Learn To Master Your Music Using Free Tools

Learn To Master Your Music Using Free Tools
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Despite what people may tell, you can learn to master your music to a professional standard using free tools – here’s how…

You don’t need to spend any money on expensive music production tools to master your music to a professional standard, but you do need the knowledge.

And learning how to master your own music, using a simple to follow framework developed by someone that has been doing it for 20+ years (that’d be me), isn’t even that hard – it’s a process.

And once you get the process down, it’ll open up a whole world of new possibilities – both for your music and commercially as well.

ELECTRIKJAM Mastering 101 The Complete Beginner's Guide


Mastering 101: The Complete Beginner’s Guide

Learn the exact process used by professional mastering engineers, laid out in a simple to follow step-by-step framework.

Reaper is Your New Best Friend

The most important tool for mastering is a digital audio workstation (DAW), and one of the best options out there is Reaper.

Reaper is a powerful, feature-rich DAW that is completely free to use, along with a wide variety of free plugins.

It has everything you’ll ever need for music production, from recording and editing to mixing and mastering.

While you can use paid plugins for mastering, if you’re on a tight budget, you can achieve the same results using free options.

The key part of mastering is developing an ear for the sound.

AI is NOT A Solve-All For Mastering

How To Make Your Home Recordings Sound Professional

AI tools are often marketed as solve-all solutions, but they remove the most important part of the process – you.

By learning how to master your own music, you will not only develop a seriously bankable skill (take me: I charge $60 an hour for my mastering services), but you’ll also save a ton of money in the process, as mastering can be expensive.

By learning yourself, you can quickly turn yourself into a one-man-mastering business, working on your own music and client’s as well. 

I’ve worked in the music industry for 20+ years, either in bands or in studios, and my mastering business has seen me through everything, helping to pay the bills, my mortgage, and helping me acquire mountains of guitars and equipment. 

The Basics of Audio Mastering

Music Mastering Cost

Mastering involves several crucial steps, including EQ, compression, and limiting.

EQ helps to balance the frequency spectrum of your track, ensuring that each element sits well in the mix.

Compression evens out the dynamic range, making the quiet parts louder and the loud parts quieter, while limiting ensures that the overall level of your track is consistent and doesn’t exceed 0dB.

Learning how to use these tools effectively is essential for creating professional-sounding masters.

Mastering is important because it can make the difference between a track that sounds flat and lifeless and one that grabs the listener’s attention.

If you release your music on any platform, making sure it sounds professional is crucial for standing out in a crowded market.

While AI mastering tools can be helpful, they are not a substitute for learning the skills yourself.

Learning to master your own music can be challenging, but it is a valuable skill that can benefit you throughout your music career.

Whether you’re working on your own tracks or mastering metal music for clients, having a deep understanding of the mastering process will help you create better-sounding recordings and take your music to the next level.


Master Your Music To A Professional Standard Even if You’re A Total Beginner

This step-by-step framework is the exact process I use to master music professionally. It is the culmination of 20+ years of experience, condensed down into a single, easy to follow workflow

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