Advantages of FRFR Speakers: 4 Massive Reasons To Make The Switch

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Can you use an FRFR speaker to record AND play live? Yes – here’s everything you need to know about the advantages of FRFR speakers…

FRFR speakers, or Full Range Flat Response speakers, have become increasingly popular among musicians in recent years.

For those that desire the cleanest possible tone, the complete lack of noise or dirt on their tracks, an FRFR speaker is a godsend.

You’ll need to know what kind of speaker impedance you want but once you know this choosing an FRFR speaker is a breeze.

And because prog metal, stuff like what Periphery do, is now so popular, cleanliness is now very much next to godliness when it comes to guitar tone – both in live situations and in the studio.

Plus, there’s loads of great and affordable FRFR speakers available right now.

In this post, we’ll explore the main advantages of FRFR speakers, covering why people use them, how they compare to traditional amps, and why more and more guitarists are switching over to them.

Let’s do this…

Benefits of Using FRFR Speakers

Best FRFR Guitar Speaker Under $300

Advantages of FRFR Speakers for Sound Quality

Traditional guitar amps are designed to color or shape the sound of the guitar to create a specific tone.

They often use a preamp and EQ circuit to enhance certain frequencies and add distortion or overdrive to create a desired sound.

The output from the preamp is then sent to a power amp, which amplifies the signal and sends it to the speakers.

FRFR speakers, on the other hand, are designed to reproduce sound as accurately as possible without adding any color or distortion to the signal.

They have a flat frequency response, which means that they reproduce all frequencies equally without any emphasis on specific frequencies which makes them ideal for musicians who want to reproduce the true sound of their instrument without any alterations.

To achieve this, FRFR speakers often use digital signal processing (DSP) to ensure that the sound is reproduced as accurately as possible.

The input signal is analyzed and adjusted to ensure that it is reproduced with the correct balance of frequencies.

The signal is then sent to a power amp, which amplifies the signal and sends it to the speakers.

FRFR Speaker Pros – Accurate Sound Reproduction


FRFR speakers are also more versatile than traditional guitar amps. They can be used for various instruments and music genres, making them a great investment for musicians who play different styles of music.

You can run any instrument through a guitar amp, of course, but as noted in the section above: the amp will add color to the sound. For some players, this is part of the appeal of guitar amps. It’s why some guitarists use Marshall cabs and others use Mesa Boogie.

But if you’re looking to dial-in a pitch perfect tone, either from your guitar or a piano or a synth, and you just want the pure signal, unimpeded by a traditional amp’s nuance, then an FRFR speaker is what you want to be using.

FRFR Speaker PROS – They’re More Versatile


If you’ve been on the road with a band, you’ll know the worst part of nearly every day, save for the smells you encounter in the van and the hangovers, is lugging your equipment from one venue to another.

This is another area where FRFR speakers have significant benefits over traditional amp and cab combos. FRFR speakers are much smaller and, therefore, easier to transport around to gigs and recording sessions.

Of course, if your tone is dependent on your amp and cab, this is a no-go. But for guitarists looking to upscale their rig into something smaller and digitally-focussed, an FRFR speaker rig could be just what the doctor (or chiropractor) ordered.

FRFR Speaker PROS – They’re Smaller & Lighter


FRFR speakers offer several advantages over traditional guitar amps, which can provide additional capabilities and flexibility to musicians.

Here are some things you can do with an FRFR speaker that you cannot do with a guitar amp:

FRFR Speaker PROS – Loads of Customization Options

Final Thoughts

Advantages of FRFR Speakers

As a guitarist, the decision to buy an FRFR speaker ultimately depends on your specific needs and preferences. Or, whether you’re a complete amp/gear head. If it is the latter, you might view FRFR speakers as the work of Satan.

However, there are definitely benefits to using FRFR speakers. And if you’re still not with me, here’s several compelling reasons why you may want to consider investing in an FRFR speaker.

And here’s a list of the three best FRFR speakers you can buy right now.


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