The New REVV Generator MK III: Features, Price & Release Date Details…

The New REVV Generator MK III: Features, Price & Release Date Details...
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REVV keeps innovating with each new product they release, and the Generator 120 MK III is the newest addition to their already expansive lineup. But it has a few tricks up it’s sleeves. Today we take a first look at the new REVV!

The New REVV Generator MK III: Features, Price & Release Date Details...

REVV Generator 120 MK III Features & Specs: It Has Everything!

REVV is THE premier Canadian amplifier company. The Winnipeg based company has been making some seriously impressive amps for years. But only lately have they been trying to change the game completely. These Metal-focused amps have been the talk of the guitar community for a while.

Not to mention, Glenn Fricker at Spectre Sound Studios promotes REVV every chance he gets. As a fellow Canadian, he has been a long time user of REVV amplification. He has an honest affinity for the REVV products, and rightfully so.

They shred.

The company has branched out beyond just amplification, and started designing pedals over the past two years, to critical acclaim. But the duo of Dan Trudeau and Derek Eastveld continue to experiment, and push the boundaries of what can be done with traditional guitar gear.

With so many people creating home studios these days, it has become impractical to have a half-stack amp setup to record with. Not only are they big and bulky, they are loud as Hell. I know my neighbors are never happy to hear a cranked up tube amp, regardless of the time of day.

It’s not because I suck (maybe it is). But my amp is probably causing a small earthquake in their house. Seismic proportions of chugging distortion, knocking pictures off the wall and scaring pets for hours at a time. It can’t be pleasant for them as it is only pleasant for me for about three recording takes.

It seems REVV has an answer to this quandary, with the new REEV Generator MK III. This is the absolute final solution for many guitarists that need a great sound on stage, as well as recording at home or in the studio.

The New REVV Generator MK III: Features, Price & Release Date Details...

The REVV Generator MK III features:

  • Direct Line output for recording, featuring Two Notes Torpedo Stereo XLR
  • Virtual Cabs, Microphones, Impulse Responses, Effects and Reverbs
  • Fully programmable through MIDI, and Two Notes Editing
  • Powered by 5 12AX7 preamp tubes, and 4 6L6 power tubes
  • 4 innovative amp channels with independent EQ
  • New Clean “Blue” channel, and three “Green” crunch channels
  • Updated “Purple” high gain channel
  • Built in noise gate/noise reduction

The standout feature is the Two Notes powered output for home studio use. This uses “Reactive Load Technology” which means you should be able to get that cranked, saturated tube amp sound in your bedroom. The output goes directly into your interface, and like most Two Notes products, you can customize the output.

REVV Amplification will be hosting a live stream on November 12th, discussing all of the features and showing the amp in more detail. I honestly can’t wait to see what they have in store for us guitarists that need a new solution for home recording. Because right now, we are limited to amp sims and guitar processors for direct input, in most cases.

Or… you could buy an expensive load box, attenuator, or interface. Then you could use your fully cranked tube amp at home. But wouldn’t it be nice just to have the whole package in one amp? An all-in-one option that allows you to become a chameleon when it comes to transitioning from stage to studio?

It would be refreshing to be able to get that ear-pleasing, cranked to 11 tube amp sound without having the cops show up to my house for yet another noise complaint. The other interesting aspect of the REVV MK III is the possibility of the amp being a solution for stage as well.

This means you can have all of your bases covered with one amp. From stage to studio, you have everything you need. This is a professional guitarist’s dream come true, right? I guess we won’t really know everything until the livestream.

The REVV Generator MK III will be available as the 4-channel “deluxe” 120 model with 4 channels (2 Purple/Red high-gain, 1 Clean and 1 Crunch) or the 100P (Single Purple high-gain channel, Clean and Crunch) or 100R (single Red high-gain channel + clean and crunch).

The REVV Generator MK III: It’s a little pricey…

The standard models are starting at around $2400, while the fully spec’d 120 watt monster is almost $4000. I can see where the price can be a big turn-off for many guitar players. But this is the thing:

REVV amps are hand-made in Canada by some real pros, and tested before they leave the shop and REVV stands behind every product. These are professional amps meant to be used in a serious studio/stage setting. Make no mistake, this is a high end tube amp with some extra features tailored for recording.

But if you are a professional guitarist, this could be an end-stage solution to having two tons of gear (like myself) that make up different “setups” for studio applications, and live playing alike. I’m very interested in the idea of having a real tube tone, with a built-in load box.

A Two Notes Torpedo Interface and a boutique tube amp could easily reach the $4000 mark, and even exceed it. When you start getting into high end gear, it adds up quickly. So is the REVV Generator MK III actually a bargain?


So you need to weigh the pros and cons of spending such a large amount of cash. Is this amp something that will solve all of your current problems? Is this a dream come true? Will this replace your studio setup?

It might!

The REVV Generator MK III is currently pre-order only:

Orders will be taken starting November 12th, with a proposed delivery date of December 10th for the fist batch. Visit the Official Website for more info on ordering!

UPDATE: REVV presenting the amp, live on Youtube: https://youtu.be/sxluOBZSoYQ


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