Witch

  • Sound Essence: Bell Witch delves into the depths of funeral doom with a minimalist approach, creating profound emotional landscapes with sparse instrumentation.
  • Pallbearer Connection: Like Pallbearer, Bell Witch explores themes of loss and existential reflection, albeit in a more somber and deliberate manner.
  • Definitive Work: “Mirror Reaper,” an ambitious single-track album that epitomizes their ability to craft hauntingly beautiful doom narratives.
  • Experience Live: Their performances are intimate, enveloping spaces where every note and silence speaks volumes, offering a deeply introspective experience.

5. Spirit Adrift

  • Evolution: Starting with doom-laden roots, Spirit Adrift has progressively incorporated classic heavy metal elements, mirroring Pallbearer’s own evolutionary path.
  • Appeal: Their music strikes a chord with fans of Pallbearer’s later, more melodically accessible works, offering a blend of crushing riffs and memorable hooks.
  • Albums for the Collection: “Curse of Conception,” “Divided by Darkness”
  • Tracks to Dive Into: “Eyes Were Not Alive,” “Ride Into The Light”
  • Live Aura: Spirit Adrift’s shows are a testament to their dynamic range, effortlessly shifting from doom’s introspection to heavy metal’s exhilarating peaks.

A Brief Overview of Pallbearer

Pallbearer Gear & Guitars Guide

Pallbearer is a band that’s been weaving its unique brand of doom metal since 2008. Hailing from Little Rock, Arkansas, these guys have carved out a significant place for themselves in the heavy music scene.

Their sound? It’s an intricate blend of crushing riffs and soaring melodies that seem to echo with the weight of eons.

Their debut album ‘Sorrow and Extinction’ dropped in 2012 and it quickly caught the attention of metalheads who were looking for something both heavy and emotionally resonant.

The album was praised for its depth, maturity, and complexity—qualities you don’t always find so fully formed on a band’s first attempt.

Following their successful debut, Pallbearer didn’t just rest on their laurels. They kept evolving with albums like ‘Foundations of Burden’ in 2014 and ‘Heartless’ in 2017.

Each record showed growth and experimentation while still staying true to the soulful heaviness that fans had come to love.

In terms of influence, you can hear echoes of traditional doom bands like Black Sabbath combined with progressive elements reminiscent of groups like as Type O Negative and even Pink Floyd.

What sets them apart is how they balance darkness with light, despair with hope. And, of course, THAT killer guitar tone they’re so well known for.

The Musical Style of Pallbearer

Pallbearer’s sound is a lush tapestry that weaves together the heavy, doom-laden riffs reminiscent of Black Sabbath with a progressive sensibility.

They aren’t afraid to slow things down, letting their music unfold with the patience of a storyteller. Their use of melody is particularly striking, often layered over crushing guitar lines to create something that’s as haunting as it is beautiful.

  • Melodic Elements: Despite their heavy roots, they prioritize melody within their compositions.
  • Slow Tempos: A signature aspect, giving space for each note to resonate.

One thing I love about Pallbearer is how they manage to take these drawn-out songs and keep them utterly engaging. It’s not just about being loud or heavy; there’s an emotional weight behind every chord.

Their vocalist brings another layer to the mix with a voice that can be both powerful and plaintive, often exploring themes of loss and existential dread.

  • Engaging Songwriting: Long tracks maintain listener interest through dynamic structuring.
  • Emotional Vocal Delivery: Vocals that convey depth and contribute significantly to the band’s atmospheric quality.

Pallbearer Albums

Album TitleRelease DateBillboard 200US Hard RockUK Rock & Metal
Sorrow and ExtinctionOctober 25, 2012
Foundations of BurdenOctober 22, 201331
HeartlessOctober 23, 2014187817
Fearless FloodMay 26, 2017122416
Forgotten DaysOctober 25, 2019192837

Influences on Pallbearer’s Sound

What Guitar Does Tony Iommi Use

These Arkansas doom metal maestros have a knack for blending thick, weighty riffs with a sense of melody that tugs at your heartstrings.

At the root, you’ll find the influence of classic bands like Black Sabbath and Candlemass. It’s that vintage vibe mixed with modern sensibilities that gives their music a timeless feel.

  • Black Sabbath: Often cited as the godfathers of doom, they’re a huge influence on Pallbearer’s guitar work.
  • Candlemass: The epic doom metal from these Swedes can be heard in Pallbearer’s melodic and sorrowful approach.

Not content to stick strictly to their forebears in metal, they also soak up inspiration from progressive rock giants such as Pink Floyd and Rush.

These influences are evident not just in complex song structures but also in the atmospheric layers that add depth to their soundscapes.

  • Pink Floyd: Their sonic experimentation can be felt in Pallbearer’s introspective interludes.
  • Rush: Technical prowess and conceptual storytelling seep into Pallbearer’s compositions.

Another layer comes from more contemporary acts like YOB and Neurosis, who have redefined what heavy music can convey emotionally.

There’s an undeniable spiritual kinship here; these bands don’t just play loud—they play deep.

  • YOB: A shared affinity for powerful emotionality through crushing doom.
  • Neurosis: Pioneers in blending sludge elements which are subtly present in Pallbearer’s own concoction.

And let’s not overlook how classical music contributes to their grandeur—touches of Wagner or Holst might not be explicit, but there’s a symphonic quality in those sweeping guitars that hints at centuries-old traditions of evoking awe through soundwaves.


Alright, let’s wrap this up! Diving into the world of doom metal and exploring bands like Pallbearer has been a trip. I’ve got to say, it’s a genre that doesn’t skimp on depth or emotion.

If you’re hunting for music that combines crushing riffs with melodic storytelling, then these bands are your golden ticket.

Here’s what we’ve uncovered:

  • The sonic kinship between Pallbearer and other doom metal acts is real. Each band brings its own flavor to the table, yet they all share that core essence that makes this genre so enthralling.
  • From YOB’s transcendental journeys to Khemmis’ polished doom anthems, there’s a little something for everyone. Whether you like your tunes epic or tinged with sludge, this list has got you covered.
  • Don’t forget about Bell Witch and their haunting minimalism or Elder’s progressive touch – these artists show just how diverse doom can be.

I hope my rundown helps you find your next playlist staples or at least gives you some new sounds to explore. It’s clear as day that Pallbearer isn’t alone in their quest to lay down soul-shaking tracks; they’re part of a larger community of heavy hitters who know how to make an impact.

Remember though, while lists are great for getting started, nothing beats going out there and discovering music on your own terms. Get lost in those recommendations, stumble upon live shows (when safe), and who knows? Maybe you’ll find an underground band ready to break into your personal charts.

Keep it heavy and heartfelt – until next time! 🤘

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