The Dave Grohl and Taylor Swift Feud – A Timeline of Bullsh*t

Grohl vs Swift
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Dave Grohl and Taylor Swift are involved in a feud and are now actively slinging jibes at one another. There’s been death threats and a whole host of social media weirdness…

Dave Grohl and Taylor Swift aren’t people like you and I, they’re extraordinarily famous, travel with entourages, and carry NDAs with them at all times.

Both are considered to be “nice” people, but even good dogs do bad things, and – thanks to the never-ending barf-train that social media is nowadays – Grohl and Swift are reportedly involved in something of a feud.

How? Why? It all started when Grohl’s daughter committed what is now considered the ultimate sin in our ultra-progressive, forward-thinking society: she spoke ill of Taylor Swift. 

From there the beef quickly escalated, culminating in death threats (no, I’m being serious), weird claims being made about AI porn, and snide remarks made in front of stadium-sized crowds. 

Let’s unpack this shit-show, shall we?

How The “Grohl x Swift Feud” Started

The Dave Grohl and Taylor Swift Feud – A Timeline of Bullsh*t

The spark that ignited this fire came from an unlikely source – Grohl’s teenage daughter, Violet.

In January 2024, young Violet made some controversial comments about Swift’s carbon footprint, questioning why the pop star couldn’t “just drive like everyone else.”

Swift’s notoriously passionate fanbase, the “Swifties,” responded in a way that would have brought a smile to Charles Manson’s face, pouring all the hate and scorn they could muster towards Ms. Grohl.

Violet must have not got the memo: you don’t say anything bad about Taylor Swift. It’s like the Beyonce thing from a few years ago. Social media’s feudalistic nature requires a queen and for better or worse it is now Taylor Swift.

How The Feud’s Going

The Dave Grohl and Taylor Swift Feud – A Timeline of Bullsh*t

Fast forward to June 2024, and it seems Papa Grohl decided to step into the ring.

At a Foo Fighters gig in London, Grohl took a not-so-subtle jab at Swift, implying that unlike his band’s “Errors Tour,” Swift’s “Eras Tour” might not be entirely live. “That’s because we actually play live,” Grohl quipped, sending the crowd into a frenzy and the internet into meltdown.

But Swift, never one to back down from a challenge, seemed to clap back the very next day.

During her London show, she pointedly praised her band for “playing live for you for 3.5 hours tonight.” Talk about a mic drop moment!

It’s a far cry from 2015 when Grohl jokingly declared himself “obsessed” with Swift after they both performed at a BBC event. Oh, how the tables have turned!

Social Media Strikes Again

What started as a teenager’s tweet has escalated into a full-blown feud between two musical titans.

It also highlights the ongoing debate about authenticity in live performances, something we’ve covered at length in the podcast (hello, The Eagles), where big name acts are basically miming on stage to backing tracks.

Either way, this one has now been taken over by zealots on social media, so it’ll probably rage on long after both Swift and Grohl have forgotten all about.

In the meantime, here’s something actually interesting: Dave Grohl’s signature Epiphone guitar – it only finally bloody launched!


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