The New Fender Triple Trouble: The 2020 Telecaster From Another Universe!

The New Fender Triple Trouble: The 2020 Telecaster From Another Universe!
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Fender launched their Parallel Universe Series a few years ago, and it has been hugely popular. These models are can be anything from modern takes on classic guitars, to being a completely new guitar that no one has ever seen. The Fender Triple Trouble is the latest model to come through the portal!

Fender Triple Trouble

Fender Triple Trouble: A Versatile Beauty

The people over at Fender Guitars are doing some really interesting things with their Parallel Universe lineup. Almost every model they have released over the past few years has definitely piqued my interest. These are not your traditional Fender Guitars!

Not that there is anything particularly wrong with a regular Stratocaster or Telecaster. They are great guitars that can be used for any genre of music. But they are kind of…plain. Right?

That’s where these new Fenders step in. Let’s get weird with the new Fender Triple Trouble!

Trouble Maker Roots…

The New Fender Triple Trouble: The 2020 Telecaster From Another Universe!
Original Trouble Maker Model

The original Trouble Maker Telecaster was a dual humbucker, fixed bridge monster of a guitar. I think it is easy to see where the inspiration for the Trouble Maker came from; The Les Paul .

This is pretty apparent when you check out the smaller details of the guitar. The Trouble Maker has a dual humbucker setup with a 4 knob control layout. Just like a Les Paul, you have 2 Volume and 2 Tone.

Add in the binding, block inlays and tune-o-matic style bridge and you have all the features of a Les Paul in the shape of a Fender Telecaster. It is a an interesting idea isn’t it? What if Fender invented this style of solid body guitar? I imagine it would look like the Trouble Maker!

The New Fender Triple Trouble: The 2020 Telecaster From Another Universe!

Taking It A Step Further: The Fender Triple Trouble

The New Fender Triple Trouble: The 2020 Telecaster From Another Universe!

If the original Trouble Maker is a regular Les Paul, then the Triple Trouble is the “Black Beauty” Les Paul Custom. But of course, there is a twist! Add in a few tweaks from the Fender Custom Shop that make this guitar very special:

  • Black Lacquer Finish
  • Mahogany Body
  • Maple Neck
  • Gold Hardware
  • 22 Medium Jumbo Frets
  • Custom Calibrated Double Tap Humber Set
  • Gold Bigsby with Fender Logo
  • Flat 12” Radius Fretboard
  • Certificate of Authenticity
  • Hard Shell Fender Case

I have always had a thing for the “Tuxedo Look” of the Gibson Black Beauty guitars. I think they are very eye-catching and look different from all the other Les Pauls out there. But the Gibson is HEAVY.

The Fender Triple Trouble seems like a great new alternative to those classic Black Beauties. It has the same pickup layout and Tuxedo Look, with an added Bigsby Tremolo. This makes the Fender an interesting guitar for sure.

The Double tap pickups are made in the Fender Custom Shop, and are designed to have a throaty, mid-range sound. Personally I like the design of the pole pieces, 3 on 3 going in opposite directions. Fender has made humbuckers before, with many of their models, but I feel like the Double Tap models are the first time they got them right. These handle distortion and fuzz extremely well.

The Double Tp Humbuckers are exactly what they sound like. These are fully coil-tapping pickups that give you several different options for tones. You can of course run them in full humbucker mode, but if you can also tap them to get the classic Fender sound. This is fine versatility that lends itself to any genre of music.

The Fender Triple Trouble has a real Bigsby tremolo mounted to the mahogany body. The Bigsby can do some really cool trem effects, including flutters. It certainly isn’t as extreme as a Floyd Rose bridge. But if you were looking for smooth half-step bends and mild flutters, then a Bigsby is perfect. Not to mention it looks classy.

Which brings me to the best feature of the Fender Triple Trouble; the aesthetics. Everything I like about a Gibson Black Beauty, I almost like more on the Fender Triple Trouble. Maybe I like the way it looks so much because it it is so alien to the eyes. I mean, this is something usually only reserved for the Fender Custom Shop:

“But don’t let the debonair “tuxedo” look fool you, the Troublemaker Tele Deluxe is a brute looking for a good time. The 12” radius neck and 22 medium-jumbo frets promise smooth action even with the most aggressive playing.

The solid mahogany body gives it a warm mid-range growl and its three custom-calibrated Double Tap™ humbucking pickups can be smooth and suave or raucous and rebellious, as the job requires.”

Check out the tones in the video. The fuzz sounds awesome!

A New Era For Fender?

Is Fender finally starting to realize that people that play Metal, and heavier Rock music? It certainly seems that way! We exist and we like Telecasters!

This is a great move for Fender. I think it is fine to continue the traditional instruments for people that want them. But there are plenty of metal and Rock players out there that would love to play Fender. But The specs just usually seem pretty unappealing for a Metal guitarist. Jim Root from Slipknot has this exact problem, which is why Fender makes special models for him.

I hope the Parallel Universe continues to produce some interesting models that appeal to different players. I can already imagine the Fender triple Trouble drowning in fuzz and distortion!

When Is the Fender Triple Trouble Available?

December 2020.

Is the Fender Triple Trouble Limited Edition?

Yes, it seems to be limited to the next year of production only.

What pickups come in the Fender Triple Trouble?

Custom Shop Double Tap Humbuckers. These pickups can be ran in Humbucker or single coil mode.

Does the Fender Triple Trouble come with a case?

Yes. It comes with a custom case and a Certificate of Authenticity.


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